Fox Control Services In Brisbane

Foxes are one of the biggest threats to native species, domesticated animals, and agriculture industry of Australia.

Do you notice traces of foxes around your property and want professional fox trapping services in Brisbane?

Tom’s Pest Control offers comprehensive fox removal services in Brisbane. With qualified fox control specialists and modern tools, we can make your environment free of the pest permanently.

The Queensland pest distribution survey in 2013-14 by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries confirmed the widespread fox infestation issues in Brisbane and its suburbs.

Fox Control Services In Brisbane

Extent Of Damage Associated With Fox Infestation

European red foxes are the most visible fox species across Australia as they are adaptable to urban environments, inner-city, areas, and deserts alike. The pest animal rests during the day and becomes active at night.

The pest creates the following issues for our workplace and homes:

  • Foxes attack domesticated animals, including sheep and poultry, and impact the farming and poultry industries.
  • The pest also causes damage to horticultural crops and irrigation systems.
  • The aggressive species creates ecological imbalances, and it’s a major threat to the survival of several marsupial species in Australia.
  • The pest animal also poses serious threats to turtles, ground-nesting birds, and more.
  • Though foxes do not generally attack humans, studies show that the animal can spread Australian bat lyssavirus (ABLV) to both humans and animals.
The aggressive nature of foxes makes them a great threat to the livestock and farming industry.

How To Confirm The Presence Of Foxes In Your Environment?

Since foxes are mostly active at night, you may not see them directly to confirm the infestation. With the following signs, you can confirm the presence of foxes in your environment:
  • Do you see paw prints in your garden and backyard? You can inspect the space for the paw prints for a few days to confirm the uninvited guest.
  • Foxes have a habit of digging the ground. If you see any such unexplained holes in your backyard or garden, it could be due to the invasion of foxes.
  • Missing pets and livestock. The aggressive pest animal attacks small pets and livestock even when they have plenty of other food sources to feed.
  • If you see plant vegetables and fruits in your backyard missing and wondering why the produces are disappearing, it could be due to the pest animal.
  • Foxes tend to raid the garbage cans in search of food. If you see dispersed garbage from the cans, you can doubt the presence of the pest in your environment.
If you see the signs of foxes at your property, contact Tom’s Pest Control immediately to make an inspection and carry out a tailored fox removal service.
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Tom’s Pest Control’s Way Of Treatment

At Tom’s Pest Control, we offer long-term solutions to fox pest issues at the residential properties and commercial spaces of Brisbane. Our four-stage process not only addresses your current pest issues but eliminates future infestation risks as well.


Our fox control specialists will come to your property and complete a detailed inspection for the pests. The inspection will help us to identify the habitats of the foxes around your property, the fox species, the fox population in your area, the extent of damage, and more.

We will also identify the conditions and factors around your property that lure foxes.

Treatment Plan

Based on the inspection, our fox control specialists will create a tailored treatment plan to make your property premises free from the risks of fox infestation. The treatment plan will include the treatment procedure, the timeline of the treatment, the results from the treatment, and more.

We will update you the treatment plan before starting the procedure.

The Fox Control Procedure

We use a number of control methods to limit the foxes in your space. Our treatment procedures include trapping, shooting, poisoning, repellents and scare devices, and more. Based on the extent of the pest infestation and individual circumstances, we may use a mix of these procedures to get the best results.

If you have sheep and goats and take them out for grazing, you can use guard animals like Maremma dogs to protect your animals.

Ongoing Prevention

We will also ensure that ongoing prevention techniques are in place to protect your produces and animals for so long as you want. If you want to protect your poultry or high-value stock, well-constructed exclusion fencing is a great choice. We will also advise you specific techniques to control the pest population in your environment.

The following general tips can help you to minimise the fox population in your space:

  • Never try to feed foxes or do not keep any food sources accessible to them, including pet food, food garbage, water sources, and more.
  • Always use tightly secured garbage cans to keep garbage and empty them regularly.
  • Remove any clutter around the property; ensure proper, regular yard maintenance.
  • If you have an orchard in your premises, regularly clean up to avoid the piling of fallen fruits.

Why Tom’s Pest Control?

At Tom’s Pest Control, we ensure a seamless service experience for our customers with the following service standards:
  • Quick same/next day fox control services
  • Modern treatment procedures
  • Upfront quotes, friendly service experience
  • TAFE and APCA-certified fox trapping technicians
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
You can let us know the pest issues at your property and get an upfront quote for our services to ensure a transparent service experience.
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