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Ant infestation on properties is a painful experience for most people.

Are you worried about the ant infestation issues at your property and searching for an expert ant control service in Brisbane? Is your property prone to pest issues and want permanent ant control options?

We welcome you to Tom’s Pest Control – the best professional ant treatment and control services.

At Tom’s Pest Control Brisbane, we offer comprehensive pest control services, including detailed pest inspection and tailored treatment services. We can provide superior quality, long-lasting ant control services with our state-of-the-art techniques and expert pest control specialists at your commercial property, residential space, or industrial facility.

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    Pest Ant Species In Brisbane

    Australia has more than 4,000 species of ants, most of which are not pests. But a few species invade our homes and pose threats to our lives.

    In Brisbane, you may encounter the following ant species more often, and you will need quick ant control services to protect your family, pets, and property from these species:

    • Fire ants
    • Yellow crazy ants
    • Electric ants
    • Garden ants
    You can also find several garden ants in Brisbane, including greenhead ants, carpenter ants, meat ants, and black garden ants. We offer carpenter ant treatment, fire ant control, or black garden ant control services. We also have tailored ant treatment and ant fumigation procedures for each ant species based on their characteristics and the extent of the infestation.

    Why Is Ant Treatment Important

    Pest ants can significantly reduce your quality of life if you fail to treat them Promptly. There are numerous reasons why you should consider ant control services near you. You will experience the following issues or troubles with pest ants at your property:
    • Brisbane has a significant population of red imported fire ants or RIFA, and they are known for sting burns, which lead to an allergic reaction and even threaten life. They also attack pets and livestock and cause significant economic impacts. Hence, it is necessary to do fire ant control when needed.
    • Yellow crazy ants don’t bite but spray formic acid, creating a burning sensation in humans and animals. With the potential to form “supercolonies,” they can compromise your routine life and create ecological imbalances in your environment.
    • Electric ants are also known for giving painful stings to humans and animals, creating allergic reactions in some people. The stings can also create pimples and rashes on the skin.
    • Regardless of the ant species, every pest ant is a disturbance to the routine human life. Pest ants in a property are treated as a lack of maintenance, and people don’t feel encouraged to visit such properties.

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we know how ant infestation can make your life horrible and disorganised, and hence, we have designed one-of-a-kind tailored ant treatments for your needs,

    ant control brisbane

    Ant Treatment Services Brisbane

    Tom’s Pest Control offers comprehensive ant treatment services that not only remove the current pest infestation but also safeguard you from future infestation. Our four-stage pest treatment procedure is designed to protect your family and pets from various health issues and the property from damage.


    Our qualified ant control technicians will visit your property and complete an all-around inspection. This will help us to identify and document various aspects of the ant infestation at your property, including the ant species, the level of infestation, nest locations, colony lifetime, pheromone trails, and the associated damage at the property.

    We will also identify any specific factors of your property that induce the infestation for ongoing prevention.

    Tailored Treatment Plan

    Based on the inspection results, we will create a tailored ant control plan to free your space of infestation issues. The treatment plan will have the treatment procedures, timeline, expected results, and the need for any follow-up treatments.

    We may have specific instructions for the inhabitants of the property as part of the treatment. We will include the instructions in the ant treatment plan and update you.

    The Extermination Procedure

    As described in the treatment plan, our pest control specialists will complete the ant extermination procedure at your property. Based on the infestation and the location, we use a mix of treatment procedures, including ant fumigation, baits, insecticidal dust, granules, ant repellents, and more.

    As we give greater focus to the well-being of our customers, we choose only healthy, environmentally friendly products for the treatment. All our treatment supplies are approved per Australian standards and safe for children, adults, and pets.

    The Ongoing Prevention

    With just ant treatment alone, you can’t make your property ant-free in the long term. We will help you achieve a healthy, safe environment by providing specific ongoing prevention tips and strategies.

    You can minimise the ant infestation at your property with several general tips and steps. This includes

    • Regularly clean and maintain your property
    • Ensure proper removal and disposal of garbage
    • Store food in tight boxes and containers
    • Regularly mow and ensure yard maintenance
    • Inspect and seal the access points of ants such as cracks around door and windows, doors, etc.

    What Makes Tom’s Pest Control’s Services Unique?

    We provide a unique service experience with our pest control services. You will find our services rightly meeting your requirements with the following features:
    • Same/next day ant control services
    • Trained, certified pest control technicians
    • Tailored treatment services
    • Safe, family-friendly pest control services
    • Professional, friendly service experience
    • Competitive rates, upfront quotes
    • Local pest control teams and technicians
    • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
    If you see ant issues at your property not controlled within two weeks of service, you can contact us for FREE ant retreatment. Our ant control technicians will visit the property again and complete the treatment based on your expectations.
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    What is the difference between termites & white ants?

    They are identical. They are sometimes called white bugs because of misinformation. If it is treated professionally, then the term termite may be used. Termites can be kept out of your home by using a solid barrier. They can also cause serious architectural damage. If there is no indication that the job is completed, an insurer won’t pay for termite damage.

    General ants can be annoying, but they can also cause serious damage to your home. Some pests can be annoying and require special spray treatments.

    We value comfort at Tom’s Pest Control Brisbane. We offer the most reliable and trusted treatment options to our customers. For any ant problem, we offer a free estimate.

    What are your methods to control ants?

    You can use lure terminals to manage ant infestations effectively. You can place them wherever you see ants. You can experiment with many brands until you find one that you like.

    There are many ways to get rid of ants. There are many methods to eliminate ants. Some methods work better than others. However, they all serve the same purpose: To eliminate ants from your house.

    Baiting refers to the act of luring ants to a catch. After they have eaten the bait, the poison in the catch will cause them to die. We will then come to your home and set up equipment to create chemical fog. The chemical fog will penetrate all spaces and holes and exterminate the insects.

    What is the cost of treating ants?

    Hosting a home is vital. However, it would help if you remembered to manage insect administration. Before potential buyers start looking for your home, ensure they are exterminated.

    Anti-ant strategies do not have to be expensive. To get our suggestions, you should only take the initiative to schedule an inspection. Expert services may be offered, such as catching and splashing them in the catch.

    It is possible to be sure that the bugs will not return once removed. It could cost you anywhere from 150 to 200 Australian dollars per month, depending on how frequently they happen.

    What can I do to ensure the ants don't return after they're gone?

    We all know that ants can return anytime, regardless of how hard you try. We recommend that customers seek expert guidance to avoid repeated problems. All solutions come with a 6-month warranty

    These parasites can cause severe damage to your home and create inconvenience. These parasites can also infect your food and kitchen. It is crucial to seek professional help immediately, given the difficulty these animals face in their environment.

    Based on their extensive knowledge of ants and their causes, our pest control experts can help you design a plan that will work.

    What time does it take to get rid of all ants?

    Ant infestations are quite common, so getting rid of them as soon as possible is important. With little persistence, an ant infestation can be dealt with in days. It also includes both exterior and internal insect administration treatments. But, first, they must be kept away from the future.

    Pesticides and baits are effective in treating ants because they are friendly. However, they will eat the bait and then return to their nest. This could lead to their death. To ensure that they work efficiently, inspecting and regularly renewing insect catches is important. It is a plus that baits are easy to use and don’t get messy.

    You may need to take some time to eliminate ants from your home. An expert can help you eliminate ants from your home. Tom’s Pest Control Brisbane has years of experience and is a trusted ant control company. After we finish treatment, we will treat any ants found in your home.

    How can I control Egyptian Carpenter, Fire or Argentine Carpenter Ants?

    A large Argentine ant swarm could infest multiple homes. Therefore, it is important to watch for signs of re-infestation by neighbours. It is also recommended to treat nesting areas such as sidewalk cracks or gaps, lumber piles and blocks. It would help if you filled any holes or cracks that might allow outside ants to enter these areas.

    It is vital to locate and remove the woodworker honey beetle nest. The mom and dad may create another nest if the nest isn’t removed. Tom’s Pest Control Brisbane can investigate any problem with carpenter mites.

    They can be treated with baits for fire-ants or other chemicals. It would be best if you treated them frequently to reduce their number. Pharaoh Ants are also difficult to manage due to their adaptability to different environments. They should be removed from the nest once it is empty.

    Are pesticides effective against ants every day?

    You can use a basic pest spray to kill many insects. The ant is an example of a household insect. A basic pest control spray should be applied to your home’s borders every three months or a quarter to eliminate house bugs.

    While this is a great way to protect your home from pests, it is not recommended for serious problems. Instead of using old leaves and water, you can use simple pesticides to control your home. This natural chemical is effective in controlling pest problems like aphids or caterpillars.

    Garlic spray can be made-at-home with mineral oil, water, and other ingredients. It is effective against many insects. A basic pest spray can be made with fluid paraffin and unpeeled, smashed garlic cloves.

    What to do if it pours after an anti-ant treatment??

    You don’t have to be concerned if it rains following an anti-ant treatment. Termidor is the medication we use to fight black ants. After your Termidor treatment is complete (10-20 minutes), it’s possible to get some rain.

    Termidor is an active bonding agent that repels rainwater from destroying it.

    You get a 6-month guarantee for Termidor ant treatments. We are available to answer any questions. We are happy to help and answer your questions.

    How can I stop ants from entering my home or property?

    Leave no damp deposit. Summer is when ants look for water sources to stay warm and dry. Therefore, it is crucial to repair leaking pipes and taps and watch out for damp areas, such as under the sink or in the bathroom.

    It is essential to organize your home regularly. Ants, for example, will often go out in search of food. Think of them searching for crumbs, drips, or any other fluids. They will return the mound to you, and they can invade at sunset.

    You can avoid this by using a waterproof, clean container. To discourage them, you can diffuse the smell using peppermint or Eucalyptus.

    What can you do to deal with large-headed ants?

    Large-headed ants’ nests have both small and large employees. Significant employees have 2mm more employees than smaller employees. Therefore, they can be smaller or more diverse. The average length for significant employees is 4mm The Big Headed Ant, a brown-coloured, red-brownish-brownish ant, is the most common.

    Now you have found the nesting sites of large-headed ants. To sink them, you can use Cypermethrin products such as Devil WP and Cyper WP. You can also use ant baits such as Maxforce Full Granules or Exquisite Fluid Ants Lures in ant lure terminals if you cannot find them.

    It would help if you got rid of all nests and passageways in your grass as soon as possible. If you suspect many big-headed insects, please get in touch with our pest control specialists.

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