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Are you staying in Kelvin Grove and facing trouble from a pest infestation? You have tried several DIY methods to control pest infestation, but not getting effective results? Searching for reliable, certified, and affordable pest control services in Kelvin Grove? If so, we welcome you to Tom’s Pest Control.

We understand that dealing with a pest infestation can be annoying and frustrating for you. So, we have designed a complete pest control solution for your home and office to treat the pest invasion permanently.

We use state-of-the-art techniques and industry-approved products to protect your Kelvin Grove property from pesky pests and offer you a pest-free environment.

We believe that understanding the pest life cycle and habits not only helps to control current pest problems but also to prevent them from coming back in the future. So, we apply this thinking in our pest treatment plan.

    Effective termite treatment in Kelvin Grove

    Termite invasion often goes unnoticed. If termites find even a single crack in your home’s structure, they can easily enter inside and eat it completely without any visible signs. That is why effective termite control is needed to get rid of them completely.

    Termites never stop eating, if once they get into your property. The chance of termite invasion in your property can be reduced by opting for pre-construction pest control treatment.

    But, if you are staying in a home where no pre-construction pest control was done, no need to worry. We are here to help you. We use the most advanced and effective termite control products and technologies to save you from this issue

    Bird control in Kelvin Grove with advanced techniques

    Birds cause severe damage to crops, destroy terraces, balconies & rooftops, and above all transmit many diseases. To save your home windows and ledges from pesky birds, you need a professional and reliable pest control solution.

    Tom’s Pest Control uses a highly advanced and effective bird deterrent that keeps birds away 24/7 without harming them. When you contact our bird control expert in Kelvin Grove, we’ll send our certified installer to your location to assess your bird problem. Then they will decide on the most appropriate option for you. Laser bird deterrent system, bird net, bird spikes, and many others are quite effective and bring immediate positive results.

    Ant control treatment Kelvin Grove

    Ant issues are difficult for homeowners to handle because they live in huge communities. Ant colonies tend to build underground nests. They also create chambers and interlinked tunnels. For that reason, this type of insect can be particularly difficult to eradicate.

    People suffering from ant infestation need to call ant control expert pest professionals for a thorough inspection. We are well-established ant pest control specialists in Kelvin Grove and committed to bringing optimal results for you. We use the most advanced and affordable pest control solutions and help you to get an ant-free area around you.

    Cockroach control Kelvin Grove

    Cockroaches are the most common insects found in homes, apartments, buildings, and food business places. In the pest control industry, they are known as the most challenging pests because they are extremely prolific breeders and may bear many DIY pest control treatments easily.

    Tom’s Pest control has highly-trained and experienced pest removal professionals who excel at knowing just where cockroaches hide and offering the most effective cockroach pest control treatment solutions in Kelvin Grove.

    Treatment for rodent (mouse/rat) in Kelvin Grove

    Rats are attracted to homes, buildings, and other properties where they find easy access to cozy shelter, food, and water. Open trash cans, compost piles, gardens, warehouses, and pet food can all draw rats. Rats can be dangerous for homeowners as they can damage their property and give them many diseases.

    Rats are very elusive creatures, so it is difficult to control them. Only a knowledgeable, experienced, and trained professional can locate and eliminate them from a property. At Tom’s Pest Control, we have highly trained exterminators who understand the habits and habitats of rats and provide a personalised rodent control solution that will meet the needs of your specific property.

    Spider control & treatment Kelvin Grove

    Spiders are voracious insects that will move indoors and start building their web on the ceilings of your house. They find themselves secure in your areas, especially during the cooler months of the year.

    House spiders are not considered aggressive and even if they bite, it is not dangerous to humans. But, they become the reason for their frustration because a homeowner cannot tolerate that a nuisance pest is building their habit in their property. In such a situation, we can assure you to complete elimination of such pests from your property.

    Moth Pest Treatment Kelvin Grove

    There are many species of moths, but we usually encounter clothes and pantry moths at homes. These pests get attracted to food items like cereals, pulses, barley, flour and find them a suitable place to lay eggs.

    We are trained and experienced to help manage moths and similar insects that invade your home or property. Since every home is unique and the severity of the infestation may also vary, so our experts will design a perfectly tailored solution for your situation. The services provided by us will not cause any harm to you and your family.

    Commercial pest control treatment in Kelvin Grove

    Pest infestations can have a truly devastating impact on commercial operations in all industries. It can cause spoil your brand reputation, legal implications, loss of revenue and can also lead to business closure in severe cases. Thus, pest control is vital for all commercial spaces.

    Many business owners around the world come under the trap of unprofessional and novice pest control service providers resulting in multiple problems. They get allured to such agencies due to their low prices, but in the long run, they end up paying more money for resolving other issues creating by all this.

    Generally, people do not prefer to use pest services due to toxic chemicals which sometimes cause allergy and other health issues for them. We make sure our patrons should be safeguarded, so we use pesticides that are low toxicity. We keep the safety of you, your employees and customers at our top priority. We have rich experience in this industry and designing and executing bespoke pest control strategies for commercial clients.

    Our pest treatment procedure

    We follow a four-stage procedure to control pest infestation at your commercial space in Kelvin Grove:

    1. In-depth inspection: Our pest control experts visit your commercial property and perform a thorough inspection by covering every inch of your space. By doing so we’ll be able to recognise the pest species, the intensity of infestation and the factors behind the pest invasion.
    2. Treatment plan: Once the inspection is done, our specialists will build a customised treatment plan for your business/property. They’ll discuss the mode of treatment, the desired outcome with you.
    3. Pest removal: We’ll perform the pest extermination at your business space. We use only safe, humane & family-frienfdly products for the removal.
    4. Prevention tips: The pest treatment only cannot safeguard your commercial building from pest infestation risks in the future. So, to make it more effective, we provide you with some prevention tips.

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