Mosquito Pest Control Treatment In Gold Coast

Mosquitoes are the little creatures that cause a huge hindrance in our house and office space. They spread fatal diseases causing a severe threat to the health of your family and employees. When it comes to dealing with mosquito treatment, it requires a lot of thinking, planning and expert intervention.

This is where you recall Tom’s Pest Control – your trusted mosquito control company in the Gold coast. Our team of licensed pest control expert with dedicated techniques and instruments can help you with the most efficient mosquito removal process.

We understand your concern when you have kids at your home. We provide industry-approved, safe, and standard mosquito extermination service to stop your house and office being a mosquito abode and make your life healthy and free from mosquito bites.


Why Do You Require Timely Mosquito Treatment?

There are above 300 mosquito species found in Australia. Most of the species are more irritating and annoying than fatal. Some pest mosquitoes do bite humans and cause serious health concerns. Some of them are:
  • Mosquitoes act as the vectors of different viruses that carry and spread fatal diseases from one person to another.
  • Mosquito bites can transmit the Ross River virus that causes fatigue, muscle aches, inflammation, rashes, and overall body pain. Some patients may take almost a year to recover completely.
  • Aedes aegypti mosquito bites transmit Dengue fever across, that may cause a severe threat to life, making mosquito bite treatment an essential service.
  • Mosquito transmits and spreads the Barmah Forest virus that causes joint pains, fever, fatigue, muscle aches, and rashes on torso and limbs. The recovery time can be of six months for some patients.
  • Mosquito bites can carry and spread the Murray Valley encephalitis virus (this happens rarely). It can infect and cause brain damage. It even kills the patient.
  • Most mosquito bites cause pain, irritation, itching, and minor swelling around your body.
Tom’s Pest Control applies a systematic approach to the effective mosquito pest control procedures to protect you, your family, and staff members from fatal diseases. The timely elimination can save you and your loved ones from life-threatening risks.

How Do We Address The Mosquito Infestation?

Our team of pest control expert follow a systematic approach to the tried-and-true four-stage procedure to make your environment mosquito-free. Our focus is to provide you a healthy environment with a quality life.


The expert mosquito control technician of Tom’s Pest Control will conduct a thorough inspection of your home and office space to identify the mosquito territories.

We will study and identify the mosquito species, evaluate the level of infestation and the possible risks associated with the infestation, and more.

It will help us in taking the necessary steps to treat the issue before it goes out of hand.

Mosquito Control Plan

Based on the findings, we will create a customised pest control plan to remove them completely from your place. The plan includes the detail about the type of mosquito treatment required, the expected time to complete the process, specific instructions for you to follow, the expected outcome, and other information.

Before we commence with the mosquito extermination procedure, we will explain the entire process to ensure a transparent service experience to you.

We will inform you about what is going to happen in every step of our pest extermination service. You can ask a question to clarify your doubts.

The Extermination Procedure

We apply different techniques to make you achieve an outstanding result. It includes biological control methods, physical control methods, use of pesticides, and fogging.

We prefer to use the safe methods because our top-most concern is the health and wellbeing of your family, pets, and employees.

When we do have to use pesticides, we choose products that are safe and certified. Based on the level of the infestation, we might have to use a combination of different extermination methods to deliver the expected results.

Ongoing Prevention

To control the mosquito population for the long-term, we will recommend some useful tips and strategies that may take the setup of your property into account. Some of the tips are:

  • Remove standing water or anything that collects water around your property, including drains, roof gutters, buckets, containers, tin cans, old tires, and more as these help mosquitoes to breed
  • Screen windows, doors, and other entry points that will limit the access of mosquitoes inside your building
  • Regular maintenance of your yard that includes trimming of trees, mowing of the grass, and shrubs
  • Mop your floors regularly, wash and dry the food containers after every meal, and clean refrigerators, stoves, and other kitchen appliances
  • Repair plumbing leaks and cistern damage
  • Ensure proper yard maintenance – cut grass and trim shrubs and trees.

Why Choose Tom’s Pest Control ?

The highly professional and experienced team of Tom’s Pest Control is committed to providing the high-standard mosquito removal services that you need to boost morale and quality of your life. It also keeps your environment healthy and hygienic.

Our services have become the preferred choices of all residents and businesses across town because of the following reasons:

  • Quick same day or the next day treatment service
  • TAFE and APCA-certified mosquito removal technicians
  • Local pest exterminator team
  • Safe, family, and pet-friendly treatment procedure
  • Tailored treatment plan with an outstanding result
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
  • Friendly and transparent customer service
  • 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee
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How can we keep the mosquitoes out of our garden?

Mosquitoes can make gardening more difficult. Reclaim IT insecticide will be applied by the specialist to your yard.

We can spray your lawn with the Misting System or Mist Blower Flex 10-10 if you have severe mosquito infestations. To keep mosquitoes away, you should spray your lawn and any other foliage at least once a week.

These actions will reduce the chances of mosquitoes congregating in your yard and repel them. In addition, you can use less insecticide. Sprays and granules are available at most hardware stores and garden shops. Only use them when you need them.

What are the advantages of using a mosquito-control solution in your yard?

Moths can transmit brain fever, cerebral malaria, and dengue. Your family can also be affected by a mosquito infestation.

Our primary goal is to protect families and homes from mosquitoes. Tom’s Pest Control Gold Coast uses a systematic and thorough approach to eliminating mosquitoes from your home. Our experts first inspect your home for areas that are affected.

Next, the strategy is created and implemented using biological and non-chemical methods. Finally, each customer is given a personalized program to suit their needs.

How long does it take to kill mosquitoes?

Treatments for mosquitoes typically last between 4-8 weeks. The treatment of mosquitoes depends on many factors, such as weather conditions and population size. We cannot spray mosquitoes in severe weather conditions or heavy downpours.

The wind blows away treatments, so your grass will have less. The treatment will be washed out if it rains for less than 30 minutes. The rain won’t cause any harm to the grass once the treatment has dried.

We recommend treating mosquitoes only once per month during mosquito breeding season to get the best results. The treatment will prevent mosquitoes from landing on the treated plants. In addition, it repels mosquitoes and keeps them away.

What are the signs of a mosquito infestation?

A constant buzzing sound could signify that you are having trouble with mosquitoes. However, you could also hear a distinctive buzzing sound if you have a problem dealing with mosquitoes.

Mozzie likes shade too. It is important to inspect for signs of infestation if you live in a dark, gloomy place. Pests shouldn’t be brought home if you live in a forest.

Imagine mosquitoes infesting your property or home. They can be seen at night as well as during the day.

Does using an insect repellent make me sick?

No. Residents are advised to stay indoors due to its toxic nature.

Sumithrin in high doses can cause stomach upsets, nausea, vomiting, throat irritations and headaches.

Although the spray isn’t dangerous, it is best not to touch it. Experts predict that mosquitoes will decline as temperatures drop. However, they will still be there if they are exposed to cold temperatures.

Can I reduce the number of mosquitoes in my home/building?

Mosquitoes may lay eggs in dark and damp places, such as behind sinks, closets, or laundry rooms. They might start laying eggs indoors if they are attracted by mosquitoes outdoors. The next step is crucial.

To eliminate mosquito eggs, empty all water containers (vases or flowerpot saucers). Turn them around.

Spraying indoor pesticides after cleaning, removing, and installing screens is essential.

  • To kill mosquitoes indoors, you can use bug sprays or foggers.
  • Our pest control specialists can help you treat your home.

Tom’s Pest Control Gold Coast’s expert mosquito control technicians will ensure your home and workplace are mosquito-free.

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