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Do you see wasps or wasp nests in your property and are worried about the safety of you and your family? Are you searching for professional wasp control in the Gold Coast to make your property safe for a living?

Welcome to Tom’s Pest Control Gold Coast – the trusted name for advanced pest control services in the Gold Coast.

We have certified and highly experienced pest control technicians in every area of the Gold Coast to provide you with quick wasp control services. With specialised tools and advanced techniques, we will quickly make your property free of wasps.

Wasp Control Services In Brisbane

List Of Pest Wasps In Queensland

Australia has over 10,000 different species of wasps, and a vast majority of them do not attack humans or show up in human habitats. Hardly a few sting humans and animals and considered as pests.

In the Gold Coast, you may encounter with the following pest wasp species:

  • Common wasps
  • German wasps
  • Norwegian wasps
  • Tree wasps
  • Red wasps
  • Cuckoo wasps
  • Hornets
  • Honeybee
If you notice wasps around you, be careful and never try to go near them as they may get provoked easily. Get professional wasp pest control in the Gold Coast to protect you and your family.

Risks Due To Wasp Infestation

Wasps are social pests and live in colonies. Based on the wasp species, the colonies may be large or small. The following are some of the dangers associated with wasp infestation at properties:
  • Wasps and bees make painful bites and show aggressive behaviour. Compared to honeybees, wasps can sting multiple times, making wasp attack more painful.
  • These social pests can attack a few hundred people at a time, and the stings can be deadly.
  • People who got wasp stings may develop severe allergic reactions that need immediate medical attention.
  • Wasps at a property can also attack pets and neighbours and become a public nuisance.
Therefore, as soon as you notice wasp infestation signs at your property, contact Tom’s Pest Control immediately for quick extermination services.
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The Signs Of Wasp Infestation

You may not always see live wasps confirm their presence in your property. If you notice the following signs of infestation, don’t wait to hire wasp control service:
  • Do you see small holes in your wooden structure or furniture? Some wasp species use small wooden pieces to make their nests.
  • You may find wasp nests at your property. Keep in mind that wasps make their nests using mud, leaves, or wood particles.
  • Wasps make buzzing sound while they fly. Especially when flying in large groups, the sound is very audible, and you can quickly recognise the presence of the pest in your environment.
  • If you see flying insects around your property, you can check further for other signs of wasp infestation to confirm the presence. If they are swarming around a single area, the insects could be wasps.
Regardless of you have a business space or residential property, we can make your property wasp free using advanced procedures.
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Our Wasp Control Process

At Tom’s Pest Control, we have four-stage wasp treatment that helps you remove the pest from your property and address the factors that led to the infestation.

Wasp Inspection

Our pest inspectors and extermination technicians will come to your property and make a detailed inspection for wasps and associated damages. We will identify and document the wasp species, the characteristics of the wasps, the extent of the infestation, the locations of wasp nests, and more.

Our inspection report will have details of the pest infestation, photographs, recommended treatment options, and safety measures for the inhabitants of the property.

Tailored Treatment Planning

Based on the inspection, we will create a tailored wasp treatment plan to make your property pest-free. The treatment plan will have the types of treatment procedures we use, the expected outcome from that, the duration of the treatment, and any specific instructions to the inhabitants.

Before beginning the procedure, we will communicate the treatment plan with you and ensure that you are informed and happy with the outcome.

Wasp Extermination

Our pest technicians will complete the wasp extermination as described in the treatment plan. With the use of modern tools and access equipment, we will access wasp nests and remove the infestation from your property safely.

We may use multiple treatment options – such as nest dusting, nest drenching, wasp traps, baiting, and perimeter spraying – for optimal wasp removal.

At Tom’s Pest Control, we use only family-friendly, safe products and procedures that are approved per Australian standards for wasp extermination.

Ongoing Prevention

If the factors that attracted wasps to your property remain unaltered, the extermination may not give lasting results. Therefore, we will provide you with specific property maintenance tips, repair recommendations, prevention treatments, and more based on our inspection findings.

In general, you can reduce the risks of wasp infestation with the following sanitation and maintenance tips:

  • Always store fruits in tight containers or refrigerator as the sweet smell of fruits can attract wasps to your property.
  • Do not dump food residues and other organic waste openly; put them in trash containers with tight lids and clear the containers regularly.
  • Patch any cracks and crevices on walls – mostly around door and window frames – to limit the entry of wasps to the interior.
  • Regularly trim shrubs and trees around your property and ensure proper yard maintenance.

Why Tom’s Pest Control?

At Tom’s Pest Control, we garnered the trust of the businesses and homeowners of the Gold Coast by providing superior-quality, seamless pest control.

You will find our services the ideal choice for your wasp extermination needs with the following characteristics:

  • Same/next day wasp control
  • APCA- and TAFE-certified pest technicians
  • Advanced, safe wasp removal procedures
  • Licensed, insured services
  • Upfront, obligation-free quote for transparent service
  • 100 per cent satisfaction guaranteed
If you notice that the wasp issues at your property are not subsidised after our treatment, feel free to contact us within two weeks of the treatment.

We will come back to your property, perform the treatment again for FREE, and provide you with a completely safe property environment from wasps.

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How can you stop wasps from building mud nests inside your home?

A severe allergic reaction can result in severe pain and allergic shock. Homeowners may feel more confident about getting rid of wasp eggs. Use suitable materials and safety gear.

You can find large honeybees near water sources. Clay can be used for making cells that have paralysed eggs, spiders, and paralysed insects. The larva can be made an adult by eating the egg or the spider. These mud chambers are found in protected areas like walls and ceilings.

Using a label from wasps, you can apply residual pesticides to nearby surfaces or mud nests. To ensure pesticides reach larvae in mud nests and mud cells, it is important to submerge them completely. Tom’s Pest Control Gold Coast guarantees that wasps are removed.

What is the cost of wasp eradication?

For $120, you can remove a basic nest of wasps. However, if the wasps become aggressive or more difficult to control, you might need to pay $300.

It might surprise you how difficult it can be to get rid of wasps. They can ruin your life if you don’t want them to become a parasite. However, their extraordinary vision allows them to see every movement.

These behaviours could indicate that bugs or insects might be present and ready to attack. They can see predators and birds with their keen eyesight. To eat wasp larvae, birds will dive into nests.

How can feral honeybees and wasps be removed?

Colonies can live underground or inside your home. Sprays, baits, and removal of their nest are all ways to kill wasps. In addition, you can kill wasps with bait, sprays, or bat kicks.

You should call an expert if the nest is underground or inside your home. It is best not to attempt to remove the nest by yourself. You risk injury to yourself and others if you try to remove the nest.

It would be wise to take additional precautions to prevent wasps from getting to your face quicker. However, you can still visit the nest in the evening or early morning when wasps are less active.

Which wasp species nests most frequently in homes?

During summer, a single nest can host thousands of wasps. As they multiply, wasps become more aggressive. It is much easier to get rid of a nest quickly. Many species of wasps may nest in your house. These wasps are found here.

  • Paper wasps
  • Yellowjackets
  • Bald-faced Hornets
  • Mud daubers

Keep the nest at a safe distance if you locate it. It is best not to disturb the nest. It is risky to attempt to remove the nest yourself. Hiring professionals is safer. It is possible to eliminate wasp colonies from any property.

While wasp nests are found worldwide, they are not near my home. How can I help them?

Most wasp nests have very few eggs. Each species has its own nest. Therefore, it is important to identify which species of wasps are present in each area.

  • The canopy is made of grey papery wasps with honeycomb-like cell structures. They are found on deck railings and awnings as well as on windowsills.
  • Yellow jackets nest within small cavities that are often tanned. They can be found in cavities and attics and on sandy lawns.
  • European hornets have oval-shaped, smooth nests made of paper. It has a pointed base and is large. It can hold up to one thousand bees. It can also house up to one hundred wasps. They are bigger than their cousins and have pale yellow abdomens.

As seen above, Tom’s Pest Control Gold Coast professionals are more qualified.

What kind of pest management services can a parasitic wasp offer?

Farmers have used natural predators for millennia to combat pests that decimate crops. This was well before chemical pesticides were invented. However, this technique is now being revived.

Major parasitic wasps must lay eggs on other insects to complete their life cycle. Parasitic wasps can help both native and intruder species. Many wasp species are easy to find and easy to find.

Parasitic wasps consist of small numbers of small-sized, gnat-sized parasites. They eliminate parasites from farms, homes, and livestock areas. This wasp can be found in gardens and fields that produce nectar or pollen that attracts parasitic wasps.

How can honey and wasps be distinguished?

Because of their similar shapes, honeybees can be confused with wasps. However, honeybees have a yellowish-yellow colour, while wasps are lighter. Contrary to wasps, bees have yellow/black streaks. Honeybees can have thousands, or even thousands, of workers because they are social insects.

To check brickwork for wasps, you can inspect it. While wasps might inspect several holes simultaneously (or all), mortar bees can inspect them all.

Honeybees are gentle. Honeybees can become extremely sensitive and sterile. However, they can be quite aggressive. They can be aggressive and can sting quite often. They can be found in summer, but they don’t swarm.

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