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Are you struggling with unwanted pest infestation and looking for a professional pest extermination service? Welcome to affordable pest control – Benowa’s leading pest management service provider.

We are a reputed name in pest inspection and treatment solutions all over Benowa – a suburb in the city of Gold Coast. We work with both domestic and industrial properties to eradicate all types of pest problems.

Our pest exterminator in your area can assist you in addressing annoying pest at a competitive price. We use our years of experience and knowledge in pest removal service to guard your place against damage caused by pests.

Book our licensed and insured team for professional and pocket-friendly pest treatment solution.

    How Our Licensed Technicians Can Help You In Benowa?

    We have a team of licensed and insured pest exterminators who offer same day pest control services to our valuable customers. To provide quick affordable pest control services, we reach our customers within hours of booking. We follow a four-step treatment process to ensure the best result possible results every time.

    The first step of our treatment process is to conduct a thorough inspection of the infected area. Once the inspection is complete, we design a customised pest removal treatment plan for your property. The treatment plan includes information like the type of pest infestation, level of infestation, appropriate treatment, estimated time required to complete the treatment, etc.

    Depending on the plan, the pest treatment procedure is carried out on your property. We use both chemical and non-chemical treatment procedure to rid your property of pests. In some cases, a combination of both is required to eradicate the pests. We ensure to use methods that comply with the Australian safety standard to keep you and those around you safe.

    Once we carry out the treatment process, we provide simple-to-follow tips to keep pests from attacking your property again. At Tom’s Pest Control, we believe in offering long-lasting pest eradication with minimum chance of relapse. We have a team with extensive knowledge in this field, so you can expect the best of services at affordable pricing.

    Our Pest Control Treatment Services Range

    We offer a wide range of affordable pest extermination services to help you with a comprehensive pest removal solution under one roof. Some of our specialist services include:

    Ant Control In Benowa

    Ants may enter your home and form large colonies. They may contaminate your food and lead to food poisoning. In a single colony, thousands of ants can reside and removing them entirely from your home or office may get tough without professional help. At Gold Coast Pest Control, we offer ant control treatments to remove the large ant colonies from your property and give you a clean environment to live in.

    If you spot many ants in various corners of your property, you must contact us to get the proper treatment done immediately. Our team of licensed and trained pest control specialists will inspect your property, find the hidden colonies of ants, and carry out the right procedure to remove them permanently.

    Mite Control In Benowa

    Are you struggling with mite infestation issues and need professional help? We specialise in offering comprehensive mite control treatments for all types of properties.

    Mites can be harmful to your health and your agricultural products. Dust mites are dangerous for people with allergies. Whereas black mites bite humans, causing skin irritation.

    Our team of mite control experts will inspect your property to understand which type of mite is residing in your home. Based on their finding, the right treatment will be carried on your property. With our customised pest removal services, we are sure to remove all types of mite species from your home or office.

    We provide satisfactory results that last for years with almost no chance for relapse.

    Cockroach Pest Control In Benowa

    Cockroaches are unhygienic and one of the significant reasons for spreading diseases in households. They contaminate food and may cause food poisoning. Once cockroaches enter your home, they multiply at a great speed, making it difficult to eliminate their entire population with simple home remedies. If the infestation level is high, there’s a need for professional help.

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we use modern techniques and equipment to find all cockroaches in your property and kill them to keep your environment clean. Our treatment methods offer complete eradication of cockroaches with limited chances of relapse.

    We aim at making every home and business cockroach-free using industry-approved methods and products. When you hire us to remove cockroaches from your property, you can expect 100% satisfactory results.

    Flea Treatment In Benowa

    Fleas are small creatures that sit on animals and plants. Fleas can be found on the body of your pets. They may rest under their fur and irritate them. At times, fleas can be the reason for your pets’ infection.

    We provide flea pest control services to control their population in your home. After conducting a thorough inspection of your space, we will design an effective treatment plan to eradicate fleas from your property. With our team of licensed and certified technicians, we can free your home of fleas permanently.

    Beetle Treatment In Benowa

    If you have spotted beetles in your home or office space, then you must call Tom’s Pest Control – your local pest control specialist. Beetles eat wood and contaminate your surroundings. They may cause severe skin irritation and itching to your pets as well. If beetles settle on the body of your pets, they may cause severe rashes and infection.

    When you hire us to remove beetles from your property, we ensure to check for the level of infestation and suggest treatments accordingly. We aim at applying treatments that ensure complete eradication of beetles, so you don’t have to worry about getting a treatment done every few months.

    Our team of licenced pest control experts will carry out the beetle removal treatment carefully so you and your family remain safe at all times.

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