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Tom’s Pest Control understands the problems of cockroaches and ants in schools. From onsite inspections to treatment, we’ll take care. It ensures they don’t return to the property soon after our pest extermination service.

Our pest control school is more than just about the pests. We have expertise in school pest control services. Our goal is to make your job easier by offering the best effective pest management service. It will meet all your needs. We inspect, plan, treat, prevent and protect.

Your school administrators and our technicians will work closely together to create integrated pest management plans that protect students and staff.

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    Old School Pest Control For Education Sector In Brisbane

    Tom’s Pest Control understands the pest control needs of colleges and schools. We will provide effective pest control for schools to ensure a pest-free school environment.

    We are one of the top pest control companies for schools and educational institutions. We also use old school or traditional pest control methods based on our client’s requirements as we know it works. It’s sustainable, safe, and environmentally friendly, and it doesn’t have any side effects.

    Our focus is on student and staff safety. So, our pest control for schools involves using safe pest control methods, such as traditional trapping and other safety measures. Our experts will eliminate pesky insects from your campus without compromising safety.

    Advanced Education Pest Control

    Tom’s Pest Control has been providing pest control services to schools and academic settings for years. We offer a variety of solutions so you can rest easy knowing your students are safe from pests while they learn.

    If you’re looking for pest control tailored specifically to your needs and requirements, look no further than our team. We will take the time necessary when working with each educational facility so as not only to ensure their safety from pests but also to maintain them in top shape. We use innovative solutions like non-toxic bait stations or natural pesticides, which are safe for students of all ages.

    So, you can trust us for pest control for college, pest control for the campus, pest control for classes or any other educational facilities.



    How often do you need pest control for schools?

    It varies depending on the type of school, the climate, and how well the school is maintained. Generally speaking, though, pest control should be done twice a year – once in the fall, when pests are looking for a place to overwinter, and once in the spring, when they’re coming out and looking for food.

    Can our students attend classes while pest treatment is going on?

    Yes, your students can attend classes while pest treatment is going on. We take all the necessary precautions to mitigate any possible disruptions to the learning environment.

    We understand that some people may feel uncomfortable with the idea of having a pest treatment company in their building but rest assured, we are a company having an excellent reputation and meets all of our safety requirements. We appreciate your cooperation and patience as we work to address this issue.

    How much do you charge for college pest control services?

    Pest control services for college campuses can vary depending on the type and extent of the pest problem and the region where the school is located. For example, a small school in a rural area might only need to have rodents eliminated. In contrast, a large university in an urban area would likely require more comprehensive services, including pest prevention measures.

    Most pest control companies generally charge by the hour or by the job, with rates ranging from $50 to $200 per hour. Some companies also offer package deals or monthly service contracts. It’s important to note that many colleges and universities receive discounts on pest control services since they are considered “non-profit” customers.

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