End Of Lease Cleaning Services In Brisbane

Do you require a quick and professional end of lease cleaning service provider to clean an extra-large commercial or residential property in Brisbane?

Tom’s Pest Control offers cleaning services based on the specific needs of both property owners and tenants. We are a leading pest control and professional cleaning company as we aim to provide a streamlined and fast service with effective cleaning equipment.

You can contact us to request our services anytime you need us. We will send you an obligation-free quote and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee that you will be happy with our work.


Why Tom’s Pest Control Services?

We value the relationships we have with each of our customers and make every effort to provide an outstanding service experience. Our services will meet your requirements thanks to the following good qualities:
  • Completed by experienced, professional cleaners
  • Emergency cleaning services
  • Customised cleaning services based on the customer’s requirements
  • Advanced cleaning equipment and methods
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products are used
  • Specific cleaning plans for each room within the property
If your landlord is not satisfied with our cleaning work, let us know. Our cleaners will come back to the property and complete the cleaning absolutely FREE of charge to meet your landlord’s standards. This will help you to get your bond back in full.

What Our Services Cover

Tom’s Pest Control delivers exceptional end of lease cleaning services for all types of residential and commercial properties. We also provide appropriate cleaning services for many types of industrial facilities too.

Our cleaners make cleaning plans that factors in the specific requires for each room of the property. Our cleaning work for different residential property rooms include:

Bedrooms And Living Areas

  • Cleaning and sanitising the fittings in the room, such as door handles and switchboards.
  • Cleaning stains and spot marks on walls.
  • Cleaning and mopping ceiling fans, walls, and floors for dust and dirt.
  • Cleaning the vents, windows, and door frames.

Cleaning electrical outlets, light switches, and light fittings.


  • Cleaning sinks, taps, and fittings.
  • Degreasing and wiping down the floor and tiled surfaces.
  • Cleaning appliances, such as ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, and more.
  • Cleaning pantry, cupboards, and handles.
  • Cleaning and sanitising the stovetop.
  • Cleaning light fittings and fixtures.
  • Cleaning high traffic areas.
  • Vacuuming and cleaning internal drawers, floors, and more.
  • Cleaning and mopping all door and window sill frames.


  • Cleaning and polishing all the tiled areas of bathrooms.
  • Deep scrubbing and cleaning of toilets.
  • Cleaning and polishing sinks, bathtubs, handles, and taps.
  • Wiping down mirrors as well as glass surfaces.
  • Cleaning all bench tops, internal vanity cupboards, and medicine cabinets.
  • Washing and cleaning shower screens.
  • Cleaning light fittings, exhaust fans, and skirting boards.
  • Cleaning soap holders and fittings and removing any soap scum.
  • Cleaning doors and windows, including the door and window marks.


  • Cleaning tile floors, sink, and tubs.
  • Removing all dust and lint.
  • Cleaning exhaust fans.
  • Cleaning dust from skirting boards.
  • Cleaning internal and external cupboards.
  • Cleaning dry filters.
  • Cleaning all window frames and door frames.
  • Cleaning all the light fixtures.


  • Cleaning any stains on the sliding doors and mop glass.
  • Sweeping and mopping floor and wall.
  • Broom cleaning the ceiling, including the removal of stains and cobwebs.
  • Dusting and cleaning lights and fixtures.

Pantry And Cupboards

  • Cleaning and sanitising all shelves.
  • Cleaning all drawers and spot marks of the walls.
  • Sanitising and cleaning the doors as well as the handles.
  • Removing any spillages around pantry and cupboards.


  • Removing all unwanted and expired goods and products.
  • Sweeping and mopping the floors and walls.
  • Wiping and cleaning the shelves.
  • Removing cobwebs and clean ceiling.

Additional Carpet Cleaning Services

Does the property you live or work in need to be completely spotless? We are available to perform carpet cleaning as part of our end of lease cleaning service. Tom’s Pest Control offer many carpet cleaning services, including steam cleaning, chemical-dry cleaning, and carpet shampooing.

Our carpet deep cleaning services can remove even the deepest stains within minutes. Once our cleaning and sanitation work is complete, our cleaners will use an air mover that will dry the carpets straight away.

Our cleaners only use bio-degradable, eco-friendly cleaning products. We are firm about minimising our carbon footprint as per our customers’ wishes.


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