Solar Panel Bird and Pigeon Bird Proofing Services in Brisbane

Tom’s Pest Control is the leading bird removal company in Brisbane. With years of experience in bird control solutions without harming residents, businesses or the birds, we have acquired numerous methods to fulfil the needs of our customers. One of the significant advantages we have as a team is the experience and knowledge about the nesting habits of various birds.

We have an expert team of bird control service who are well versed with the local areas and the different types of birds that reside/nest there. This enables us to tailor our bird prevention program to your specific needs. Our latest technologies and equipment will quickly take care of bird removal from roofs, houses, or commercial properties.

Solar panels are a vital source of clean energy. At Tom’s Pest Control, we recognise the significance of embracing sufficient clean energy sources. However, bird infestations can be a problem. Our bird control service at Tom’s Pest Control can promptly provide solutions to all your related concerns.

We have dedicated bird proofing products to keep birds away from your premises and special pigeon proofing products for pigeon nesting. In addition, we can also provide bird netting to protect your solar panels from bird droppings. We also offer solar panel bird proofing mesh as per need. Contact us today to learn more about our solar panel bird proofing and solar panel pigeon proofing services.

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    Common Pest Birds in Brisbane That Can Impact Your Solar Panels

    Some common bird species that infest your home and office spaces are:
    • Doves
    • House sparrows
    • Indian myna
    • Pigeons
    • Seagulls
    • Starlings
    Solar panels are often classified as a clean and renewable energy source. However, solar panels can also pose a severe threat to birds. The shiny surfaces of solar panels reflect the sunlight, attracting birds. In addition, the wiring on solar panels can entangle birds, and the panel can trap birds behind it.

    Even bird droppings can cause damage to solar cells by creating short circuits. As a result, it is essential to take steps to bird proof solar panels to protect both birds and the solar panel array. Various bird control solutions are available, including physical barriers, bird netting, and visual deterrents. By implementing bird control solutions, you can help keep birds safe while harnessing the sun’s power.

    Why Seek Professional Help for Bird Control and Solar Panel Protection?

    Pest birds can cause a considerable nuisance if they are not managed in time. They create chaos and threaten your health and property, resulting in money loss and many other problems. Some of the ways in which pest birds can wreak havoc include:

    • Building nests that block gutters, dislocate roof tiles, and spread diseases.
    • Their feathers and droppings also make your premises appear dirty and unhygienic.

    To prevent these problems, deterring birds from roosting or nesting on your property is essential. This can be done by installing solar panel bird proofing mesh, bird spikes, netting, or other physical barriers. You may also need visual deterrents, such as reflective tape or loud noises, to keep the birds away.

    Solar Panel Bird Proofing brisbane

    Birds can be challenging when they decide to settle on your property and cause damage to your solar panels. Their droppings can spread diseases to humans, corrode building materials, and clog drains. In addition, birds can peck at solar panels, causing them to become less efficient. In addition, they can cause various issues such as:

    • Property damage: Birds often seek sheltered places to build their nests, sometimes leading to property damage. Gutters, roof corners, and windowsills are all common nesting sites; other than that, birds can also nest in AC vents, balconies, and drains. Bird droppings can cover rooftops, windows, walls, balconies, passages, and staircases. Additionally, they can also clog gutters and drains. Moreover, bird droppings can tarnish paint and stain exteriors, and harm insulation and air conditioning systems. Therefore, it’s critical to understand the possible dangers connected to birds breeding on or around your home.
    • Solar panel effectiveness: Solar panels are installed on the roofs of many builds; they are prone to become homes for many bird species. Bird litter and nests can reduce the effectiveness of solar panels. It becomes challenging to clean and restore the littered solar panels. These factors make bird proofing solar panels at your houses and offices necessary. You can achieve a long-lasting effect in multiple ways, including installing a physical barrier such as wire mesh around the perimeter of the solar panel. This will ensure that birds do not roost or nest on the solar panels. Bird proofing solar panels are necessary for damage-free and highly efficient electricity production. To further increase the solar panels’ lifespan, routine cleaning and maintenance are also required.
    • Health damage: Since they are more likely to meet people in urban settings, birds pose a serious risk to human health. If breathed, the dangerous germs in their droppings may result in lung-related ailments. Furthermore, if food products are contaminated by their droppings and consumed by people, it may result in serious bacterial illnesses.

    To protect yourself from these health hazards, taking precautions when cleaning up bird droppings and avoiding encountering them whenever possible is essential.

    Tailor-made Solutions for Bird Control and Solar Panel Proofing

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we specialise in tailor-made solutions for bird control. Every property is unique, and the infestations are no different either. Therefore, rather than creating solutions that work for everyone, we think that every challenge should be approached uniquely. We can ensure that our solutions will be excellent and successful because we have more than ten years of expertise providing bird control services. To ensure that there are no opportunities for error, our highly skilled personnel make sure that every procedure is completed effectively.

    Toms’s Pest Control understands your concern about keeping your house neat. If you are tired of searching for the best bird proofing company, look no further. Contact us now for instant solutions.

    Solar Panel Bird and Pigeon Bird Proofing

    Our Systematic Approach to Bird Proofing Your Brisbane Solar Panels and Home

    Our expert team at Tom’s Pest Control in Brisbane takes a systematic approach to bird proofing your solar panels. W We begin by thoroughly inspecting your property to identify all potential entry points.

    Once we have identified all potential entry points, we then seal those points with high-quality bird netting. Finally, we install spikes or other deterrents around the perimeter of your property to keep birds from landing. By taking this systematic approach, we can provide long-lasting relief from pesky birds.

    We use high-quality materials and leading technologies to ensure that the result lasts long and you won’t have to frequently re-do the Solar panel bird proofing procedure

    Pigeon Proofing Cost in Brisbane

    We provide transparent and competitive service pricing at Tom’s Pest Control Brisbane. While the exact cost of pigeon proofing your solar panels may vary depending on area size or location, we offer cost-effective solutions without compromising quality and starting from $350.

    For an accurate assessment of the solar panel pigeon proofing in Brisbane, please schedule a consultation with our expert team. We will assess your specific requirements, evaluate the size and complexity of your solar panel installation, and provide you with a detailed and customized quote.

    Bird Removal from Houses and Companies by Solar Panel Inspection

    Bird control is essential for home or business owners who want to keep their property pristine. Our team of experts will thoroughly inspect your property to determine the best course of action for getting rid of the pesky birds.

    Bird control is essential for home or business owners who want to keep their property pristine. Our team of experts will thoroughly inspect your property to determine the best course of action for getting rid of the pesky birds.

    Bird Control Service in Brisbane

    With years of experience in bird removal from houses, companies, and more, we have advanced our procedure to a high success rate at an affordable rate. As mentioned, we use advanced technologies and methods to remove the birds effectively. Different bird species respond differently to a specific technique, so we apply various techniques, including bird traps, bird spikes, shock tracks, and a sound system to eradicate birds from your surroundings.

    Tom’s Pest Control is well-equipped with all the tools and techniques required for inspecting, baiting, and bird proofing your environment. We guarantee that our bird control services will eliminate your bird problem.

    Ongoing Bird Prevention Tips

    If you want long-term relief from the nuisances of birds in your area, then you must follow specific ongoing prevention tips from our technicians.

    Some of the simple yet valuable tips are:

    • Avoid feeding birds daily
    • Remove the source of standing water
    • Trim your trees regularly to control birds from roosting
    • Periodically clean your property and cover trash cans
    • Clean the gutters

    Why is Pigeon Proofing Crucial for Solar Panels?

    • Pigeon Damage Prevention 

    Pigeons are one of the common birds we have seen creating a headache for the people. They often nest under solar panels, resulting in damage and efficiency reductions. Most of the time, their dropping covers up certain parts of the solar panel, and the nesting materials clog systems, risking overheating and fires. Thus, it is important to take necessary steps to pigeon proofing your solar panels and other parts of your buildings.

    • Health and Hygiene Concerns 

    Pigeon droppings carry various bacteria, fungi, and parasites that pose health risks. These contaminants can become airborne, leading to respiratory issues when inhaled. By pigeon proofing your solar panels, you protect your investment and ensure a healthier environment.

    Solar Panel Bird Proofing

    Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing Techniques

    Mesh Barriers

    One effective method of pigeon proofing is installing solar panel bird proofing mesh barriers around the perimeter of the affected areas. This physical barrier prevents pigeons from accessing the area beneath the panels. Our team of experts at Tom’s Pest Control Brisbane specialises in installing high-quality mesh barriers that are both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

    Spikes and Deterrents

    Spikes and deterrents are other popular choices for pigeon proofing solar panels. These devices create an inhospitable environment for pigeons, discouraging them from roosting or nesting. Our professional technicians are well-versed in installing spikes and deterrents with precision, ensuring effectiveness without compromising the aesthetics of your solar panel installation.

    Netting Systems

    Netting systems provide an excellent solution for pigeon proofing larger areas with multiple solar panels. The fine mesh netting prevents pigeons from accessing the underside of the panels while allowing sunlight to pass through unobstructed. At Tom’s Pest Control Brisbane, we offer customised netting systems tailored to your specific requirements.
    Pigeon Proofing Cost in Brisbane

    Why Choose Tom’s Pest Control in Brisbane to Protect Your Solar Panels?

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we take great satisfaction in being the bird removal business you can rely on to provide you with the newest and most efficient pest control solutions. We understand that having pests in your home or office can be a significant problem, and our team of certified specialists provides you with the relief you need as quickly as possible.

    With our same-day or next-day treatment service, we’ll have your space free of pests. We use safe, family and pet-friendly methods, so that your loved ones will be safe during and after the treatment process. If you’re looking for a bird removal company that puts its customers first, look no further than Tom’s Pest Control. Give us a call today for a free quote!

    Pigeon Proofing Cost in Brisbane


    Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Birds?

    Yes. Pest control companies can take out birds and their nests from your property. Contact a reliable pest control company like Tom’s Pest Control Brisbane, and we will inspect your property to check for areas attacked by birds. We will take appropriate measures to remove all the birds on your property safely. Our bird removal methods are safe for you as well as the birds, so you don’t feel bad about appointing us to take them out of your shelter. We promise to carry out the procedure in a humane manner.

    How Do You Get Rid Of Birds Naturally?

    You can create a physical barrier using bird netting to keep birds away from your property. The bird netting can be installed in areas like the attic, below patio covers, etc. Also, you may have stainless steel bird spikes installed on areas where the birds perch usually. The spikes will discourage them from sitting on your property and reducing the risk of entering your home or office and building a nest within. You can install sonic devices in various areas of your property that mimic the sounds of predators and keep birds at bay.

    Who Do You Call To Get A Bird Out Of Your House?

    If you spot a bird in your home, you must call an experienced and reliable pest control company to take it out. Only a professional pest control company will be able to take the bird out of your property in a safe and humanely manner. Connect with the experts at Tom’s Pest Control Brisbane to remove a bird out from your home or office as soon as possible. We will use safe techniques and advanced methods for bird removal. No matter in which room or area of your property the bird has been trapped, we will take it out conveniently.

    What Do You Do When A Bird Is Stuck In Your House?

    If there’s a bird stuck in your home, you need to make efforts to show it the way out. Avoid panicking or yelling as this may create commotion and may get stressful for you and the bird. Please turn off the fan in the room where the bird has been stuck to avoid injuring it. Open windows and doors to allow the bird to find its way out. If all efforts go in vain, you can call a pest control expert to take out the bird from your property in a safe manner.

    What Is A Sign Of Infestation By Birds?

    There are many signs to look for to determine if birds have infested your property. First of all, check for bird droppings in your home or office. If you find bird droppings on the floor or furniture, you can be sure birds live on your property. Also, you will hear bird cries clearly and frequently. You may also spot some bird feathers within your property. If you see these signs of infestation, you must contact a pest control company to inspect your property to find areas where birds are hiding. They will then implement safe bird removal treatments to help you get rid of them.

    How Much Does It Cost For Bird Removal?

    In Brisbane, the cost of bird removal treatment and protection services vary between a couple of hundred dollars to couple of thousand dollars. A pest control expert can determine the cost of bird removal service after a thorough inspection of your property. You may book a property inspection service with Tom’s Pest Control Brisbane, and our experts will visit your property to inspect it and provide the exact cost for the bird removal service. The treatment price will be determined based on the area attacked by birds, the level of infestation, the need to remove a nest, and the time and effort required for the clean-up of the space.

    How Do I Get Rid Of Birds On My Roof?

    One of the most effective ways to keep birds from settling on your roof is keeping fake predators. You may place fake owls and ravens on your rooftop to prevent pigeons, crows and small birds from landing and settling there. You may also consider netting your roof to prevent birds from settling on top. Netted roofs make it difficult for birds to rest and discourage them from coming back to your property. Also, maintain your roof regularly to cover any holes or gaps in it, as these offer birds the chance to settle and build nests.

    What Can Birds Do For My Property?

    Birds are an integral part of ecology. Yet, despite their importance, birds can cause damage. This can cause more expensive repairs.

    If birds settle on rain gutters and other drainage systems, they can build nests on your roof. In addition, snow, rain, and even ice can build up on your roof if your drainage system is blocked. This could cause serious problems.

    Roofs subjected to extreme stress may burst, but not before cracking and needing expensive repairs. Bird droppings can cause damage to HVAC systems, roofing, vehicles, and other equipment. Droppings can cause malfunctions and failures in HVAC wiring. Drops can also cause roof leakage and holes.

    How Can Solar Panels Make Pigeon-proof?

    Solar panels are becoming more popular among homeowners to reduce their electricity bills. Unfortunately, pigeons can attack solar panels, which can lead to nests. This could result in serious damage to your wiring or panels. Keep pigeons from your solar panels.

    Trust only solar bird-proofing experts who have years of experience. Local pest control professionals can also be contacted to resolve your problem.

    We offer high-quality services at reasonable prices. Tom’s Pest Control Brisbane Service Guarantee will guarantee your solar panel pigeon-proofing. If the treatment fails, you can always have it fixed. Solar panels should not be left to rot by pests and pigeons.

    What Are The Steps Involved In Bird Control Inspections?

    These are the steps you should take if you want birds to be removed.

    • Your actions can help you identify bird species.
    • Please note that the term “infestation” can refer to either the total number of people or the number of members in a flock.
    • Locate the area where birds are taking control. You may have multiple spots.

    It is important to evaluate the area before purchasing access equipment. Equipment can include ladders, cranes, lifts, and scaffolding.

    • Find out what limitations could be causing your project’s stalling or delay.
    • Participation in certain permits, such as renovations or public access to historic buildings, could be possible.
    • You will receive a breakdown of the pricing estimate after your site evaluation. This includes travel costs, the labour time and equipment rentals. This includes material costs.

    What Does Solar Bird Control Mean?

    Imagine pigeons causing damage to the solar panel’s outer and inner parts. This could damage your investment in solar panels. Additionally, high-acidity pigeon droppings can cause solar panel panels to deteriorate and cables to become damaged.

    It is essential to hire a solar-panel bird controller service. Tom’s Pest Control Brisbane’s highly skilled and experienced bird controllers have successfully used bird-proof solar panels. However, bird-proofing must be done to prevent birds from landing on solar panels and roosting.

    Routine maintenance can help protect your panels from bird droppings and other debris. Tom’s Pest Control Brisbane can also help if birds damage your panels.

    Can Mites Be Controlled With Pest Control?

    Bird mites can cause itching for many nights. It is best to keep them away. Before you remove nesting birds, make sure to check the local laws.

    Physical eradication is the best choice if you want to eradicate mites from your house. You can vacuum them or soak them with warm water and a cloth. You can eliminate mites from your home permanently by emptying the vacuum cleaner bag right away

    Permethrin can be used to control mites. It is safe and effective. Permethrin can also be used to treat mites in small areas.

    How Do Birds Control Pests?

    Birds eat insects to provide food for their young. Birds also consume insect larvae as a source of protein.

    Living with insects (from human blood or grain) is difficult because they are so common in nature. As a result, natural systems rely on birds to reduce and maintain insect populations.

    Insectivorous birds eat insects such as caterpillars, grasshoppers, and other small creatures. Bluebirds can be brought onto your property to control pests.

    Is It Possible To Control Birds?

    While harsh pesticides effectively control insect infestations, they can also cause bird death. However, it is possible to make safe and effective medicines for all animals using scientific technology.

    This is essential when dealing with pest infestations. You don’t want the pest eradicated, but you also don’t want your pets or children exposed to harmful chemicals. Control Bug Spray is an all-natural, non-toxic treatment that kills pests and keeps them away.

    Natural insecticides can be beneficial for your bird and your pet. Invest today.

    How Can I Get Rid Of The Pigeons That Live Around My Solar Panels?

    Bird mesh can be used to protect your solar array’s birds. Bird mesh is first used to seal the perimeter of the array. Then, it attaches directly to the panels.

    Although spikes are not as attractive to birds, they can deter them from perching too close to solar panels for too long. Spikes, for example, deter birds from perching too closely to solar panels to cause damage or build a nest.

    Even though plastic birds of prey look old, they can still be useful. For example, a fake owl can convince birds to flee with its swinging head. They also protect solar panels for pigeons.

    How Much Do Solar Panels Cost That Was Proven In Australia By Pigeons?

    You can expect to spend between $200 and $1500 to pigeon-proof your property. The cost to pigeon-proof your property will vary depending on the number of solar panels, the slope of the roof and whether birds were removed.

    Our bird-proofing team arrives at your location to inspect your roof and solar panels in detail. The crew will inspect the roof and examine your panels to give you a quote. The report will include a cost estimate for pigeon-proofing solar panels.

    If you find pigeons underneath your solar panels, please call us. For more information, please get in touch with us.

    How Can I Stop Birds From Peeing On My Solar Panel?

    You will most often see sparrows or crows around your solar panels. Of course, you can still enjoy certain bird species, but you should avoid predatory birds such as hawks and owls.

    Most hardware and home supply stores carry plastic owls or hawks. You can place the predator bird on your fence or a prominent branch from a neighbouring tree. You can find plastic owls and hawks at most hardware and home-supply shops. Fake predators are visible to birds so they can know where to go.

    You can use many sound devices to discourage birds from touching solar panel panels. For example, one device emits a loud, almost audible sound, and birds cannot hear but won’t touch the solar panels.

    How Can I Stop Birds From Nesting Under My Solar Panels?

    Bird spikes made from stainless steel are the best option for birds to stop nest-building. However, there are other options and strategies to protect birds.

    Mirrors can be placed around bird nests to deter them. You can attach the longer foil to trees or eaves to attract birds. It will reflect sunlight and attract birds. It would help if you did not fill your home with water.

    Start bird control immediately after your solar panels have been installed.

    How Can You Repel Birds The Most Effectively?

    Melnor Jet Spray is a great choice if you’re looking for the best bird repellent. It can also be used as an animal repellent. Po eland Outdoor Laser, a high-quality product, will prevent birds from dropping waste on your patio or yard.

    This device is ideal for dark environments because it scares away birds. The RFLT-1 can move with the wind and shine brightly to deter birds. To deter birds, the RFLT-1 has reflector plates made of chrome.

    Highly recommended is the American DJ DMX800W strobe lamp. It is compact and doesn’t take up much space.

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