Ant Pest Control In Brisbane

Ant infestation on properties is a painful experience for most people.

Are you worried about the ant infestation issues at your property and searching for expert ant pest control in Brisbane? Do you see that your property is prone to ant pest issues and want some permanent ant control options?

We welcome you to Tom’s Pest Control – the destination for professional ant treatment and control services.

At Tom’s Pest Control, we offer comprehensive ant pest control services that include detailed pest inspection and tailored treatment services. Regardless of you want pest control for your commercial property, residential space, or industrial facility, we can provide superior quality, long-lasting ant control services with our state-of-the-art techniques and expert pest control specialists.

Ant Pest Control Brisbane

Pest Ant Species In Brisbane

Australia has more than 4,000 species of ants with the majority of them not being pests. But a few species invade our homes and pose threats to the peaceful life we live.

In Brisbane, you may encounter the following ant species more often, and you need quick extermination services to protect your family, pets, and your property from these species:

  • Fire ants
  • Yellow crazy ants
  • Electric ants
  • Garden ants
You can also find a number of garden ants in Brisbane, including greenhead ants, carpenter ants, meat ants, and black garden ants. We offer carpenter ant treatment or black garden ant control services. We also have tailored treatment procedures for each ant species, based on their characteristics and extent of the infestation.

Why Pest Ant Treatment?

Pest ants can significantly bring down your quality of living if you fail to treat them on-time. You will experience the following issues or troubles with pest ants at your property:
  • Brisbane has a significant population of red imported fire ants or RIFA, and they are known for sting burns, which even lead to an allergic reaction, even threaten life. They also attack pets, livestock, and cause significant economic impacts.
  • Yellow crazy ants don’t bite, but they spray formic acid that creates a burning sensation in humans and animals. With the potential to form “supercolonies,” they can compromise your routine life and create ecological imbalances in your environment.
  • Electric ants are also known for giving painful stings to humans and animals and create allergic reactions in some people. The stings can also create pimples and rashes on the skin.
  • Regardless of the ant species, every pest ant is a disturbance to the routine human life. The presence of pest ants in a property is treated as a lack of maintenance, and people don’t feel encouraged to visit such properties.
At Tom’s Pest Control, we know how ant infestation can make your life horrible and disorganised.
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Ant Treatment Services Brisbane

Tom’s Pest Control offers comprehensive ant treatment services that not only remove the current pest infestation but safeguards you from future infestation as well. Our four-stage pest treatment procedure is designed to protect your family and pets from various health issues and the property from damage.


Our qualified ant control technicians will visit your property and complete an all-round inspection. This will help us to identify and document various aspects about the ant infestation at your property, including the ant species, the level of infestation, nest locations, colony lifetime, pheromone trails, and the associated damage at the property.

We will also identify any specific factors of your property that induce the infestation for ongoing prevention.

Tailored Treatment Plan

Based on the inspection results, we will create a tailored ant control plan to make your space free of any infestation issues. The treatment plan will have the treatment procedures, the timeline of the treatment, the expected results, and the need for any follow-up treatments.

We may have specific instructions for the inhabitants of the property as part of the treatment. We will include the instructions in the treatment plan and update you the same.

The Extermination Procedure

As described in the treatment plan, our pest control specialists will complete the ant extermination procedure at your property. Based on the infestation and the location, we use a mix of treatment procedures, including ant fumigation, baits, insecticidal dust, granules, ant repellents, and more.

As we give greater focus to the wellbeing of our customers, we choose only healthy, environmentally friendly products for the treatment. All our treatment supplies are approved per Australian standards and safe for children, adults, and pets.

The Ongoing Prevention

With just treatment alone, you can’t make your property ant-free in the long term. We will help you to achieve the goal of a healthy, safe environment by providing specific ongoing prevention tips and strategies.

You can minimise the ant infestation at your property with a number of general tips and steps. This includes

  • Regularly clean and maintain your property
  • Ensure proper removal and disposal of garbage
  • Store food in tight boxes and containers
  • Regularly mow and ensure yard maintenance
  • Inspect and seal the access points of ants such as cracks around door and windows, doors, etc.

What Makes Tom’s Pest Control’s Services Unique?

We provide a unique service experience with our pest control services. You will find our services rightly meeting your requirements with the following features:
  • Same/next day ant control services
  • Trained, certified pest control technicians
  • Tailored treatment services
  • Safe, family-friendly pest control services
  • Professional, friendly service experience
  • Competitive rates, upfront quotes
  • Local pest control teams and technicians
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
If you see ant issues at your property not controlled within two weeks of service, you can contact us for FREE ant retreatment. Our ant control technicians will visit the property again and complete the treatment based on your expectations.
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