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Bed bugs can bring down the physical and mental health of the family members of property and impact their quality of life.

Do you and your family struggle with disturbed sleep and wonder what’s bothering everyone? Are you searching for high-quality, professional bed bug pest control in Brisbane to restore your healthy environment?

We welcome you to Tom’s Pest Control – the destination for a comprehensive range of pest control services. We have qualified technicians, modern systems and tools, and several years of expertise to offer safe bed bug removal services for residential properties, industrial facilities, and commercial spaces.

We offer tailored bed bug treatment services that include comprehensive property inspection, advanced treatment procedures, and ongoing prevention techniques and tips for long-term results.

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    Why Is On-Time Bed Bug Treatment Important?

    Bed bugs do not transmit any diseases or make any property damage apart from the infected mattresses and furniture. But these pests can make your routine life horrible and spoil your active life.
    • Though most bed bug bites are painless, they become itchy welts later.
    • Bed bug bites can develop allergic reactions in some people. Some of the reactions may lead to anaphylaxis – a severe condition with whole-body reaction.
    • The secondary infections from bed bug bites can cause lymphangitis, ecthyma, and impetigo.
    • People live in an infested property struggle with a range of mental health impacts, including insomnia, anxiety, and systemic reactions.
    • Bed bug issues from a property can be spread to neighbouring properties in the locality. Therefore, people hesitate or do not feel encouraged to the infested properties, leading to a level of social isolation and stress for the inhabitants.
    In Australia, you can find two types of bed bugs: cimex lectularius and cimex hemipterus – also known as the tropical bed bug. Compared to cimex lectularius, cimex hemipterus is more common in the country.

    Signs Of Bed Bug Infestation

    Since bed bug bites are painless, you may not identify the infestation initially. It can advance the infestation over time. However, you can get traces of the infestation with the following symptoms:
    • Blood stains on your bed cover and pillowcases
    • Bedbug droppings, shed skins, or eggshells in your bedding and furniture
    • Dark, rusty spots on bedclothes, mattresses, and walls
    • Disturbed sleeps and itchiness
    • A musty odour – from the scent glands of the bugs
    If you notice any of the above-mentioned signs or symptoms in your property, call us immediately for a quick bed bug inspection and treatment.
    Signs Of Bed Bug Infestation Brisbane

    The Comprehensive Treatment

    Tom’s Pest Control offers comprehensive treatment services – a four-stage treatment – to safeguard you and your property from the bed bug issues. Our tailored treatment services help you even to address the reasons behind the pest infestation, provide you with permanent results.


    Our qualified pest control specialists will quickly take stoke of the issue and visit your property to complete a comprehensive bed bug inspection. It will help us to confirm the bed bug species, the extent of infestations, the damage due to the pest infestation, and more.

    Our technicians will also assess the factors that led to the bed bug infestation at your property and confirm the removal of any mattresses and other personal properties as part of the treatment.

    Tailored Treatment Plan

    Based on the inspection results, we will create a tailored treatment plan to make your property bed bug free. Our treatment plan will include the treatment procedures, the timeline of the treatment, the expected outcome from the treatment, and more. The treatment plan will also have the set of instructions for the inhabitants of the property during the treatment.

    We will also list down the pest infected furniture and personal products and create treatment plans to retain as much of them as possible.

    The Extermination Procedure

    Our certified pest control specialists will complete the bed bug extermination and control at your property per the treatment plan. Based on the extent of the bed bug infestation, we may use a mix of different treatment methods to get the best results. Some of the treatment options include bed bug treatment, application of organic materials, and the spraying of insecticides.

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we offer a healthy pest control experience as the safety of our customers and their family is our main concern. We use only environmentally friendly, safe beg bug control products for our treatments.

    Ongoing Prevention

    Our extermination procedure will make your property totally free of bed bugs. However, the treatment alone may not guarantee you from future infestation. You can only achieve this by ongoing prevention techniques, and we will provide you with specific tips and techniques to avoid any future bed bug infestation.

    Some general tips can work great and limit the infestation issues for almost every property. For that, you must

    • Regularly wash bed sheets and blankets and dry them in hot settings
    • Reduce clutter, steam clean carpets
    • Inspect your property for signs of bed bugs at regular intervals

    Why Tom’s Pest Control?

    Everyone at Tom’s Pest Control is working to provide a unique service experience for our customers. The specialities of our pest control services are the following:
    • Quick same/next day service
    • TAFE and APCA-certified pest control technicians
    • Safe, family-friendly pest services
    • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
    • Tailored treatments with upfront quotes
    • Friendly, professional service experience
    If you see that the pest issues at your property are not controlled within two weeks our service, you can contact us for FREE bed bug retreatment. Our pest control technicians will revisit your property, complete the treatment to give the best results, and make you fully satisfied.
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    What are the signs of a bedbug problem? What are the symptoms of a bedbug infestation?

    Itchy skin caused by bedbugs can be a result of sleeping in bed. Itching that began shortly after buying a bed or furniture can be especially problematic. These are all indicators that you may have bedbugs.

    Bloodstains can be found on pillows and linens. In addition, there may be darkening or rusting bedbug eggs found on sheets, pillows, mattresses, walls, and bedding. Finally, it would help if you watched for eggshells and faecal marks in areas where bedbugs can be found. Their smell glands release the musty scent of bedbugs.

    Remove all bedding if you suspect that there is an infestation. Next, inspect the area for any other bugs or debris. Next, remove the dust cover. Next, examine the wood frame for seams. Next, remove the cloth from the wood frame. Next, contact your local bed bug control experts.

    How do I stop bed bugs from invading my home?

    To get rid of bedbugs, you must first remove infested areas. Here are some tips:

    • Use hot water to wash clothes. You can dry curtains, bedding, and clothes in the highest setting. You can dry shoes or stuffed animals for up to 30 minutes in the highest setting.
    • Clean the mattress seams to get rid of bedbugs
    • Vacuum your bed and the surrounding areas regularly. The vacuum cleaner can be immediately put in a bag and thrown away.
    • To eliminate bedbug hiding spots, glue-flaking wallpaper can be used.
    • Clean up any debris.

    You can also opt for our advanced bedbug treatment if unsatisfied with the tips above.

    How can you get rid of bed bugs the most effectively?

    If home remedies don’t appeal to you, insecticides may be an option. Pyrethrins or pyrethroids are two common insecticides used to kill bed bugs. These pesticides can be applied quickly and are not harmful to animals or humans.

    Bed bugs can also be exterminated with desiccants. These chemicals destroy the insect’s outer protective layer. The insect would die if its outer protective layer were not removed. Two of the most popular desiccants are diatomaceous Earth and silica aerogel. Bed bugs cannot resist desiccants because of their high mortality.

    Tom’s Pest Control Brisbane can get rid of bedbugs. Our exterminators will inspect your home for bedbugs and then treat it.

    Do bedbugs transfer from person to person?

    They aren’t as dangerous as lice and don’t transmit diseases to humans. They can be carried in clothing. Unintentionally, bed bugs can also be sent from one person to another.

    They could also be from another country or used as furniture. They can carry bags, backpacks, and purses. They can also move between rooms in multi-unit buildings such as apartments and motels.

    Regular inspections can stop bed bug infestations. This will enable you to eradicate bed bugs quickly and easily. Experts can help you eliminate bed bugs quickly.

    How can I quickly get rid of bedbugs permanently and effectively?

    Bed bugs can be highly irritating. Unfortunately, they have entered your home, which was intended to be your sanctuary. These pests are small and flat, but they can be dangerous. If you don’t remove them, they will quickly take over your house and feed on your blood every night.

    Bed bug infestations can cause serious irritation. Even though they aren’t carriers of disease, bed bugs can cause red bumps and itching.

    Bed bugs can be prevented from returning. However, it would help if you rid of them as soon as possible. Tom’s Brisbane pest control service is the best for eliminating an infestation. These are the steps to get rid of bed bugs in your home.

    What does a bedbug bite feel and look like?

    Bed bug bites can look reddish or reddish. Small red bumps, lines, or welts may look like zigzag, circular, or other patterns. Hives and blisters may be caused by small red bumps, lines, or welts. Also, papular eruptions could be indicated by flat patches or raised areas.

    Some people can experience severe allergic reactions from bed bug bites. These symptoms can be severe and should be treated immediately.

    • Blisters
    • Fever
    • Nauseousness
    • Flu-like symptoms
    • A swollen tongue
    • An erratic heartbeat

    Bed bug bites can also cause sleep problems. It can be quite distressing to imagine being eaten. Some people have difficulty sleeping or avoid sleeping altogether. They tend to eat less at night. Our family can avoid these bed bugs.

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