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Tom’s Pest Control can be ideal if you want high-standard pest control for facilities management across Brisbane. In addition, we are known for providing precise asset pest management services.

If you are searching for professional pest control services to keep your facility safe, look no further than Tom’s Pest Control. We offer custom-fit solutions that work seamlessly with any size or multisite location. So, there are no capital expenses on unnecessary items like buildings and equipment needed when it comes to pest extermination services.

We know that no matter how many pests control services you use, there will always be infestations. That’s why our team employs integrated techniques to eliminate current issues and prevent future risks for pests in your assets, whether rodents or cockroaches.

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    Our Facilities Management Pest Control Brisbane

    If you need to keep your property in good shape, seek our asset pest management systems as part of our facility management solution. Pests can damage furniture and building structures apart from causing health risks which is why it’s essential for us.

    Pest control is excellent for preventing infestations and protecting your facility. To get rid of pests, hire a professional pest company. Pest control is vital in protecting your home, family and pets from pest infestation. In addition, we follow strict guidelines which will guarantee protection for everyone in the facility.

    What Our Asset Pest Management Systems Can Do For You

    Have you ever wondered how pest infestations can be so destructive? They cause significant issues for homes and businesses. They spread diseases and ruin property with their mess. So we target visible pests by using eco-friendly or industry-approved, standard products that won’t harm other living things in your home or office space.

    Our pest control specialists are efficient, appropriate and customised for your facility. We can help you with any issues – rodents or cockroaches to spiders.



    What is asset pest management?

    Asset pest management is identifying and controlling pests that might be found on your company’s assets. It could include vehicles, machinery such as tractors or cars for example – these are just some examples. Pests like termites can cause severe damage if not dealt with properly, so it is essential to know how they work to protect yourself from potential loss.

    What is the cost of asset pest management services?

    Asset pest management services can range in price depending on the size and scope of the project. Typically, firms will charge by the hour, ranging from $50 to $200 per hour. Larger firms may also offer volume discounts.

    Some firms also require a retainer fee, an up-front payment covering a certain number of hours or services. It is generally refundable if no work is performed. Other costs that may be charged include travel time and mileage, inspection fees, and material fees.

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