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We are a pest control company specialising in pest control for schools and educational facilities in Gold Coast. We provide best-in-class services to our client’s thanks to our deep understanding of these buildings’ unique challenges and concerns.

Pest control for schools requires a customised approach to addressing current pest problems and preventing future infestations.

Tom’s Pest Control specialists have extensive experience dealing with school pest issues. We work with administrators and school staff to develop integrated pest management programs that protect students and staff.

We are the right choice for all your pest control needs, no matter how urgent or routine they are Contact us.

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Our Pest Control For School And Education Facility in Gold Coast

We offer treatment and control services for almost every pest type present in the Gold Coast and suburbs. The most common pest control solutions we offer include:
Visit our service pages to learn about these pest treatments and our standard operating procedures. We also welcome you to contact us with your questions and concerns; our pest technicians are happy to guide you with advice, suggestions, and pest control solutions.

We value old-school pest control for your school or education campus

Tom’s Pest Control, a pest control firm that services schools and educational campuses, understands such environments’ unique pest control requirements.

This is why we believe in old-school pest control methods. They are safe, effective, sustainable, and proven effective in the long run.

From traditional pest trapping to safe extermination methods, our techniques ensure that your campus is free from pests and that your students and staff are not exposed to harmful chemicals.

Advanced Education Pest Control Services in Gold Coast

Tom’s Pest Control knows there are specific pest control needs for schools and universities. This is why our team is constantly updated on the latest methods and pest control technologies to ultimately eradicate pest infestations from academic environments.

We customise our pest control services to suit the specific needs of each facility, from classrooms and dormitories to cafeterias. Furthermore, our team is committed to using safe and sustainable techniques to minimise the potential harm to students, faculty, and staff.

Tom’s Pest Control is your best option for reliable pest control for the education sector.

What are the most common pests in schools and education facilities?

As professionals in pest control, we frequently encounter common pests in educational buildings and schools.

Pest infestations include rodents and ants, as well as cockroaches and flies. They may cause problems for students and staff. However, effective pest control methods can remove them from your property permanently. 

Preventive and routine pest control services are crucial for keeping pests from infesting schools and educational facilities. Hiring a professional pest control specialist is a great way to ensure that your school and students are safe.

Why trust Tom's Pest Control for school and education facility pest control?

Safety is the number one priority when it comes to school pest control.

Tom’s Pest Control can be trusted to understand this as we take all precautions to ensure students, teachers, administrators and staff safety. In addition, our team has been trained to use the most up-to-date equipment and environmentally friendly products.

We are also aware of all industry regulations, so we comply with state and federal laws. Our priority is discretion, so we work quickly and efficiently to avoid disrupting daily operations or interrupting classroom learning.


How can school and education facilities prevent pest infestations?

Schools and other education facilities can prevent pest infestations by ensuring that all areas of the buildings are clean and free of clutter, regularly checking for signs of pests, and using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles to address any issues.

Rodents and insects are attracted to cluttered areas where they can find food and shelter. So by keeping all areas clean and free of clutter, it is less likely that pests will be able to take hold. In addition, regular inspections for signs of pests can help catch an infestation early on before it becomes too widespread. And finally, using IPM principles – such as using non-toxic methods whenever possible, trapping pests instead of killing them, and sealing up cracks to restrict them from getting inside can prove beneficial.

How school and education facilities can handle an active pest infestation?

Facilities can handle an active pest infestation by hiring a professional exterminator.

Exterminators have the skills to correctly identify the type of pest, find its source, and take the necessary steps to eliminate it. In addition, they will work with school staff to create a plan for preventing future infestations.

Pests can cause serious health problems, so it’s essential to take prompt action when an infestation is detected. By working with a professional exterminator, schools can ensure that their students and staff are safe and healthy.

How often should school and education facilities have professional pest control?

Schools and educational facilities should have professional pest control every quarter. Pests can cause extensive damage to school and education facilities and pose a risk to students and staff. By regularly having professional pest control services, you can protect your school or education facility from any potential damage pests may cause.

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