About Black House Spiders Treatment Brisbane

Black house spiders, commonly known as window spiders, inhabit urban areas. They are known to spin intricate webs with funnel-shaped entrances around window frames. These arachnids have an appearance like that of a funnel web spider.

Black house spiders have carapaces and legs that are dark brown to black. The carapaces of these spiders are covered with grey hairs. Female spiders are larger than males; both have charcoal grey abdomens with white markings on the upper.

Black house spiders are commonly found in southern and eastern Australia. They build their webs in places such as under eaves, in corners of windows, or sheds and garages. They can also be found in outdoor areas such as woodpiles or the corners of buildings.

Life History Cycle of Black House Spiders

The life cycle of black house spiders typically involves the following stages:

  1. Egg: Female black house spiders lay their eggs in silken egg sacs, usually found near their webs.
  2. Spiderling: The spiderlings will feed on small insects or other spiders after hatching.
  3. Juvenile: As they grow, black house spiders will moult several times.
  4. Adult: Once they have reached adulthood, black house spiders will build webs to capture prey. They are solitary creatures and will not tolerate the presence of other spiders in their webs.
  5. Reproduction: Male black house spiders will mate with a female, after which the female will lay her eggs, and the cycle begins again.
  6. Death: Black house spiders typically have a lifespan of up to 2 years. They will die naturally or be killed by predators.

Breeding Behaviours

Female spiders prefer to always stay in their webs. They keep adding layers of silk to their web, making the old webs look greyish. Males enter female webs to mate. They draw the attention of the females by plucking their webs. Once they receive a response from the female, the male inseminates her with the sperm stored in his palps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Black House Spiders dangerous?

Black house spiders are not considered to be dangerous to humans. Their venom is not lethal but can cause mild symptoms such as pain, swelling, and redness at the bite site. In rare cases, some people may experience more severe reactions such as nausea, headaches, or sweating. Yet, you must seek medical attention if you experience any symptoms after being bitten by a black house spider.

How To Prevent Black House Spiders from Entering Your Property?

The best way to prevent the black house spider from getting into your home is by sealing cracks, gaps and crevices that may give them entry to your space. Besides, keeping windows closed during the night would help, as these spiders are most active at this time. You may also consider installing screens on windows and doors to prevent black house spiders from entering your home.

What do Black House Spiders Prefer to Eat?

Black house spiders feed primarily on insects and other small arthropods that get caught in their webs. Some of their common prey include flies, mosquitoes, moths, and ants.