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Welcome to Tom’s Pest Control. We are the destination for a comprehensive range of pest control solutions in the Pacific Pines and nearby areas.

Are you searching for proven, safe and affordable pest control in Pacific Pines to make the healthy environment of your property flawless? Do you want commercial extermination services that address all the common pest issues at your property?

Tom’s Pest Control offers tailored extermination solutions after investigating the reasons for the pest infestation and identifying the factors that led to pest growth. It helps us to optimally address the pest issues at the properties of our customers and ensure highly durable results.

We have a team of local extermination technicians for Pacific Pines and suburbs who are ready to give you immediate pest treatment solutions.

    Solutions For All Your Infestation Worries

    We provide solutions for all the major pest issues reported in the Brisbane and nearby area. Our full range of extermination solutions include:

    Visit our service pages to learn more about each of these extermination solutions, including the treatment techniques and the prevention tips. You can also get FREE pest consultation from our extermination technicians by contacting us. They will give the required information, provide you with suggestions, and guide you to the right treatment option.

    Commercial Pest Control In Pacific Pines

    Tom’s Pest Control provides many different commercial pest control services in Pacific Pines to help businesses get rid of the troublesome pests that have infested their property.

    We plan our commercial cheap pest control based on the factors of your infestation. This includes the severity of the infestation, what pest species you are dealing with, and how much damage has been caused to the property.

    Besides the above commercial affordable pest control services in Pacific Pines, we also offer more general pest treatment work, including residential pest control. This can include removing ants, flies, rodents, cockroaches, and termites. This service will help to make your commercial space look cleaner, healthier, sanitised, and welcoming to both your employees and customers.

    A Four-Stage Pest Control Treatment Procedure

    We have a standardised treatment procedure – a four-stage procedure – for all our pest extermination solutions. This ensures that our customers get the same, consistent-quality service regardless of the pest species and the level of infestation.

    The four-stage treatment procedure is as follows:

    • Pest inspection
    • Tailored treatment plan
    • Extermination process
    • Ongoing prevention

    We will complete the preventive treatments, suggest you specific property repairs, and give you hygiene tips to get lasting results for your property.

    Property Inspection and Termite Control in Pacific Pines

    If you thought termite infestation was rare, you need to think again. Termite is known to infest and damage close to one out of every five houses in Australia. Every year termites are responsible for over $100million in damage to homes. At times one year is all it takes for the termite to cause irreparable damage to your residential and commercial property. Therefore, it pays to catch the problem early and treat it.

    Our technicians have years of experience detecting termite presence on your property, even if it is hard to reach the location. Regular property inspection and timely termite control in Pacific Pines will help keep the termite at bay. In addition, our extermination solutions are customised for your residential and commercial property to meet your requirements.

    Why Choose Our Pest Control?

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we are focused on giving seamless, complete service experience to all our customers. With many years of service, we know the priorities of people when they want to choose a pest control service.

    You will find our services an excellent choice with the following characteristics:

    • Quick same/next day extermination
    • Family-friendly, safe treatment procedures
    • APCA & TAFE-certified technicians
    • Incredibly fast services
    • Licensed & insured services
    • Friendly, transparent service
    • 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed

    If you see traces of pests at your property after our treatment or feel that the service is not optimal, you can contact us within two weeks. Our pest technicians will return to your property, perform the extermination again for FREE, and ensure you a seamless environment.


    Wonderful service. I called in the morning for an appointment that night without a problem. Paul was beyond accommodating and Neel was really polite, informative and transparent.

    Your guys were great. We called mid morning and had a technician come same day. He showed up on time, was neat and thorough. Will definitely call again.

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