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Do you see an increasing fly population in your property and quite sceptical about the health and wellbeing of your family? Are you searching for advanced fly control options in Brisbane to make your environment safe and healthy?

Tom’s Pest Control offers tailored treatment solutions for the fly infestation at the homes and businesses of Brisbane. With several years of service, we can quickly identify the factors that contribute to the population of fly in your environment and provide quick treatments for long-term fly control benefits.

Our certified fly control specialists will visit your property, complete a detailed inspection, give tailored treatments, and provide you with techniques to ensure ongoing prevention.

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    Pest Fly Species In Brisbane

    You can find several fly species in Australia, and many of them are not pests and have medical, agricultural, and veterinary importance.

    When it comes to pest flies, you find the following species in Brisbane and suburbs:

    • Horseflies
    • Blowflies
    • Fruit flies
    • Leaf mining flies
    • Houseflies
    Each of these flies is known for causing a varying range of issues and damage to human environments and need specific fly control solutions.

    What Makes Timely Fly Control Important?

    The presence of flies in any space poses several risks that can endanger the health of us and our beloved pets.
    • Flies land on manure, faeces, food scraps, or dead animals, carry pathogens and disease-carrying germs, and pass them to food products. This way, people get infected to salmonellosis, shigellosis, trachoma, hepatitis A, and more.
    • People who have sores in their body may experience infection when the disease-carrying flies land on the wounds.
    • Bush flies are known for carrying a pathogen that causes trachoma – a serious eye disease.
    • Common house flies are known for spreading various types of eye infections, including pus eyes.
    • Flies are considered as a nuisance in home environments, and people find it discouraging to visit properties infested with flies.
    The population of flies in a property can be due to various reasons, but there is a general perception that the infestation can only happen due to lack of sanitation and hygiene.

    The Complete Treatment

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we offer comprehensive – a four-stage – fly treatment and removal in Brisbane. The end-to-end treatment service will help you to safeguard your property from future infestation risks as well.


    Our certified fly control specialists will come to your property and complete a detailed inspection. The inspection will help us to identify the species of the pest fly, the level of infestation, the extent of associated damage, and more. We will inspect for fly eggs, maggots, pupae, and adult flies as we want to give a permanent solution for you.

    We will also identify the factors at your property that increase the fly population. This will help us to create specific techniques to avoid future fly infestation.

    Tailored Treatment Plan

    Based on the fly inspection results, we will create a tailored fly infestation treatment plan to give you the best results. The treatment plan will have the treatment procedures, the length of the treatment, the expected results from the treatment, and details of any follow-up treatment.

    Based on the type of treatment, we may have specific instructions for the inhabitants of the property. We will communicate those instructions with you before beginning the fly and maggot treatment.

    The Procedure

    Our fly extermination technicians will complete the treatment as described in the treatment plan. It can be a combination of multiple treatment procedures to give you the best results. We usually use a number procedures, including baits, fogs, sprays, dusting sprays, traps, electric fly killers, aerosol mists, and more.

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we are very much focused on the health and wellbeing of our customers and use only approved fly control products per Australian standards. This means that our treatments are safe to you, your family, pets, and your environment.

    Ongoing Prevention

    In addition to the treatment, you should have ongoing prevention plans to get long-term results. We will advise you specific techniques to control the flies in your environment.

    You can also follow the below general tips to minimise the fly infestation at your property:

    • Tightly cover any food scraps and remove it on a regular basis
    • Clean and sanitise your rooms and ensure proper hygiene.
    • Don’t keep the food product open, always store them in tight containers
    • Regularly dispose of the garbage, pet faeces, and any other organic wastes

    Why Tom’s Pest Control?

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we are focused on delivering permanent solutions while creating a long-term relationship with our customers through outstanding service.

    The highlights of our services include:

    • Quick same/next day fly control services
    • State-of-the-art treatment procedures
    • Safe, family-friendly treatment solutions
    • Upfront quotes, friendly service experience
    • TAFE and APCA-certified flea treatment technicians
    • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
    Do you see that the fly issues are not subsidised within two weeks of our treatment? You can contact us as we will provide you with a FREE retreatment service. Our fly control technicians will revisit your property, complete the pest control, and give the best results.

    Based on the level of infestation and type of fly, we will provide you with an obligation-free quotation and give you highly affordable, advanced fly control services for your environment.

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    How do you get rid of a fly infestation?

    First, identify the weaknesses of the fly infestation to eliminate it. They love light and smell, for example. Then, you can use strong fragrances and essential oils to kill them.

    Fly traps can either be set indoors or outside. Flying insects love apple cider vinegar and fermented apple juice traps. Another effective method to eliminate insects is spray repellent spray.

    Lavender is well-known for its pleasant smell and ability to repel insects. The faint clove smell repels flies. Insects can be repelled by combining lemon juice with some spice.

    Are flies a problem?

    You can quickly solve some fly problems. For example, one fly might enter your home through the front door.

    You can solve fly problems. However, it can be difficult to eliminate specific fly infestations. You might need to call a professional if you have multiple fly infestations or if they are beginning to emerge.

    Tom’s Pest Control Brisbane sends qualified professionals to inspect your house and find potential nesting areas. Protection against pests that could spread disease, damage your property, or cause havoc in the rest of your belongings is also included.

    What are the signs and symptoms of a fly infestation?

    They often detect an infestation of houseflies. As they turn into pupae, the larvae of Lapteric Larvae emerge from their nests. Some people can also hear the buzzing of houseflies.

    Because their wings beat in unison, house flies buzz. Houseflies have a grey thorax with four stripes. An adult housefly measures 1/8″ and 1″, or 4-7 millimetres.

    Their bodies are slightly hairy, with only one set of wings. They also have compound red eyes, which contain thousands of tiny lenses. This gives them a wider field of vision. Houseflies that are females are more important than those their male counterparts. Houseflies don’t have fangs or stingers.

    How Long Does Pest Control Take?

    Studies have shown that flying insects transmit 65 diseases, including cholera. They are easy to locate because they eat very little.

    These are the most common infectious diseases that can spread via air travel.

    • Enteric diseases include diarrhoea or cholera.
    • Parasitic Infections
    • Trachoma and Pandemic Conjunctivitis are two eye conditions.
    • Poliomyelitis
    • Skin infections can include cutaneous diphtheria or yaws.

    Did you know that a fly can travel as far as 30 km to find food? Flying can also carry dirt and other rubbish with them when they travel. This could pose a threat to your food. Therefore, protecting your food from contagious insects or other pests is important.

    Which fly species are most distinguishable?

    Every day, there are many species of fly that we come across. Two wings can distinguish them. This is the distinctive characteristic of the Extra Large Diptera Order.

    It is difficult to classify all fly species due to a large number of Diptera species (more than 150 000) and the fact that there are more than 100 families. However, these are the most common types.

    • Darden Flies
    • Drain Fly
    • Muscidae Housefly
    • Blow Flies
    • Biting Flies
    • Sand Flies
    • Black Flies
    • Snipe Flies
    • Horse Flies
    • Bee Flies
    • Flower Flies
    • Tachinid Flies
    • Robber Flies and Other Things

    Before purchasing any fly control products, we recommend you consult a local guide. Although it is possible to bring a full box of fly control products, you may not have enough for all your fish.

    To conduct your research, visit your local fly shop. You can also hire professional fly control services.

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