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Spiders are one of the most feared creatures across the world due to the painful bites and the health issues associated with them.

Do you see spiders in your property and quite concerned about the health impacts? Are you searching for advanced spider control services in Brisbane to make your property secure from the pest?

We welcome you to Tom’s Pest Control – the destination for comprehensive spider control treatment in Brisbane.

At Tom’s Pest Control, we offer tailored pest control services based on the spider species and the extent of the infestation. Our services do not only protect you from the current infestation but safeguard you from the risks of future spider invasion as well.


Pest Spider Species

Though Australia has nearly 10,000 different spider species, only just 3,600 are named. A vast majority of them don’t harm us or live anywhere near civilisation.

Below are the major pest spider species found in Queensland:

  • Black house spider
  • Brown huntsman spider
  • Grey huntsman spider
  • White-tailed spider
  • Daddy long legs spider
  • Wolf spider
Each of these species has unique characteristics and creates various problems that can harm us.

Risks With Spiders

You should know the risks associated with the common spider species in Queensland.
  • The venomous bites of black house spiders can cause nausea, skin lesions, and vomiting.
  • Brown huntsman spider bites cause mild pain, redness, itching, and swelling.
  • Daddy long legs and grey huntsman spider are known for bites that cause localised pain.
  • Wolf spider bites do not cause any serious issues in humans, but it can be fatal to cats and dogs.
  • Spiders and spider webs at a property is always considered as lack of maintenance, and people don’t feel welcomed to such properties.
Therefore, if you see any signs of spider infestation at your property, don’t forget to call for quick spider control services. Be it black house spider control or white tail spider treatment, we have the expertise to offer tailored pest control based on the spider species.

A Complete Spider Control Procedure

At Tom’s Pest Control, we offer a complete treatment procedure for controlling the spider population in your environment. The four-stage procedure not only removes the pest from your property but prevents future infestation risks as well.


Our certified spider control technicians will visit your property and complete a comprehensive inspection for the pest infestation. We will identify and document and spider species, the level of infestation, possibilities of any health risks to humans and pets, and more.

We will also identify the specific factors of the property that led to the infestation. Our detailed inspection report will have the findings, recommendations, photographs of the infestation, and more.

Treatment Plan

Based on the inspection findings, we will create a tailored treatment plan to safeguard your property from the spider infestation. The treatment plan will have the treatment procedures, the timeline of the treatment, the expected outcome of the treatment, and more.

We will also include the details of any follow-up treatment requirement in the plan as we strive to offer the best service.

The Extermination

Our experienced pest control specialists will complete the spider extermination procedure at your property as described in the treatment plan. We may either use any of the following treatment or mix of those based on the infestation level: heat treatment, fogging, insecticidal sprays, traps, repellents, and web clearing treatments.

At Tom’s Pest Control, we offer safe treatment solutions and choose only environmentally friendly, approved products per Australian standards for the treatments.

Ongoing Prevention Tips

The extermination alone cannot guarantee you that the property will be free of the risks of spider infestation in future. For that, we will provide you with specific techniques and tips based on our inspection and treatment.

However, you can ensure proper sanitation and regular maintenance – throughout the property – to reduce the hiding places for the pest. Also, ensure proper yard maintenance, including trimming shrubs and trees, to limit exterior infestation. You can also minimise the outdoor lighting as it attracts the pest to your property.

Why Tom’s Pest Control?

Regardless of the type of spider at your property – wolf spider or huntsman spider treatment – we always offer the best pest control services.

You will find our services the ideal choice for your requirements with the following features:

  • Quick same/next day spider treatment
  • State-of-the-art spider control procedures
  • Safe, family-friendly solutions
  • TAFE and APCA-certified technicians
  • Upfront quotes, friendly service experience
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
Is our pest control treatment not subsiding the pest issues at your property within two weeks? Then, you can contact us for pest retreatment for FREE. Our pest control technicians will revisit your property, complete the extermination, and ensure a healthy, pest-free environment for you.
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