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Huntsman spiders in Australia are known for their large size, long legs, and shaggy hair coat. These spiders do not spin webs but actively hunt their prey with impressive agility, quickly sprinting and turning to catch their meal.

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With a primarily large grey or brown body and long legs that may display stripes, Huntsman spiders possess a unique appearance. Due to their flat shape, they can fit into narrow spaces such as cracks in rocks or beneath peeling bark. In addition, their front legs, which are longer than their back legs, resemble those of a crab and point forward, enabling them to move quickly in any direction.

Huntsman spiders’ dwell in various places, such as under the loose bark of trees, rocks and rock wall cracks and logs. In addition, some social huntsman species live under dead trees, stump barks, or on the ground under rocks and bark pieces. Sometimes, some huntsman spiders may wander into homes and cars by accident.

Huntsman spiders are not typically a threat to humans, even though they look frightening. Their venom may cause discomfort, but they generally do not bite humans and will flee from them instead. However, a bite may result in short-term symptoms such as pain, swelling, itchiness and inflammation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are huntsman spiders, and where can they be found?

Huntsman spiders are large spiders that can grow up to 15cm in size. They have long legs and flattened bodies, usually brown or grey. They can be found in warm climates, such as Australia and inhabit cracks and crevices in buildings, rocks, and wood.

Are huntsman spiders dangerous or venomous?

Huntsman spiders are not aggressive and rarely bite humans. Their venom is not medically significant and usually causes only mild pain, swelling, and redness. However, some people may have allergic reactions or infections from spider bites. If you experience severe symptoms or signs of infection after a spider bite, seek medical attention immediately.

How do huntsman spiders benefit the environment?

Huntsman spiders are your friendly neighbourhood insect control. They do us an excellent service by controlling the numbers of insects around our homes and gardens, like cockroaches and disease-carrying mosquitoes. In addition, Huntsman spiders help manage insects that destroy plants in the wild.