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Tom’s Pest Control Brisbane is the top choice for Fortitude Valley Pest Control. With over 20+ years of experience, we take pride in protecting Australian homes. Our team of highly trained, professional Pesties uses only the highest quality products and provides treatments that are safe and effective and come with a guarantee.

We are dedicated to meeting all your Pest Control needs and looking after your family. At Tom’s Pest Control Brisbane, we prioritize customer satisfaction and employ the latest, safest, and most effective Pest Control solutions.

We are privileged to have our dedicated in-house team located at our headquarters, committed to offering unparalleled support and expertise. At our core, we deeply value the opportunity to serve you, and we eagerly anticipate delivering exceptional service.

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    We can treat any pest issue affecting your Fortitude Valley property. If there are multiple pests on your property, you don’t have to contact various service providers to treat them. We can offer treatment for the removal of all types of problems, including:

    To know more about our pest control treatments, you may connect with us at any time.

    We expertise in offering a range of pest control treatments. However, some treatments for which we are well-known are:

    Termite Control Fortitude Valley

    Tom’s Pest Control Brisbane, a leader in termite management in South East Queensland and Northern NSW, takes pride in safeguarding Australian homes from termite infestations. With 20+ years of experience, we understand the risks associated with warm and humid climates, such as those found in Fortitude Valley, where termites are prevalent.
    Did you know that 1 in 5 homes in Fortitude Valley are affected by termites? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Our first line of defence is conducting annual or biannual termite inspections. We can detect any signs of trouble by monitoring termite activity around your property and take immediate action.
    At Federal Pest, we believe that a termite inspection is crucial in maintaining the safety and integrity of your home. Our highly trained and industry-qualified termite management technicians utilize cutting-edge detection, reporting, and treatment technology. With our comprehensive inspection, you will receive a detailed report, including any damages and recommended courses of action to protect your home.
    Don’t let termites feast on your peace of mind—Trust Tom’s Pest Control Brisbane for unparalleled termite management expertise.

    Ant Pest Control

    Ant attacks are common too in various Fortitude Valley properties. They enter your homes or offices through windows or cracks in the walls or flooring and contaminate your food and water.

    They are known to enter properties in groups to form large colonies. If not treated on time, ants can build many large colonies in various corners of your home and create an unfavourable environment for you to live in.

    Our Fortitude Valley ant pest control experts have complete knowledge on removing different species of ants and their habits from various properties. By adopting strategic and targeted ant control methods, we have a record of successfully removing many ant colonies from multiple homes and offices.

    Pest Problem in Fortitude Valley?

    If you’re looking for affordable pest control in Fortitude Valley, contact us today on (07) 3184 4223 or fill out our online form and we’ll get back to you immediately. We are experts in environmentally friendly pest control.

    Cockroach Control Treatment

    Cockroaches enter your property through drains or cracks in the walls or other openings. Once they get in your home or office, they begin to multiply quickly.

    They are a leading cause of food contamination and triggering asthma symptoms. If left untreated for long, they can create an unfavourable environment for you to live in.

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we adopt safe and effective measures to remove the vast cockroach population from your Fortitude Valley property. Whether there are few cockroaches on your property or an entire colony, we can handle the situation well.

    Commercial Pest Control In Fortitude Valley

    We specialise in offering pest control services in Fortitude Valley to various commercial properties. Whether you own an office, store, warehouse, hospital, educational institute, or restaurant, if any type of pest issue is bothering you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    We will do a thorough check of your commercial space, no matter how big it is, to identify the root cause and provide the proper treatment. When we carry out the pest control treatment for your commercial property.

    We ensure to use advanced methods and safe products to give you satisfactory results. Moreover, we offer industry-specific, customised pest control treatments to meet the requirements of your commercial space.

    We Adopt A Four-Step Treatment Plan

    We implement a four-step treatment plan to deal with all pest issues at your property.These steps we follow include:

    • Inspection:We inspect your property thoroughly to study the infestation issue well. We check for the species of pest attacking your home or office and the level of infestation.
    • Custom Treatment Plan: We then prepare a customized treatment plan for your property. Right from the treatment method to the time required to the expected results, everything is mentioned in our treatment plan document.
    • Extermination: We then carry out the pest removal procedure using the most advanced equipment and safety procedures.
    • Proactive Preventive Tips:At the end of the treatment, we share some simple maintenance tips to avoid the issue from arising again in future.


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