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Tom’s Pest Control understands how unpleasant an experience it will be for you if you notice pesky pests moving, flying or crawling around your home or business property. Annoying pest infestation comes with potential health risks, property damage, and heavy financial loss.

It doesn’t matter whether the intensity of pest invasion to your property is high or low, professional pest control service will always save you thousands of dollars, which you may have to spend in future treatment.

An experienced affordable pest control exterminator knows how to handle the situation without impacting your wellbeing and environmental safety. It will give the desired result in the long term.

Tom’s Pest Control is known for handling every simple and complicated pest issue with great care and efficiency. Ranging from inspection, protection to elimination and prevention, we boast our expertise in all steps of pest treatment procedures.

There is nothing in the industry that we cannot handle or don’t know. Our qualified and skilled professionals love to take every opportunity to serve you throughout Carrara, improving the quality of your environment.

    Comprehensive Range Of Pest Management Solutions

    We offer both commercial and residential pest management solutions to manage and control the prickly invaders of our customers’ environments. Our range of pest management solutions include the following:

    Bird Trapping And Control In Carrara

    Carrara and suburbs frequently report a number of pest birds, taking the residents’ peace of mind. In your property, you may spot house sparrows, Indian mynas, pigeons, doves, or starlings. These pest birds do not only compromise the hygiene of your property but introduce new pathogens through their droppings.

    They also attack pets and cause property damage, and you need to remove the pest birds from your environment as soon as you spot them in your space. We have a team of bird researchers to make bird removal scientific, humane, and stress-free. Based on the bird species and their characteristics, we will create a tailored bird removal plan.

    We will trap the birds using advanced trapping methods and release them at a far distance in accordance with government regulations. If your property or locality reports frequent pest bird issues, we may put bird nets, spikes, and more. Additionally, we may advise you on specific yard maintenance tips to minimise future infestation.

    Wood Borer Control

    If you notice wood borer infestation at your property, don’t wait to see whether the pest goes on its own. The pest can damage your wooden structures, furniture, wooden flooring and walls, and more. They leave your wooden structures and furniture rotted and weak, often leading to costly replacement.

    Our qualified pest management technicians will examine your space, identify the extent and the sites of infestation, and create a tailored wood borer control plan. We usually complete three types of treatments to address the wood borer issues at our customers’ properties. The treatments include water-based treatments, fumigation treatments, and endotherm treatments.

    Additionally, we will also complete preventive treatments to make your wooden structures and furniture better protected from reinfestation.

    Silverfish Extermination And Control

    Do you see silverfish or scales of silverfish in the corners and damp areas of your property and ignore the signs of infestation? Then you should be aware that the pest feeds papers, books, wallpapers, leather, and more. Additionally, the dropping of silverfish, including its scales, can trigger asthma symptoms regardless of age.

    Our pest inspection will help us identify the extent of the infestation and the spots of the infestation. Based on that, we will create a tailored silverfish elimination plan and complete the extermination through safe, environmentally-friendly procedures. We will also complete specific preventive treatments and guide you with property maintenance tips to minimise future infestation risks.

    Fox Trapping And Control

    Do you notice signs of fox infestation around your property and worried? The pest can attack your domesticated animals and damage your farm plants and crop production, leaving you with a significant economic impact. Importantly, foxes are unpredictable and provocative animal and often cause more damage than you expect.

    Our pest technicians will identify the hideouts of the pest in and around your property through an inspection. We will trap and remove the pest from your environment and give you specific yard and property maintenance tips. If the reinfestation risks are high, we will advise you to install netting around your property.

    Wasp Control In Carrara

    Wasps form colonies of different sizes depending on the type of pest species. They are the social pest and can attack several people at a time, and their sting causes life risk.

    They show aggressive behaviour, and their bites cause severe pain. If you see wasp colonies around your property, take care to stay away from them because these aggressive creatures get provoked very easily. Call us immediately to get professional wasp control services to protect your family and employees.

    A Completely Flexible Service Experience

    Tom’s Pest Control is one of the trusted choices for comprehensive pest management solutions in all of Australia’s major cities and towns. We focus on giving the next-level service experience to our commercial and residential property customers through decades of service.

    Most importantly, we are fully flexible to the needs of our customers. No matter the complexity of the pest issues, contact us immediately to get a comprehensive service according to your hours. Our team of pest technicians will complete the pest control without causing any disturbance to your routine or operations.

    If you have any specific service needs or want the affordable pest control completed in a specific way, you can communicate it to us. We are flexible to our residential and commercial customers’ needs and help them create a healthy environment according to their expectations. If you want to get expert advice on the pest issues at your property, contact Tom’s Pest Control. Our pest technicians are happy to give you guidance on pest management and help you choose the right extermination solution if needed.

    What Makes Us Different?

    We are passionate about what we do and committed to giving a comprehensive service experience to our customers. Our decades of service helped us develop pest management solutions that truly reflect the needs of our customers.

    The aspects of our pest management solutions that make them the preferred choices of our customers include:

      • Same/next day pest management solutions
      • Transparent service with an upfront free quote
      • TAFE and APCA-certified pest exterminators
      • Local teams of pest technicians for quick service
      • Tailored pest management solutions
      • Safe, family-friendly, and Australia-approved procedures
      • 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed

    Request A Free Upfront Quote

    We serve all areas of Carrara. You can contact us from anywhere or everywhere in the city of the Gold Coast and nearby suburbs. We have a team of local pest exterminators in each area to help you with instant pest treatment services. Contact us on (07) 5655 7627 to discuss the infestation issues in your space and get guidance and an upfront quote for cheap pest control in Carrara.

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