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Beetles are a nuisance for the routine life of humans. They make greater discomfort to pests as well.

Do you see beetle infestation at your property and searching for professional beetle treatment in Brisbane?

We welcome you to Tom’s Pest Control – the destination for professional pest control solutions. We provide tailored treatments based on the level of infestation, the beetle species, and the factors that led to the beetle infestation.

At Tom’s Pest Control, we have several years of experience in offering comprehensive beetle pest control solutions, including a complete inspection and ongoing prevention tips and steps.

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    Beetle Species In Brisbane

    Per the latest data, Australia has more than 23,000 named beetle species. Only a few of them impact our properties. Some of the most common beetle species you can find in Brisbane and suburbs are the following:
    • Christmas beetles
    • Leaf beetles
    • Carpet beetles
    • Queensland pine beetles
    • Common furniture beetles
    • Cigarette beetles
    These beetle species cause varying levels of property damage and can endanger the healthy living environments.

    Why Is Beetle Pest Control Important?

    Since most beetle species don’t attack humans, you shouldn’t think the extent of damage due to the pest is limited.
    • The larvae of carpet beetles damage furnishings, clothes, and various other personal products.
    • Leaf beetles are notorious for eating a range of plant parts, including leaves, roots, flowers, fruits, and pollens and can create widespread damage to your gardens and orchard plantations.
    • Christmas beetles eat eucalyptus leaves and leading to the overgrazing of the trees.
    • Christmas beetles eat eucalyptus leaves and leading to the overgrazing of the trees.
    • Queensland pine beetles attack hoop pine sapwood including the furniture and wooden floors and walls.
    • Though rare, some beetle species may bite people, especially when they are threatened or provoked.
    Be it for exterior beetle control or interior beetle extermination, you can contact Tom’s Pest Control for qualified services. Do you have specific questions about the characteristics of beetles or the species? Contact Tom’s Pest Control today, our beetle control specialists are happy to provide you with the right information and guide you to get the pest control services.

    The Treatment Process

    Tom’s Pest Control offers a comprehensive – four-stage – beetle control services to limit the pest population in your environment. From inspection to ongoing prevention, our treatment procedures are designed to give you long-lasting results.


    Our qualified beetle extermination specialists will visit your property and complete a detailed inspection. The inspection will help us to identify the beetle species, the level of infestation, the extent of damage, and more.

    We will also identify the reasons and factors of your property that led to the infestation issue.

    Tailored Treatment Plan

    Based on the inspection results, we will create a tailored treatment plan for the beetle infestation at your property. The treatment plan will include the type of treatment procedure, the length of the treatment, the expected outcome from the treatment, and the need for any follow-up treatment.

    We may have specific instructions to the inhabitants – to be followed during and after the treatment. We will communicate those instructions to you before beginning with the treatment.

    The Extermination Procedure

    Our extermination specialists will complete the procedure as described in the treatment plan. We often use a mix of treatment procedures, including fumigation, beetle traps, biological control methods, and insecticides.

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we care about the health and safety of our customers. Therefore, we use only environmentally, safe pest control products to secure your property from pests. All our pest control products are approved per Australian standards and make zero harm to humans and animals.

    Ongoing Prevention Tips

    A single treatment may not give you permanent results if you don’t have proper ongoing prevention procedures in place. We will provide you with specific pest prevention tips and suggestions to make your property beetle free.

    You can also do some proactive, general prevention steps to make the beetle population around your property minimum. You can

    • Mop and clean your property on a regular basis and ensure proper sanitation
    • Mow grass, trim shrubs and trees, and ensure proper yard maintenance
    • Inspect your clothes, furniture, and surroundings for the pest infestation at regular intervals

    Why Tom’s Pest Control?

    Tom’s Pest Control is committed to providing superior quality pest control service. With the following characteristics features, you will find our services ideally fitting to your requirements:
    • Quick same/next day service
    • Safe, family-friendly beetle control services
    • TAFE and APCA-certified beetle control technicians
    • Friendly, professional service experience
    • Tailored treatments, upfront quotes
    • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
    You will get a transparent, professional service experience by choosing our carpet beetle control services. Let us know the infestation issues at your property, we will provide you with an upfront, obligation-free quotation, and offer treatments to make the property free of beetle infestation.
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    How can I tell if a carpet beetle is present?

    There are many patterns and colours available for the furniture carpet beetle. The black wing covers can make it appear mottled. Adults may find it black if the sheen is removed. They also have white undersides.

    An adult black carpet beetle measures between 1/8 inches and 3/16 inches in length. They are dark brown and have dark brown legs. They have lustrous, black-coloured spots and lustrous white hair. Larvae can grow up to 5/16 inches in length, and their full colour ranges from pale brown to black.

    Anthrenus verbasci is an adult carpet beetle with a black wing cover. It is approximately 1/10 inch in length with an irregular pattern of yellow, brown, and white scales. The beetle’s pattern-forming patterns will eventually disappear. They may appear blackened or solid brown as a result.

    Is it possible that carpet beetles disappear in winter?

    Many beetles are adaptable and can survive in cold environments. Some insects can tolerate lower temperatures. Some people avoid entering diapause, which is an insect analogue to hibernation. You can use it as an alternative to hibernation.

    Diapause can occur at any stage of beetle growth, including the egg or nymph. Adult beetles usually seek shelter in homes during winter. Firewood and other materials used in the larval stage can help attract more beetles into a home.

    Some beetles, like carpets or rice weevils, can live for several years. However, some beetles must move when the weather gets colder or drier.

    What can I do to avoid the beetle infestation?

    Natural pest repellents are mint oil and plants. Mix 10-15 drops of pure peppermint oil with eight ounces of water to repel pests from your home. Spray the mixture over windows, doors, vents, and other areas.

    Neem oil repels insects and is safe to use on pets and children. It repels more than two hundred kinds of insects. Neem oil can be used to repel insects from entering your house.

    Sticky traps that capture crawling insects may also work. These traps can be purchased at your local hardware shop and placed wherever you find beetle activity.

    Carpet beetles: Do I need to be concerned?

    Carpet beetles can cause severe damage to carpets and other natural materials like furniture covers, grain storage, curtains, and curtains.

    Carpet beetles can infest warehouses and homes as well as other structures. They can be found on windowsills, carpets, and infested clothes. They may look like an egg because of their pale brownish skin.

    Vacuuming can remove carpet beetles. Tom’s Pest Control Brisbane can help eliminate carpet beetles. We can therefore solve the problem and prevent further problems.

    How can I permanently eliminate carpet beetles?

    Depending on the severity of your infestation, you have two choices: either call an exterminator or do it yourself. Make sure you clean your entire home. Vacuuming is the best and most effective way to eliminate carpet beetle larvae. Concentrate your attention on the most affected areas, and then choose which area to concentrate on.

    It would be best if you disposed of all damaged fabric in an outside garbage can. Getting rid of all fabric and clothing is important if you have severe infestations. If you continue to use contaminated textiles, it will only make things worse.

    Use pheromone-based insecticides to prevent future infestations. Place traps outside doors and windows to capture the flying beetles. It is important to prevent carpet beetles from returning after being eliminated.

    What is the cost of controlling beetles?

    The cost of pest control can vary depending on where you live. An example is $52 per task for a pest specialist in Australia. You may pay a different hourly rate depending on where you live. The hourly rate could be anywhere from $35 to $65.

    How often and how big the treatments are will affect how much pest management costs.

    To estimate the cost of pest control, ask for estimates from local service providers. Ask for recommendations before hiring a pest controller for your home.

    Will the beetle die in the washer?

    Regular laundry and dry cleaning can eliminate carpet beetles. You can use vinegar to get rid of carpet mites in your washing machine. Spray bottles with water or apple cider vinegar can be used to spray furniture and kill carpet mites.

    You can wash your clothes with vinegar and water to kill eggs and larvae. Finding the nest of beetles by washing clothes with vinegar and water is possible. You can also find contaminated wool blankets or garments in basements.

    Carpets should be inspected under and around them, edges, and registers.

    My pantry is infested with beetles! Your help is appreciated.

    Pantry beetles can be found in your kitchen or pantry. Even though they look clean, these insects may still be in your pantry. Small eggs may also be hidden in your pantry.

    There may be more than one adult or larva visible. Pantry beetles behave and look alike, but there are many species. Identifying the species, you are dealing with before doing anything is crucial.

    You can avoid pantry beetles by keeping your home clean and having regular inspections. Regular inspections and proper storage can prevent these bugs.

    How do you combat carpet beetles?

    Tom’s Pest Control Brisbane might be able to help you if all else fails. However, it may be necessary to hire someone to eradicate the infestation. Carpet beetles are hardy creatures, especially their eggs.

    You can easily remove carpet beetles from your home. This is a common problem. This problem can be fixed. Let’s take a look at the cleaning and washing instructions. Now you should be able to remove the carpet beetle and other fabrics from your floors.

    Learn more about carpet beetles and how to eliminate them. To keep your environment clean, use an insecticide that is effective for you. Contact us if you have concerns about an infestation.

    What is the cause of carpet beetle infestations?

    Poor housekeeping is often a cause of carpet beetles. The larvae of your home’s carpet beetles can cause severe problems. Carpet beetles will eat hair, silk, and wool from animal products. These materials can be caused by poor cleaning, discoloured carpets, or improper handling.

    Infesting a home can be done in many ways by carpet beetles. Carpet beetles can enter homes through furniture and windows. They might not be aware that you are there.

    Sometimes it is difficult to eradicate them. Expert assistance is sometimes required in more complex situations.

    Can carpet beetles spread from one home to the next?

    Carpet beetles can infest furniture, fur, plants, and other household objects. They can be moved from one place to the next through windows, doors, and objects’ surfaces. They are attracted to taxonomy.

    Adult carpet beetles may be present in your home if you suspect they are larvae. Carpet beetles are attracted to light and can often be found near light fixtures and windows.

    Many households are compelled to buy synthetic-material-made carpets and apparel. Carpet beetles won’t eat synthetic fibres, unfortunately. This is the only way they can harm animals. Our experts can help you eradicate beetle infestation.

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