Advanced Pest Control In Springwood

Do you see pest infestation at your property and want advanced pest control in Springwood? Are you worried that the pest attack at your commercial premises can tarnish your business reputation and want quick, long-lasting extermination solutions?

We are the pioneers of the pest extermination industry of Australia with advanced treatment services. We do not only address the current pest issues of our customers but the future infestation risks as well.

Tom’s Pest Control offers tailored solutions for both residential properties and commercial properties of Brisbane and suburbs. We have a team of well-trained and experienced pest technicians and use the latest techniques to deliver superior quality extermination solutions.

We plan our commercial pest control services in Springwood based on the factors of your infestation. This includes the severity of the infestation, what pest species you are dealing with, and how much damage has been caused to the property.

    Solutions For All Your Pest Issues in Springwood

    Regardless of you want termite pest control, possum removal, ant pest control treatment, or any other extermination, we have solutions for all your Springwood issues. Our technicians have expertise in treating pest infestation issues with various complexities, property type, and more.

    Our range of extermination solutions include the following:

    Many of these infestation issues can put your health at stake and cause extensive damage to your property if ignored. Contact us for a FREE consultation as soon as you see the traces of pest infestation at your Springwood property. Our pest technicians are happy to give you the right information, suggestions, and advice.

    We also offer general commercial pest extermination services in Springwood that help businesses to address the common pests seen in their premises. The treatment is designed to meet the compliance requirements of specific industries as well.

    Commercial Pest Control In Springwood

    We provide many different affordable pest control services in Springwood to help businesses get rid of the troublesome pests that have infested their property.

    Besides the above commercial pest control services in Springwood,  This can include removing ants, flies, rodents, cockroaches, and termites in Springwood. This service will help to make your commercial space look cleaner, healthier, sanitised, and welcoming to both your employees and customers. We also offer more general pest treatment work, including residential pest control.

    A Four-Stage Procedure

    We have a standardised procedure when it comes to individual extermination treatments. This helps our customers to get consistent quality service and hassle-free experience.

    The treatment involves the following steps:

    Pest Inspection in Springwood

    Our pest technicians will visit your Springwood property and complete a detailed inspection, covering every inch of your property. The inspection will help us to identify the pest species, the level of infestation, associated damage, the factors that lead to the pest infestation, and more.

    We will give you a comprehensive inspection report that includes our findings, treatment recommendations, photographs of the infestation, and more.

    Tailored Treatment Plan

    Based on the inspection findings, our technicians will create a tailored treatment plan for your Springwood property. It will explain to you the mode of treatment, the expected outcome, any special instructions to the inhabitants, and the need for any follow-up procedure.

    Your Local Pest Control Service Provider Springwood, Call us Today

    If you’re looking for professional and cheap pest control in Springwood contact us today on (07) 3184 4223 or fill out our online form and we’ll get back to you immediately. We are the experts in environmentally friendly pest control.

    The Pest Extermination

    As described in the treatment plan, we will complete the pest extermination at your property. We use only family-frienfdly, Australian-approved products for the extermination as we care about the health of our customers, their family, and pets.

    Ongoing Prevention

    The treatment alone cannot protect your property from future infestation risks. And therefore, we will complete prevention treatments, and give you hygiene tips and tricks that are specific to your property environment. We want all our customers to get long-term pest-free results through our services.
    Our detailed inspection will reveal the pest species, the level of infestation, the extent of damage, and the factors in your property that triggered the infestation. This helps us to create an ongoing prevention plan that can limit the risks of future infestation.

    Termite Control Springwood

    Termite damages are highly destructive due to the infestation generally goes undetected during the initial stages. Also, the infestation can be found anywhere, including property roofs and in high-rise buildings. Early treatment for termite infestation can greatly minimise the damage due to the pest. Therefore, contact us immediately after you notice signs of infestation at your property for integrated termite management.

    The use of advanced pest inspection tools helps our technicians to trace out all the hidden termite sites at your property. We use only 100 per cent safe, Australia-approved termite extermination procedures to remove the pest from your space. We want our services to improve the health of your space and contribute to your wellbeing.

    Why Choose Us?

    We understand the diverse treatment needs of our customers and provide tailored solutions that can address all their pest-related concerns. We have set our service standards to exceed the expectations of the customers.

    The highlights of our extermination services are the following:

    • Family-friendly treatment procedures
    • Quick same/next day services
    • APCA & TAFE-certified technicians
    • Licensed & insured services
    • Friendly, transparent service
    • Local pest control teams
    • 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed
    Do you see pest traces after our treatment or not fully satisfied with our service? You can contact us within two weeks of the procedure. Our pest technicians will come back to your property, redo the procedure for FREE, and ensure that you are fully satisfied with our services.


    Wonderful service. I called in the morning for an appointment that night without a problem. Paul was beyond accommodating and Neel was really polite, informative and transparent.

    Your guys were great. We called mid morning and had a technician come same day. He showed up on time, was neat and thorough. Will definitely call again.

    Safeguard Your Property From Pests

    Call us on (07) 3184 4223 or connect with us using our online form to communicate the pest infestation at your property. Let us stop the pests from making further damage to your health and property.

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