Emergency Possum Removal Service Brisbane

Do you see the traces of possum infestations at your property and want advanced possum removal in Brisbane? Are you searching for a qualified possum trapping and removal service to safeguard your health as well as property?

Tom’s Pest Control Brisbane has several years of experience in offering tailored possum removal services.

We will assess the level of possum infestation at your property through a comprehensive inspection, provide tailored treatment solutions, and offer tips to reduce the future infestation at your property. At Tom’s Pest Control, we have a research team who analyse the behaviours of each possum to ensure a stress-free removal for the pest.

Possum Removal Service Brisbane

Why Is Possum Removal Required?

Possums live in small groups – two to three – but they make significant damage to human environments than most people aware of.
  • The pest animal is an excellent climber, and it gains access to roof and attic and damages roof shingles, gutters, tiles, and more
  • Possums make large amounts of waste, and the droppings of the pest are smelly and transmit various pathogens, risking the health of the inhabitants of the property. The pests are known for spreading diseases like coccidiosis and tuberculosis.
  • Once possums accessed the property, they make everything inside messy, consume the food of your pets, leave food scraps everywhere, make holes in floors and walls, etc.
  • Possums are highly unpredictable, and the pest often chews insulation, plumbing, and air ducts.
  • The pest is also a nuisance to the peaceful life of property it infested. They make loud scratching noises, create clutter, and generate various forms of debris.
Possums like to live in specific territories, and if the pest infests your property, it may live around your property until it is dead. Once dead, the carcase can compromise the healthy condition of the property if not removed on-time. Tom’s Pest Control also offers quick dead possum removal in Brisbane.

How To Confirm Possum Infestation?

Possums are nocturnal animals and prefer to stay away from the eyesight of humans. Therefore, you may not visually see the pest at your property to confirm the infestation.

With the following signs, you can confirm the pest at your property:

  • Damage to the exterior of your property, including damaged siding, broken gutters, ripped soffit, torn up shingles, and more.
  • Disappearing pet food and spills of the food products on the floor. Possums are very much attracted to cat food. If you see the cat food is frequently disappearing, you can confirm the presence of the pest.
  • As discussed before, you may hear some loud scratching noises. Also, if you see scratches on the floors and walls – in broader areas – you can confirm possum infestation.
  • Possums make a range of vocalisations, including shrieking, hissing, and more. Even mother possums make lip-smacking and clicking sounds to signal their babies.
  • If you smell some distinctly unpleasant odour, you can doubt for the presence of possums as the pest defecates frequently and makes the healthy environment of the property vulnerable.
Even though possums are known for creating widespread damage in residential and commercial properties, you can’t trap them or kill them. The killing of the pest is illegal in Australia, and the trapping and removal of the species can only be completed by licensed pest technicians who have the required wildlife permits.

At Tom’s Pest Control, we have a team of possum removal specialists who are licensed and experienced to offer emergency possum removal services.

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The Possum Removal Process

Tom’s Pest Control has a comprehensive – four-stage – possum removal process to safeguard your property from the damage due to infestation.


Our certified possum control technicians will visit your property and identify the species of the possum. We will also confirm and document the extent of the infestation, damage to your property, factors at your property that led to the infestation, and more.

Treatment Plan

Based on the inspection results, we will create a tailored treatment plan. It will include the type of removal, the timeline of the treatment, the expected results, where the possums will be freed, and any specific instructions to the inhabitants.

We will update you the treatment plan with you before beginning the process.

The Possum Removal

Our possum removal technicians use traps and possum catchers to remove the pest from the property. We will release the animal per the Queensland rules, not more than 50 meters from your property. We will also block all the access points of possum at your property by closely monitoring its path.

We may also suggest some major repair or alterations based on the issues and architecture of your property.

Ongoing Prevention

As the best possum removal services in Brisbane, we will also provide you with strategies and tips to prevent future possum infestation. We will advise you specific techniques – including netting, electric fencing, and more – to make the pest least comfortable in your environment.

The following general tips can also work for most properties:

  • Keep the food – including pet food – and other edible products not accessible to possums.
  • Remove the clutter at your property on a regular basis as the pest likes to live in places where they can conveniently hide from predators and humans.
  • Trim back any shrubs and trees next to your property to reduce the accessibility of the pest.
  • Regularly inspect your property for any property damage that can give access for possums. Also, inspect for any possum infestation at regular intervals.

At Tom’s Pest Control, we have local possum control technicians to provide same day possum removal services.

Why Tom’s Pest Control?

Our team of expert technicians and possum researchers will ensure the safe removal of the pest from your property with minimal stress to the animal.

You will find us as the best possum catchers in the city with the following characteristics:

  • Quick same/next day possum removal services
  • TAFE and APCA-certified removal technicians
  • Upfront quotes, friendly service experience
  • Expertise in possum removal from both commercial and residential spaces
  • State-of-the-art, humane procedures
  • Total satisfaction guarantee
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