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If you are struggling with the increasing population of rats, spiders, mice, ants or cockroaches, call Tom’s Pest Control to terminate them today. Having served thousands of satisfied customers across the Gold Coast, we are your one-stop solution for the complete pest control in Yatala and surrounds.

We have a local team of pest control technicians in all major areas of the Gold Coast. It helps in providing quick commercial, residential, and industrial pest management and services successfully. Our licenced specialist has the experience, skills, and modern equipment to meet all your needs. We use the premium quality products and techniques to get the job done exactly the way you expect, every time.

    Services That Create One-Point Contact Experience

    As a reputed pest control company in Yatala and other Gold Coast regions, we offer a comprehensive range of services under one roof. Our primary objective is to make our pest removal services convenient, smooth, and one point of contact experience for you. We solve all types of commercial and residential pest invasion issues.

    Once you hire us, our affordable pest control technician will start working in all areas of pest removal needs. It includes professional inspection, custom treatment plan, eradication, and prevention tips. All our services are pocket-friendly and follow the industry standard. Our service options are:

    • Ant control
    • Bird control
    • Bee control
    • Bed bug treatment
    • Moth control
    • Cockroach control
    • Beetle control
    • Spider control
    • Fox control
    • Termite treatment
    • Flea treatment
    • Fly removal
    • Mite treatment
    • Mosquito treatment
    • Wood borer treatment
    • Possum removal
    • Rodent & mice treatment
    • Silverfish treatment
    • Wasp extermination

    You can explore our service page to know more about our pest treatment plan and strategy. Though we are specialist in all services, still some are frequently in demand among the inhabitants of Yatala are:

    Termite Control

    We can understand how termite infestation at your property can take away your peace of mind. Termite prefers to feed on wooden structures, and the extent of damage they can cause to your building is truly a matter of concern. If you leave it untreated for long, it may make the wooden foundation uncertain and fragile, impacting your property’s strength.

    Contact us today to seek our time-proven termite control services. We will visit your place as soon as you appoint us to offer instant help. Our process starts with a termite inspection. We will study the level of infestation to create a custom treatment plan that appropriately suits the requirement. Our affordable pest control service doesn’t end with the extermination of the pest. We will create a barrier to prevent the risk of termite invasion in the long-term.

    Moth Treatment

    You should never ignore the traces that indicate moth infestation at your property. They prefer dark places to breed and feed on papers, carpet, documents, clothes and make holes on them without your slightest knowledge. Hence, it requires immediate attention.

    We offer professional moth treatment services that ensure 100% success. It will solve moth infestation issues entirely, and it’s budget-friendly. We use advanced procedures to exterminate them in no time with full care and perfection. All our products comply with Australian standards.

    Rodents And Mice Control

    Rodents are one of the most destructive pests that adversely impact the healthy environment. They carry pathogens, contaminate food and water to cause serious illness. Moreover, they mess up your place and cause significant damage to goods and agricultural products.

    We are expert in identifying the factors that make rodents infest your place. Our custom treatment plan helps incomplete removal of this pest from your area. We will provide you with time-proven tips to limit the likelihood of future infestation.

    Spider Control

    Inhabitants of the Gold Coast reports several poisonous spider species at their property. Some of them may risk the health and safety of your loved ones through their stings. Contact us immediately to get rid of spider infestation.

    Spider webs lower the aesthetic maintenance of your property. It creates a negative impression on your clients and guests, creating an unwelcoming experience for them. Call us to get complete relief from this pest infestation with a long-lasting result.

    Commercial Pest Control

    Tom’s Pest Control strives to solve all pest invasion issues that impact your business image. We can understand the importance of your image for business growth. As your brand defender, you can consider us that has worked closely with different commercial sectors to provide effective pest solution across Australia.

    Based on a few decades of experience, we know how to manage and control pest issues in all commercial establishments nationwide. All our services are following the industry standard. We stay updated with the latest developments to offer you the best service possible. All our top-quality services are available at a competitive price range.

    Domestic Pest Control

    We are specialists in managing and removing all types of domestic pests, including ants, spiders, cockroaches, mice, birds, flea, rats, and many others. We know your expectation from us. Hence, we embrace the latest technology and development to offer you the top-notch service available in the industry. We guarantee 100% result that lasts long.

    Our Systematic Pest Treatment Strategy

    We have gained immense popularity among our clients because of our precise pest removal plan and seamless execution. We use a four-stage systematic procedure to exterminate all kinds of pest from your place. Our time-proven treatment strategy includes:

    • Inspection: Our exterminator will give a visit to the infested site to study the issues thoroughly. It helps identify the type of pest species, the level of infestation and responsible factors that result in pest infestation.
    • Custom Treatment Plan: Based on the inspection report, we will create a treatment plan that best suits the purpose. It will consist of detailed information about the treatment type, the time required to complete the process, instruction for you to follow, and the possible outcome.
    • Extermination: We will treat the pest invasion issue at your home and office with the industry approved products and techniques.
    • Prevention Tips: One-time pest treatment alone cannot protect your environment from pest infestation permanently for the long term. We will assist you with some of our proven tips for more effective results. You will have to follow it religiously to prevent the likelihood of pest invasion.

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