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As a leading bird removal company on the Gold Coast, Tom’s Pest Control has years of experience in bird pest control without harming residents or businesses. Our key to the success of the bird prevention program is the knowledge of the nesting habits of different species of birds.

Successful bird control requires experience and expertise. Tom’s Pest Control has both and uses the latest techniques and products to eliminate bird problems across the Gold Coast .

Birds are not such housemates that can give you a pleasant experience sharing your personal space. On the contrary, they make your place dirty and unwelcome; cleaning their feathers and droppings is an awful experience. Moreover, they carry the risk of medical issues like encephalitis, histoplasmosis, toxoplasmosis, and many other diseases.

At Tom’s Pest Control, we also understand the critical role that solar panels play in providing clean energy. However, we also know that birds and pigeons can cause severe damage to these panels. That’s why we offer solar panel bird proofing and solar panel pigeon proofing services on the Gold Coast.

While our pigeon proofing solutions will stop pigeons from nesting on or near your solar panels, our bird proofing items are made to keep birds away from your panels. To further shield your solar panels from bird droppings, we may additionally install bird netting. To find out more about our solar panel pigeon proofing and solar panel bird proofing services, get in touch with us right now.

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    Common Pest Birds That Infest Your Environment

    Some common bird species that infest your home and office spaces are:
    • Doves
    • House sparrows
    • Indian myna
    • Pigeons
    • Seagulls
    • Starlings
    Solar panels are a popular choice for alternative energy, but they can also be a significant bird hazard. Birds are attracted to the shiny surfaces of solar panels and can become entangled in the wiring or trapped behind the panels.

    In addition, bird droppings can cause short circuits and damage the solar cells. As a result, bird proofing solar panels is essential to protect both the birds and the solar panel array. Various bird proofing methods are available, including physical barriers, bird netting, and visual deterrents. Taking steps to birdproof your solar panels can help keep birds safe while still harnessing the sun’s power.

    We provide bird control services for almost all types of pests birds. You can contact our bird netting and control specialist to learn more about the process we apply for successful bird removal from your Gold Coast house and office.

    Why Seek Professional Help For Bird Control?

    The droppings and feathers of birds carry diseases and make the place unhygienic and dirty. It becomes unwelcoming and can put off your guests and potential customers from entering your home or office.

    If the pest birds are not managed in time, they can cause a more considerable nuisance. They create chaos and threaten your health and property, resulting in money loss and many other problems. Hence, solar panel bird proofing is to be considered of grave importance. Some of the other reasons includes:

    • Birds build a nest and lay eggs inside and outside the property, creating chaos.
    • They carry tiny mites, ticks, and fleas that may cause skin rashes, irritation, and itchiness.
    • Some species build nests, block gutters, and dislocate roof tiles, causing many other issues.
    • Bird droppings spread diseases and cause health risks.
    • Birds’ feathers and droppings make your premises appear dirty, filthy, and unprofessional.
    • Some species of birds get hostile during their breeding season and may attack customers, employees, and residents.
    Solar Panel Bird Proofing

    At any time of year, birds can inflict unwelcome damage to your solar panels. They may be a significant annoyance when they establish themselves on your property. Their droppings not only clog, drain, and corrode building materials, but they can also carry many diseases to people. They may result in several problems, such as:

    Property damage: Birds often house in gutters, under roof corners, windowsills, AC vents, balconies, and drains suitable for building nests. Excessive bird mess covering the rooftops, windows, walls, balconies, passages, and staircase creates a dirty and unhygienic environment. Bird droppings can also clog the gutters and drains, leading to water seepage problems. Birds can also damage air conditioning external equipment and insulation of the refrigerant pipes and render the air conditioning equipment inefficient or faulty. Some bird poop can leave stains on the building’s exteriors and damage expensive façade and paints, making the building look dull and dirty.

    Thus, we must focus on bird proofing our buildings to avoid financial losses.

    Solar panel effectiveness: Nowadays, solar power is one of the leading renewable energy sources. Since solar panels are installed on the roofs of many buildings, they are prone to become homes for many bird species. Bird litter and nests can reduce the effectiveness of solar panels. It becomes challenging to clean and restore the littered solar panels. Keeping these things in mind, solar panel bird proofing is essential to maintain the peak power output of solar panels.

    Health damage: Birds cannot only cause a mess to properties, but their droppings can also spread various diseases. They are among the most significant health hazards of lung-related illnesses in modern cities. Their droppings become powdery on drying and then are blown away by the wind. In addition, their droppings can contaminate food items, which can cause severe bacterial diseases if ingested by humans.

    Tailor-Made Solutions For Bird Control

    At Tom’s Pest Control gold coast, we know that requirements for each property are different, and there is no one size fit bird-proofing solution. But we are aware of what needs to be done to provide a solution that is specifically tailored to a given circumstance.

    You know that you are in good hands for pigeon proofing or any other type of bird proofing because our highly skilled bird prevention professionals have over ten years of experience.

    We are experts in saving your property from birds without harming you or your loved ones.

    Our Systematic Approach To Bird Control

    We apply a set of procedures to provide long-lasting relief. Our systematic four-step bird protection and control strategy provides complete bird eradication from your Gold Coast home and office building.

    Regarding pigeon proofing your solar panels, cost is a significant consideration. You want to spend only what is necessary, but you also want to make sure you get quality. That’s why our Gold Coast Solar Panels Bird Proofing team takes a systematic approach to pigeon proofing and bird proofing your solar panels.

    We start by thoroughly inspecting your property to identify all the potential entry points for pigeons/birds. We then seal off those entry points with high-quality materials to keep the birds out for good.

    Finally, we install a set of deterrents that will keep birds away from your property in the future. This comprehensive approach ensures that your bird control problem will be solved once and for all. You may also be confident that your investment will last for many years to come because we only utilise the best materials.

    Bird Control Inspection

    Our Gold Coast bird control team will conduct a thorough inspection at your place at the most convenient time.

    We analyse and study the bird type causing you the troubles, understand its characteristics, and nesting preferences, and find the extent of damage it has caused to your environment.

    We will examine the nesting location to find the reasons that have attracted these birds to your place.

    Bird Pest Control Treatment Plan

    Based on the findings, we create a customised bird proofing treatment plan that suits your budget. If you are facing trouble with pigeons, we have special solar panel pigeon proofing methods as well to eradicate and control them.

    The bird control plan contains detailed information about the treatment procedure, the expected time to complete the process, necessary instructions for the inhabitants to follow, the possible outcome, and more.

    Our Gold Coast bird proofing specialists will contact you regularly to provide the latest updates on the ongoing bird pest control treatment. In addition, you can ask questions to clear your doubt.

    Bird Removal Procedure

    We use the most advanced equipment to complete the treatment process effectively. Different bird species respond differentlyto each method and hence we create customised plans according to the bird, area, and the needs.

    We apply a wide range of techniques, including bird traps, bird spikes, shock tracks, and a sound system to eradicate birds from your surroundings.

    Tom’s Pest Control is well equipped with all the tools and techniques required for inspecting, baiting, and catching birds.

    Ongoing Bird Prevention Tips

    If you want long-term relief from the nuisances of birds in your area, then you will have to follow certain ongoing prevention tips given by our technicians.

    Some of the simple yet useful tips are:

    • Avoid feeding birds daily
    • Remove the source of standing water
    • Trim your trees regularly to control birds from roosting
    • Regularly clean your property and cover trash cans
    • Clean the gutters

    Why Choose Tom’s Pest Control?

    We are known for making a huge difference in the quality of your life by providing the latest bird control service available in the industry.

    Some of the facets to our services that make us one of the preferred choices when it comes to the most trusted bird control company include:

    • Same-day or the next day treatment service
    • TAFE and APCA-certified pest control specialists
    • Local pest exterminator team
    • Upfront quotes, competitive prices
    • Friendly and transparent customer service
    • Tailored treatment plan with an outstanding result
    • 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee
    If you are searching for bird removal from roofs of a high-rise building, or in a commercial building, we have all the equipment and knowledge to address your intricate pest removal requirements.
    Pigeon Proofing Cost in Brisbane


    Can pest control get rid of birds?

    At Tom’s Pest Control Gold Coast, we are trained and licensed to remove various pest birds from residential properties and commercial spaces. We have a team of bird researchers who identify the characteristics of different pest birds and help our pest technicians trap and remove pest birds through scientific methods. This means that our bird removal procedures are humane and a stress-free experience for you and the birds. We have established protocols and procedures for bird removal to make it quick, professional, and hassle-free for our customers while being fully compliant with local regulations.

    How do you get rid of birds naturally?

    The easy availability of food and safety prompt pest birds to stay around property environments. You can repel birds from your environment by making it unsafe for them. That means you can:

    • Inspect in and around your property at regular intervals and remove all types of foods sources for birds.
    • Ensure proper yard maintenance and trim trees at regular intervals.
    • Place reflective objects like mirrors, old CDs or tin foil near the nests of provocative birds.
    • Predators of the pest birds like cats, owls, and large birds can keep the pests away from your space.
    • You can place bird spikes on where pest birds roost. Birds never feel comfortable settling in areas with bird spikes and stay away from there.
    • Applying repellent sprays – like chilli pepper sprays and garlic oil sprays – can repel pest birds from your space.

    Who do you call to get a bird out of your house?

    You can contact any professional pest bird removal service to get rid of the bird from your space. Most bird removal services are licensed and provide you service according to the local regulations. At Tom’s Pest Control, we have a team of bird researchers to make our services scientific, humane, and comprehensive. We provide quick same or next-day bird removal services to our customers. We use advanced trapping methods after learning the behaviours of the pest birds to make the removal least stressful for the birds. Additionally, we will identify the factors that led to the bird invasion and complete specific repairs and advise you on property maintenance tips to minimise future infestation.

    What do you do when a bird is stuck in your house?

    In most cases, you can help them free in a few steps. However, if you worry that the trapped bird may scratch or attack you – big birds like owl or hawk – get the help of a professional removal service. Otherwise, try to keep the bird calm by not yelling and escorting your pets elsewhere. Turn off the ceiling fan and lights and open the windows and doors for the bird to give way. If the bird can’t make its own way, you can give your hands-on. Wash your hands, take a towel or sheet and hold up to block the bird from flying, chase and make it tired, hold it and put it in a box, take the box outdoor and, release the bird. If it can’t fly, call the nearest wild bird rehabilitation centre for help.

    What is a sign of infestation by birds?

    You can confirm bird infestation if you notice they roost in or around your property in most cases. You will also notice the birds regularly spotted or hovering around your property. Additionally, you will notice one or more signs of the following:

    • Bird noises – especially young chicks continuously cry
    • Droppings – should see more in places where birds roost
    • Bird nests or strewn nesting materials
    • Feather and debris from bird nests
    • Property damage – especially pigeon infestation can misplace roof shingles

     If you notice any of these issues and don’t know how to proceed, contact Tom’s Pest Control Gold Coast to talk to our bird researchers to get expert advice and guidance.

    How much does it cost for bird removal?

    Bird removal cost in Gold Coast can range between a couple of hundred dollars to couple of thousand dollars. There is no single pricing for bird removal because individual bird issues are different from properties to properties. We would want to know your property type, the number and species of the pest birds present at your property, and the complexity of the infestation. Our case-to-case-based approach helps our customers to get full worth for what they are paying. If your locality has frequent pest bird infestation, we will complete specific property repairs and use various strategies to repel birds from your space in the future. You can get an upfront FREE quote for the pest bird removal at your property by providing us with the infestation details using our quote form.

    How do I get rid of birds on my roof?

    There are a number of do-it-yourself options to get rid of pest birds from your roof. An easy way to keep the birds away is planting decoys of the predators of the pest birds on the rooftop. This can sense the pest birds danger and prompt them to stay away. You can also produce the sounds of predator birds using a loudspeaker system and alert the pest birds to fly away.
    You can also place avian-specific electric diodes – normally low-voltage – along the roof ridges where they usually roost. Placing bird spikes on popular perching spots can also give great results. If your property has extensive pest bird issues, you can think of laying a net over your roof to make it inaccessible for birds.

    What can birds do to my property?

    Ecology is an important part of bird life. However, while birds are important, they can also be harmful. This can lead to more costly repairs.

    Birds can make nests on your roof if rain gutters or other drainage systems are blocked. Your roof could become blocked by snow, rain, and ice if your drainage system becomes blocked. This could lead to serious problems.

    Extreme pressure on roofs may cause them to burst, but not until they first crack. These roofs require pricey repairs. Vehicles, roofing systems, and HVAC systems can all be harmed by bird droppings. Additionally, poop can disrupt HVAC wiring and malfunction. Drops can also lead to roof gaps and leaks.

    How can solar panels make it pigeon-proof?

    To reduce electricity bills, solar panels are increasingly popular with homeowners. Unfortunately, pigeons can attack solar panels, which can result in nests. This can result in severe damage to your panels or wiring. It would help if you did not allow pigeons into your solar panels.

    The best solar bird-proofing experts have years of experience. In addition, local pest control professionals are available to help solve your problem.

    We provide high-quality services at affordable prices. Tom’s Pest Control Gold Coast Service Guarantee will ensure that your solar panel pigeon-proofing is done correctly. You can always have the panel repaired if the treatment fails. It is smart not to allow solar panels to rot due to pests or pigeons.

    What are the steps involved with bird control inspections?

    If you want birds to follow your lead, follow these procedures.

    • You can identify birds by your actions
    • *Please note that “infestation” refers to the number of flock members.
    • Find the best place for birds to be active. There may be multiple locations.
    • Before purchasing access equipment, it is important to assess the location. Equipment includes scaffolding, cranes, and ladders.
    • Identify any obstacles that could delay or stall your project.
    • Participation in certain permits, such as renovations and public access to historic buildings, could be possible.

    After your site evaluation, you will receive an estimated price breakdown. This includes travel costs, labour, and equipment rental. This includes material costs.

    What is solar bird management?

    Imagine pigeons inflicting damage on the solar panel’s inner and outer parts. This could cause damage to your investment in solar panel panels. High-acidity bird droppings can also damage solar panel panels.

    A solar panel controller service is vital. Tom’s Pest Control Gold Coast bird controllers are highly trained and can use a bird-proofing panel successfully. Bird-proofing is necessary to stop birds from landing on solar panels or roosting there.

    Routine maintenance can protect your panels against bird droppings and other debris. Tom’s Pest Control Gold Coast can also help if birds damage your panels.

    Can you combine pest control with mite control?

    Itching from bird mites might last for several nights. Avoiding them is preferable. Before removing nesting birds, you should check your local laws.

    Physical elimination is the best method to eliminate mites from your home. They can be vacuumed or soaked in warm water with a cloth. Vacuum cleaner bags can be emptied immediately to eliminate mites permanently

    To control mites, you can use permethrin. Permethrin can be used to control mites. It is safe, effective, and non-toxic. Permethrin is also effective in treating mites in small spaces.

    How do birds control pests?

    Birds consume insects to provide food for their young. Birds also eat insect larvae as a source of protein.

    Because insects are so common in nature, it is hard to live with them. Therefore, birds are essential for maintaining and reducing insect populations in natural systems.

    Insectivorous birds consume insects like caterpillars and grasshoppers. To control pests, bluebirds can be brought to your property.

    Can you control birds?

    Although harsh pesticides effectively control insect infestations, they can also cause death to birds. However, scientific technology can provide safe and effective treatment for all animals.

    This is crucial when dealing with pest infestations. Even though you might not wish to eradicate the pest, your children and pets must not be exposed to harmful chemicals. Control Bug Spray is an all-natural, non-toxic treatment that repels and kills insects.

    Both your bird and your pet can benefit from natural insecticides. Invest today.

    How can I get rid of the pigeons that live near my solar panels?

    You can use bird mesh to protect the birds of your solar array. In addition, bird mesh can be used to seal your array’s perimeter. It attaches to every panel.

    Spikes may not be as appealing to birds, but they can keep them away from solar panels. For example, spikes can deter birds from perching too close to solar panels, causing damage or creating nests.

    Plastic birds of prey can still be useful, even though they look old. A fake owl, for example, can make birds flee with its swinging head. They can also be used for protecting solar panels that pigeons are using.

    What did the Australian pigeons prove to be able to do with solar panels?

    Pigeon-proofing your property will cost you between $200 and $1500. Your property’s cost to pigeon-proof will vary depending on how many solar panels you have, the slope of your roof and whether there have been birds removed.

    Our bird-proofing specialists will evaluate your roof and solar panels. The crew will evaluate your roof and solar panels before pricing you. The report will provide a cost estimate for pigeon-proofing solar panels.

    Please call us if you see pigeons under your solar panels. Get in touch for more information.

    What should I do if birds poop on my solar panels?

    Crows and sparrows can frequently be seen near solar panels. Of course, you can still appreciate some birds, but it’s best to avoid raptors like hawks and owls.

    Most hardware and home supply stores carry plastic owls and hawks. You can mount the predator bird on your fence or a noticeable limb of a nearby tree. Most hardware stores and home supply stores sell plastic hawks and owls. Birds can navigate with the aid of fake predators.

    Birds can be deterred from touching solar panel panels using various sound devices. Birds avoid solar panels when one unit generates a loud, almost audible sound.

    How can I stop birds from nesting under my solar panel?

    Stainless steel bird spikes are the best choice for preventing nest-building in birds. However, there are other ways and solutions for bird protection.

    To deter birds, mirrors can be placed around nests. To attract birds, you can attach the foil to trees and eaves. The foil will attract birds by reflecting sunlight. It is a smart idea not to water your home.

    After your solar panels are installed, you can immediately start bird control.

    How do you repel birds most effectively?

    Melnor Jet Spray is an excellent alternative if you want to repel birds. It can also be used as an animal repellent. In addition, the Po eland Outdoor Laser is a high-quality tool that will prevent birds from leaving excrement in your yard or on your patio.

    This device repels birds and is ideal for gloomy situations. The RFLT-1 can move with the wind to repel birds and glow brightly. Furthermore, reflector plates composed of chromium that serve to discourage birds can be used as reflector plates.

    The American DJ DMX800W strobe light is highly recommended. It’s compact and takes up little space.

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