Singapore Ants Facts, Identification and Treatment

Are you looking for effective and affordable ant removal services? Our team specializes in dealing with Singapore ants, also known as destroyer or ninja ants, which can threaten humans due to their insatiable appetite.

These ants consume almost anything they encounter, from sweets to animal material, and form slow-moving trails. Trust us to remove these pests safely and efficiently from your home or business.

The Singapore ant is typically sized between 1.5-3.0mm and boasts a distinct colouration featuring light yellow to dull brown-yellow bodies and darker abdomens. Its smooth and glossy head and body lack surface sculpture, but subtle transverse ridges can be found on their heads.

Other notable characteristics of this species include small eyes and 12-segmented antennae. In addition, each mandible possesses three strong teeth and an extra tiny one for added measure.

The Singapore ant can usually be found inhabiting busy areas near water sources. This species resides on the ground or in trees and may construct its nests in potted plants or trees. If infiltrating buildings or other structures, they tend to live in wall and roof cavities and may invade electrical sockets.

The life cycle of these ants involves forming vast colonies containing numerous queens. These colonies exhibit high levels of organisation and consist of multiple workers and soldiers.

Reproduction occurs primarily through parthenogenesis, whereby eggs can develop without fertilisation. This results in all-female colonies that can generate tens of thousands of minor workers. Additionally, some research indicates that this species can produce clones from a single egg.

Remarkably, queen ants can mate up to 20 times during their lifespan, generating enough fertilised eggs to construct an entire colony should the mother queen become incapacitated or die.

Eating Habits

The Singapore ant has a diverse diet, which includes live and dead insects, insect eggs, nectar, seeds, and nutrient-rich sources such as sweets, fats, and proteins. These ants search for food along narrow paths and consume any available food if they invade a home.

Singapore Ant Prevention

To prevent the invasion of Singapore ants, it is essential to ensure no gaps or openings in the walls and foundation. Therefore, all potential entrances, such as window frames, door thresholds, and small crevices in the foundation, should be sealed.

Regularly inspecting outdoor areas for signs of ant activity and clearing any excess plant material or debris near the house is also essential. Additionally, maintaining a tidy home and garden can discourage ant invasions.

One should regularly clean up food crumbs or spilled liquids that may attract these ants and keep pet food dishes tidy.


Singapore ants are harmful pests that can cause damage to clothing, stored food, and electrical systems. They pose a threat to both humans and indigenous species of plants and animals. Their sting can be painful for humans, and entire ant colonies may be inadvertently transported in packages of food or clothing, resulting in a widespread infestation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some natural ant deterrents that I can use?

Some natural ant deterrents that you can use include peppermint oil, lemon juice, vinegar, cinnamon, coffee grounds and chalk. These substances can either repel ants or disrupt their scent trails. You can spray them around your home where you see ant activity or draw lines with them to create barriers.

What are some effective ant control products that I can buy?

Some effective ant control products include granular baits containing hydramethylnon, registered for Singapore ants. These products can be purchased from garden centres, hardware stores and agricultural chemical retailers. You should read the label and apply them as directed.

When should I contact a professional ant control service provider?

You should contact a professional ant control service provider if you have a severe or recurring ant infestation problem that DIY methods cannot solve. A professional service provider will have the expertise to identify the type of ant infestation in your home and the best ways to eliminate it. They will also use safe and eco-friendly products to ensure your home’s safety and protection during the ant removal process.