Black Garden Ants Facts, Identification and Treatment

The black garden ants are tiny creatures often seen on sweet foods in your kitchen. You can also find them traversing across your lawn or up a tree trunk to find food sources. Adult ants possess wings, and they fly in large groups to mate during the summers. Then they disperse to form new colonies.

Black garden ants are one of nature’s most organised creatures. They live together in colonies to form an intricate social structure. Every colony has a queen who produces eggs. Other worker ants divide their labour among themselves depending on the tasks. They can survive even harsh summer days because of their cooperative spirit and labour division.

Identifying black garden ants can be easier than you may think. These critters have black skin colour and black, reddish and dark brown legs and antennae. They can vary in size. Generally, the worker ants are 3-5 mm in size. At the same time, the queen ant is 9 mm long and can live up to 29 years.

The black garden ants form intricate colonies. They can show incredible organisation skills with individual roles for the workers and soldiers. They are adaptable and can survive in different habitats – from urban lawns to rural meadows.

These insects can construct elaborate underground tunnels and chambers for nesting. You can often find them near a consistent food source, such as flowers or kitchen scraps.

The adult ants have wings, and they fly to mate. Generally, the male ants die once the mating flight ends. On the contrary, female survivors shed their wings and make new chambers in their appropriate nests below ground.

The new queen lays eggs and helps to raise the larvae into adults. Once the larvae transform into adults, the queen gets her worker ants. These ants collect food and protect their eggs. The queen lays special eggs when the summer starts. These eggs develop into winged males and females.

These fertile adults take mating flight. After mating, the females start getting ready to establish new colonies.

The Threat Ants Pose

Black garden ants are an increasingly present problem to agriculture, homeowners, and businesses. Their ability to form massive colonies can create a considerable nuisance. Their nesting within walls or foundations can cause structural damage. Moreover, their fondness for sweet items can lead them to pantries where food is stored. It can cause health issues and sanitation problems. Thus, you need to address the issue immediately with professional pest control services.


Protecting your property from ant pests can be a difficult task. Fortunately, there are some measures you can take to keep black garden ants out. Start by sealing all exterior cracks and crevices in window frames or around pipes that might provide them with an entry. Additionally, remove any food sources near windowsills or walls where they may congregate. It could include pet dishes, bird feeders and honeydew-dripping plants like ivy, which is incredibly attractive to these pests.

Black Garden Ants Removal Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do black garden ants prefer to eat?

Black garden ants prefer sweet foods such as sugars, honeydew, nectar, and other sugary substances. They also feed on proteins like insects or small invertebrates. In some cases, they may even eat plant material if it is sugary enough. However, their preference for certain food sources can vary. It may depend on the total size of their colony and what type of food is available to them in their environment.

Are black ants aggressive?

Black garden ants are predatory in nature. But they are not aggressive. They usually don’t view humans as their prey unless they disturb them. So, if you stay away from their nest location and avoid disturbing them, you’re safe from their bites.

What if I get bit by a black ant?

If you experience an ant bite, you must immediately wash the bite area with fresh water. You can use antibacterial soap to prevent infections. In addition, you can apply ice to the bite. It will help to reduce swelling. Also, you can use a topical cream to get relief from itching. If your pain or itching is severe, you can seek medical help.