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Do you see traces of rats and mice infestation at your Gold Coast property? Are you worried that the healthy environment of your property is compromised and want advanced rodent removal in the Gold Coast?

Regardless of you have a residential property or commercial space, we have the expertise and several years of experience to provide you with optimal pest control for rats and mice in Gold Coast.

Our rodent pest control services will help you make your property future-proof against rodents while addressing the current infestation issues.


Don’t Ignore Rodent Infestation

As soon as you notice signs or damage due to rodents, you should seek professional rat and mice/mouse exterminator as the infestation can become widespread in no time. The pest species can damage your property, compromise your health, affect your pets, become a nuisance, and more.

Some of the ill effects of the rodent infestation are the following:

  • Rodents carry various pathogens and make the healthy condition of your environment vulnerable. By direct contact or by consuming rodent-infested food, plague, salmonellosis, Weil’s disease, murine typhus, and rat-bite fever can be transmitted to humans.
  • Rodents consume food – including pet food – present at the property and contaminate with their droppings. The droppings of these pests are smelly and can mess up internal hygiene.
  • Rats and mice also cause extensive damage to properties and personal products. They gnaw electrical wirings, eat furniture, lead, and aluminium sheeting, build their nests in electrical appliances, damage light fixtures, chew important documents and valuable paintings, and more.
  • With gnarled papers and compromised internal hygiene, you need to clean and maintain your property more frequently. Rodents also make creepy noises at night and disturb the restful sleep of the inhabitants of the property.
Rodents quickly multiply in large numbers and pose a threat to your peaceful life. Therefore, as soon as you notice the pest infestation signs at your property, you should get professional rodent removal in the Gold Coast to restore the healthy condition.

Signs Of Rodent Infestation

You may not see rodent during day time to confirm the infestation as they are more active at night. However, the following signs will help you confirm the pest infestation at your Gold Coast property:
  • Signs of gnawing or chewing on food packets and raw food products
  • Rodent droppings around food packages, in drawers and cupboards, and under sink
  • Pungent, stale smell from crawlspace, attic, garage, and other confined or hidden spaces of the property
  • Nesting materials such as shredded fabric and paper as well as dried plant matter on the floor
  • Holes – appears to be chewed – on the walls and floors of the property
The most common pest rodent species found in the Gold Coast are brown rats, roof rats, and house mice. how to get rid of roof rats, we are here to help you. If you notice any rodent infestation signs at your Gold Coast property, contact us immediately to discuss with our rat and mice trap pest experts and technicians. We will guide you to make your property rodent-free.

How Do Exterminators Get Rid Of Mice ? Our Procedure!

At Tom’s Pest Control Gold Coast, we have a four-stage rodent pest control procedure that addresses rodent issues as well as the reasons for the infestation.

Rat/Mice Inspection

How To Get Rid Of Rats and Mouse? Our qualified rat and mouse pest inspectors will come to your Gold Coast property and make a thorough inspection for rodents and associated damage. We will identify and document the rodent species, the factors that led to the infestation, details of the property damage, and the extent of the infestation.

We will provide you with a detailed rodent inspection report with our findings, photographs, specific instructions, and suggestions for property repair and maintenance.

Rodent Removal Treatment Planning

Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Rats, Based on the inspection results and findings, we will create a tailored rodent treatment plan for rodent control at your property. The plan will have every detail about the treatment, including the treatment procedures, the timeline of the treatments, the outcome of the treatment, and more.

If your Gold Coast property has extensive rodent issues, we may perform a follow-up treatment to make it optimally free of the pests. In such cases, we will include the details of the additional treatment as well in the treatment plan.

Rodent / Mouse & Rat Exterminator

Our rodent pest technicians will complete the mouse and rat control at your gold coast property as described in the treatment plan. Based on the infestation level, we may use a mix of treatment procedures, including rodent traps, pest repellents, poison, bait station, raptor perches, and more.

We use only approved, safe products and procedures for rat treatment and mouse control as we are committed to creating a healthy environment around you with our service.

Ongoing Prevention

You may not get long-lasting results if your property has factors that are favourable for rodent infestation.

Therefore, we will provide you with specific techniques and recommendations for habitat modification to make your space proof against rodents.

The following general tips and tricks will also help you to minimise the rodent infestation risks at your property:

  • Remove any form of clutter from your property and make it cleaned and sanitised.
  • Store food products – including raw food – in tight containers and do not leave pet food open after use.
  • Clean and sanitise kitchen and dining area after every meal to remove any food spills and residue.
  • Dump food residue and organic waste in trash containers with tight lids and clear them regularly.
  • Maintain your yard on a regular basis; prune any shrubs and trees that are touching or close to your property.
  • Close any exterior openings and repair property damage to prevent the access of rodents to your property.
  • Regularly inspect your property for possible to rodent infestation signs and property damage.

Why Tom’s Rodent Pest Control?

We garnered the trust of the businesses and homeowners of the Gold Coast with consistent quality, effective, and safe rat traps control services.

The highlights of our pest control services are the following:

  • Same/next day rodent treatment services
  • State-of-the-art rodent treatment procedures
  • APCA- and TAFE-certified rodent technicians
  • Safe, family-friendly treatments
  • Upfront quotes and transparent, friendly service
  • Total satisfaction guaranteed
If you see the rodent issues at your property is not subsidised after our service, you can contact us within two weeks of the mice exterminator. Our technicians will return to your property and complete the extermination again for FREE to make your property rodent-free.
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How do you get rid of rodents?/ What do professional pest control use for rats?

At Tom’s Pest Control, we combine a number of methods to give the best rodent control results for our customers. For instance, if your property has holes on walls or other easy entry points, rodents can easily access your space, and we want to seal those entry points. Our inspection will reveal the hideouts of rodents and help us to set different types of traps in those areas.
The messy, unsanitised environments of properties quickly attract rodents and encourage them to multiply. In many cases, ensuring regular property sanitation and maintenance can discourage rodents from entering properties. Additionally, securing all the food sources of rodents can also prompt rodents to look out elsewhere.

Should I do pest control myself?

The answer for this should be based on the complexity of pest issues at your property and your expertise in managing the vermin. There are several do-it-yourself methods that you can make use of to eliminate rodents from your space. However, if you notice that the property has extensive pest issues or your rodent control methods don’t give satisfying results, you can contact us for comprehensive rodent control. Our rodent control involves a detailed pest inspection that reveals the factors that led to the infestation. This helps us provide comprehensive pest management by addressing the reasons for the infestation to give you long-term results.

Is it worth getting an exterminator for mice?

Getting professional extermination at your property is the best possible option if it has complex rodent infestation issues. This can help you eliminate rodents from your space as well as reasons for the pest infestation to get long-lasting results. When you exterminate mice yourself, you may be just eliminating the rodents, not the reasons for the infestation.
If your property has extensive rodent issues, this type of treatment doesn’t give any solace to your environment or you. This is where a professional pest servicer like Tom’s Pest Control can give you comprehensive pest management to get long-lasting rodent control results. If your property has minor rodent issues, you can try home remedies to get rid of them. However, if that doesn’t give the desired results, don’t wait to contact a professional service.

Which pest control is the best?

The individual cases of rodent issues and the reasons for the infestation have a larger role in deciding the best pest control methods. At Tom’s Pest Control, we complete an inspection of our customers’ properties, identify the extent of infestation and reasons for the infestation, and create a tailored pest management plan to address every aspect of rodent infestation.
In addition to trapping and removing all rodents, we will also secure various exterior openings at your property, may install rodent repellents, advise you specific property and yard maintenance tips, and more. Rather than a single procedure, comprehensive pest management is required to get the best results.

How do I get rid of rats in my house fast?

Excellent property hygiene and regular maintenance is a great way to repel rodents from a property. If your property has clutter, it’s time to remove them as debris and piles of books and papers can help rodents to find easy hideouts under the clutter. Similarly, exterior openings give easy access for rodents to the interior, and you should find those openings and seal them to minimise the risks of future infestation. Also, regular yard maintenance can keep not only rodents but most other pests stay away from your space. To eliminate the rodents currently infested at your property, you can use various types of traps.

How much does it cost for rodent control?

The general pricing for rodent removal for a residential property in the Gold Coast treatment and protection services vary between a couple of hundred dollars to couple of thousand dollars. When it comes to rodent control, However, this can go up if we want to visit your property multiple times, considering the number of rodents in your space. we consider the extent of the infestation, the property type, the need for property repairs, and more. In many cases, we might want to visit an infested property multiple times to eliminate the rodents from the environment fully.

Despite all these preventive measures, why are rodents still around?

If they have food and shelter, rodents can return to their natural habitat. Therefore, it is best to get rid of rodents, even if you are providing shelter or food.

The nest can reach heights between 10-12 meters. They can nest in your house or move to another location. They can be highly active and will dictate how long it takes to remove them.

The bait takes approximately four days to begin working. Within a week, the homeowner should see a decrease in rodent populations. After that, you might attract other mice to your food.

What should I do if a baited mouse suddenly appears?

Conduct a preliminary inspection if you suspect that there is a mouse infestation. It would be best if you kept an eye out for any areas they may be searching for food. For example, you could look for droppings under drawers and cabinets.

Perform a preliminary inspection if you suspect that there is a mouse infestation. It is important to identify their food source. For droppings, you might check under sinks and drawers.

Droppings can be found near walls and furniture. Although they are not permanent, trapping mice quickly is a good way to get rid of them.

What are five ways to keep rodents from my home?

  • Use peppermint oil-dipped cotton balls to place where rodents are most likely to be found. Then, they will not try to get into your home if you give them peppermint oil.
  • Inspecting your home for any entry points rats might use to get in is smart. Then, seal them once you have found them. This will keep rats and pests away.
  • To stop rats from escaping or hiding, you can place traps. Once captured, they will not escape and can be captured quickly.
  • Routine cleaning is the best method to get rid of food sources. However, they can also infest other areas and move on to new ones.
  • Garlic can be used to repel rodents from entering buildings.

If none of these methods work, don’t hesitate, and contact our Gold Coast rodent control experts.

How much does treatment for pest control of mice cost?

Rodents can spread the disease to rats and mice. Rodents such as mice and rats can spread lice and other parasites. Rodents can cause structural damage or destruction to your home and cause havoc by biting. The average cost of rodent extermination is $250 to $350.

Many factors can influence the cost of hiring pest controllers, such as those mentioned below.

  • No matter where your location is
  • The issue’s volume
  • What type of work would you prefer?
  • It’s extremely easy to get to your home.

Many factors can affect the cost of pest management. For example, a $100 professional treatment may be sufficient to eliminate pests. However, regular treatment may cost more.

How do you hire an exterminator to clean your home?

Yes. If you only have a few mice, poison, traps, or bait can be used. If the mice begin reproducing or nesting, it can become a problem.

A pest control company may be recommended if you are experiencing a small infestation or if DIY attempts fail to solve the problem. Pest control companies can exterminate rodents like mice. In addition, they have the equipment and knowledge to exterminate large infestations quickly.

Even though they might charge more, specialists can solve your problem quickly. Tom’s Pest Control Gold Coast might be worth having inspect your home. They will inspect your house and provide you with a quote.

How often should my house be treated for rats/mice?

First, inspect baits at least once per month. Then, at the very least, inspect traps once per month. Inspecting traps at least once per month to keep attractants happy is important.

While we don’t recommend using mice bait, certain properties like large multi-unit buildings can benefit from securing bait locations to deter them. Trapping is an alternative method to getting rid of rats in your home. It is important to bait and maintain traps for them to work properly.

Mice can squeeze through holes as small and narrow as a penny. Mice discovered tiny cracks in the siding and foundations. They chewed on the concrete to increase its size. Concrete’s yellow-brown spots are caused by frequent use. Therefore, it is important to have regular foundation inspections.

Are rodent treatments safe for pets?

Rodenticides are a way to get rid of rodents. They stop blood clotting and internal bleeding. However, veterinarians warn that rodenticides may cause poisoning in pets and other animals. These pesticides can also be fatal or fatal for any mammal, regardless of species.

Anticoagulant rodenticides can be fatal poisons for rodents. Brodifacoum is one example. Even the smallest contaminations can cause death in pets like dogs and cats.

According to veterinarians, rodent-poisoned cats and dogs can show the following symptoms.

  • Tiredness
  • Vomiting
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Cough
  • Pale Gums
  • Vomit is bloody
  • Fever
  • Gum bleeding
  • Unexpected Death

Tom’s Pest Control Gold Coast guarantees your pet’s safety with its rodent control services.

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