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Do you often see pests around your place and worry about the infestation that impacts your environment’s healthy condition and quality? Are you looking for family-friendly and effective pest control in Burleigh Heads?

Welcome to affordable tom’s Pest Control in Burleigh Heads – your local pest control partner in and around the Gold Coast.

Pests create a nuisance and cause many undesirable health issues on the inhabitants and cause property damage and financial loss if proper treatment is not given on time.

At Tom’s Pest Control, we provide comprehensive pest treatment services that address current pest issues and protect your health and property from future infestation. We offer a free upfront quote as a part of our transparent services.

Our precise service involves a thorough pest inspection, custom treatment plan, complete extermination, and assistance with ongoing control tips.

    One-Stop Solution For All Pest Problems

    We provide solutions for all types of simple as well as complicated pest issues in and around Burleigh Heads. Our local teams of pest technicians in all suburbs of the Gold Coast enable us to give quick pest removal services or same-day emergency treatment for you.

    Although we are experts in treating almost all types of pests attacking your area, still there are some services that are often in demand among our customers. Some of them are:

    Highly Flexible Services Based On Your Expectations

    We understand your expectation from us. Unlike others in the industry, we do not limit you to predetermined hours and services because we value your work. Our specialist team will help you with maximum flexibility in terms of time and services.

    Our team of pest technicians will come to your property according to your convenient hours. We are highly professional and will complete the pest extermination with minimal disturbance to your routine or operations. We are also flexible to your various requirements and committed to giving a hassle-free service experience.


    In most cases, we respond to the pest control needs of our customers with same day service. If not, we guarantee you next-day prioritised pest extermination to recreate your healthy environment.

    Termite Control In Burleigh Heads

    Termites cause significant damage to your property in no time. They are the most destructive pest species that need quick treatment and extermination. Most of the properties in the Gold Coast suffer from dry wood termites and subterranean termites.

    Our comprehensive termite control services provide long-lasting relief from this pest irrespective of the type of pest termite you are dealing with and the extent of damage they have caused. If you notice traces of termite infestation at your property, contact cheap Pest Control in Burleigh Heads as soon as possible.

    Ant Treatment & Control In Burleigh Heads

    An ant infestation can cause serious issues if you ignore professional ant control services. Ants form colonies and feed your things. They may cause severe damage to your property if you ignore professional help in time.

    If you see ant infestation at your place, contact us to get an instant inspection and a tailored treatment plan to address the issue. We apply a range of treatment and control options that are based on the Australian standard. It helps in addressing current issues and avoids future infestation risks.

    Cockroach Control Burleigh Heads

    Regardless of the property environment, cockroaches are a pest type that needs quick, comprehensive elimination. Studies confirm that cockroaches carry several million pathogens and spread many serious health issues. From plague and typhoid to asthma and cholera, a cockroach infestation is riskier to your health and life than you think.

    Cockroach infestation may be an indication of the misses in the hygienic standards of an environment. Our pest technicians will identify the reasons for the infestation as well as the hideouts of cockroaches in your space. Based on our findings, our technicians will develop a tailored cockroach control plan at your property and make it pest-free through advanced, targeted procedures. We will also provide you with specific property maintenance tips to prevent future infestation.

    Mosquito Control Treatment In Burleigh Heads

    Mosquitoes are responsible for spreading a number of vector-borne diseases, and it’s important for you to eliminate the pest population from your space. The pest spreads malaria, Dengue fever, yellow fever, elephantiasis, and more. Also, mosquito bites are painful and affect the quality of life of the inhabitants of the property.

    We identify the reasons for the mosquito infestation at your property through a detailed inspection. We will treat the mosquitos and their breeding spots at your property through a comprehensive mosquito control plan to recreate your healthy environment. We will also address any element that directly or indirectly promotes mosquito infestation at your property to minimise future infestation risks.

    Spider Pest Control In Burleigh Heads

    Several deadliest spider species are found in Australia. While some of them are poisonous and others impact your hygienic environment badly. Spiders are often aggressive and can make your home and office look dirty and unhygienic with spider webs. It may discourage your guests or clients from entering your property.

    Our licensed spider control specialist uses advanced procedures and tools to address your pest concerns. If you notice spider webs or any other signs of infestation, call us to solve current issues and prevent future spider infestation risks.

    Why Choose Us For Commercial Pest Control In Burleigh Heads?

    In recent years, we have gained immense popularity due to our seamless pest extermination process and a keen eye for detail. We owe our team of licensed and highly experienced pest technicians for our tremendous success.

    We take every opportunity to give next-level pest management experience to our customers and adopt the latest technology and pest control techniques. Our pest management solutions are a highly convenient choice for your needs with the following characteristics:


    • Same/next day pest management
    • Transparent services and friendly staff
    • TAFE and APCA-certified pest exterminators
    • Customised treatment plan with outstanding results
    • Safe, Australia-approved, and family-friendly pest management solutions
    • Upfront quotes, transparent service experience

    Get Comprehensive Pest Management With An Upfront Quote

    Affordable Pest Control covers every locality of Burleigh Heads with our pest management services. Get quick pest control for the infestation issues at your property. Contact us on (07) 5655 7627 to discuss the pest issues in your environment, get expert guidance, and choose tailored pest management with an upfront quote.

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