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Do you notice garment damage at your property such as stains and irregular holes in your clothes, curtains, and upholstery? Do you see moths and their larvae on your clothes and in corners?

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We offer tailored moth control in the Gold Coast to help homeowners and businesses to safeguard their property and personal items from the pest damage.

Our moth treatments help you to limit the future infestation risks while addressing the current moth issues of your property.


Why Should You Get Timely Moth Control?

Australia is home to nearly 22,000 moth species, and a vast majority of them do harm humans and human habitats. A few other moth species behave differently and damage food, clothes, carpets, furnishings, and more. The major pest moths you can find in and around the Gold Coast include carpet moths, clothes moths, pantry moths, and brown house moths.

Due to these pest species, you may experience the following range of damage at your property:

  • The shedding and dark spots of moth can damage your clothes and books.
  • The moth larvae feed silk and wool during their development stage, leaving clothes with irregular holes and damage.
  • Carpet moths lay their eggs on carpets, allowing the larvae to feed the fibres of carpets during their development stage.
  • Brown house moths can contaminate your food, including flours, cereals, seeds, and other cooked and raw foods.
  • The moth hairs can cause asthma attacks in some people.
  • Some moth species make creepy noise, disturbing your sleep and bringing down the quality of your life.
The damage can be irreversible if you have some historical furnishings at your property. If you see moth infestation at your property, contact us immediately for a comprehensive moth pest control in the Gold Coast.

Signs Of Moth Infestation

Identifying the presence of pest moths in your environment is not difficult as they leave visible damage in and around your property.

If you spot any of the following pest infestation signs at your property, you can look further to confirm their presence:

  • Tunnels, silky furrows, or trenches on your clothes and fabrics
  • Irregular small holes in curtains, clothes, carpets, and other fabrics
  • Discolouration and damage on your books and papers
  • Tiny tube-like larvae casings on your fabrics
  • Small holes on food bags
  • Larvae or moth eggs inside your food packets
  • Web-like material in pantry corners
  • Crusty deposits on rugs, drapes, or clothing
If you see any of these issues, you should immediately call for a moth control as the damage can become extensive with time.

The Treatment Process

At Tom’s Pest Control, we have a standardised, four-stage pest control regardless of you want brown house moth control, white moth removal, or treatment for any other moth species.

Our moth treatment includes the followings stages:

Moth Inspection

Our pest inspectors will come to your property based on your convenience and complete a detailed moth inspection. By examining every inch of your property, including personal stuff, we will identify all moth infestation and moth-related damage.

The inspection will also uncover the pest species, their characteristics, the reasons behind the infestation, and more.

We will provide you with the pest inspection report with our findings, photographs of infestation, details of the damage, and treatment suggestions and precautionary measures.

Treatment Planning

Based on the inspection, our pest technicians will create a tailored treatment plan to address the issues at your property.

Our technicians will communicate the treatment plan with you before beginning the procedure and ensure that you are happy with the outcome.

The treatment plan will include the details of specific treatments procedures, the timeline of the treatment, the expected results, and more.

Based on the complexity of moth infestation at your property, we may perform a follow-up pest treatment at your property, and the treatment plan will have the details of that as well.

Pest Extermination

We will complete the pest extermination based on how it is described in the treatment plan. If your property has extensive moth infestation issues, we may use a mix of treatment procedures to get the optimal results.

Our treatment procedures for moths generally include fumigation and insecticides. Regardless of the treatment types, we use only approved, safe products and procedures for pest extermination.

Ongoing Prevention

Our moth pest control in the Gold Coast also includes ongoing prevention measures to avoid future pest infestation. This will include specific techniques and control procedures to make your property least convenient for various moths.

The following general tips can help you limit moth infestation in your property to a greater extent:

  • Regularly vacuum clean your property, including carpets and mouldings
  • Before storing your clothes and fabrics for a long time, wash and dry them properly
  • Store your clothes and other personal products in airtight cabinets or storage spaces and regularly check for any moth infestation signs
  • If your property has high humidity, ventilate it to reduce ii. Install a dehumidifier if required

Why Tom’s Pest Control?

We became one of the preferred pest control service providers in the Gold Coast with our focus to give an all-inclusive service experience to our customers.

You will find Tom’s Pest Control as the right partner for your pest issues with the following characteristics:

  • Same/next day moth treatment
  • APCA- and TAFE-certified pest technicians
  • Safe, family-friendly treatment services
  • Upfront quotes, friendly service experience
  • Advanced treatment procedures
  • 100 per cent satisfaction guaranteed
If you notice that the pest issues at your property are not subsidised, you can contact us within two weeks of the treatment.

Our pest technicians will return to your property, perform the treatment again based on your expectations for FREE, and ensure that your property is moth-free.

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What are the most popular moth species on Gold Coast?

Tineola Bisselliella is also known as the clothes moth. This moth is a wool-loving moth that lays both larvae and eggs. They can also be found in stored foods and grains.

The pantry moth is another annoying pest you may encounter in your home. The pantry moth is a pest that lives in food products and cupboards. It can develop into an adult moth from its larvae. They can attack any food, even pet foods like seeds and dates.

The Luna moth is next. Due to its large size, this common silk moth can be considered unusual. Large moths can be seen in light shades of lime, with legs, wings and bodies that are quite large. Their bodies are white, however.

What are the dangers of moth infestations?

Moths’ cocoons and waste can contaminate food items. Moths may also infest food items with mites and fungi. In addition, moth-infested fabrics can cause allergic reactions in animals and humans.

They can cause severe damage to food products and fibre, timber, and forest, as well as annual or perennial food, fibre and timber, forest, and food products. They can cause food and fibre commodities to lose up to 80%.

Moth problems can be fixed in commercial and residential buildings. We will provide complete satisfaction after you have told us about your moth problem. For a free quote, call us today!

Why would you require professional moth control and removal services?

It cannot be easy to find holes in your favourite sweater. Moths that feed on fabric can’t be seen and don’t cause any damage until it is too late. Once you have proof, contact a professional moth controller company.

Professionals can do moth detection and prevention. Our employees and specialists exceed the requirements of Quality Pro and the National Pest Management Association.

We offer skilled services and a free estimate. We strive to satisfy our customers. For pest control services for your home or business, call us.

Is moth removal and control safe?

Moths can be controlled with permethrin. Permethrin kills moth larvae. Moth larvae can become paralysed by permethrin. In a matter of hours, this can cause their death.

The enzymes found in humans, animals, and cats break down permethrin. They are, therefore, not affected by toxic substances. Permethrin-treated products can therefore be sold without moth holes.

Moth larvae are capable of causing death to your products in as little as five minutes. Moth larvae won’t infest your products, so you can protect your customers and ensure your products are unique. Moth control products are essential to ensure the safety of your customers.

How can you best manage moths?

The moth, a flying insect that pollinates plants, is a rare example of a particular type. There are approximately 160,000 moth species worldwide. Australia is home to over 11,000 moth species. These are just some ways to get rid of moths in your home. Next, we’ll discuss the health hazards and when to contact a professional.

Clean your vacuum cleaner after you are done cleaning. Although cedar furniture can be used as a repellent for moths, the smell of cedar oil will eventually wear off. Cedar oil is a better option.

White vinegar, a natural cleaner, alters the pH levels of surfaces it touches. This can make moth larvae or eggs incompatible with specific environments. Tom’s Pest Control Gold Coast is your best choice if you do not want to resort to home remedies to eliminate moths.

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