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Are you struggling with a frequent rat, cockroach, or termite infestation at your property? Tired of your DIY routine and searching for professional pest control in Varsity Lakes and other areas of the Gold Coast? Tom’s Pest Control is your ideal destination. We are your trustworthy local pest control specialist across the Gold Coast. 


Effective pest control is not an easy task. In many cases, properties report pest infestation due to certain factors that invite pests to the environment. Pest extermination without addressing the factors that attract pests is often a short-term solution. Hence, professional pest control requires thorough examination, proper planning, and precise execution for the complete solution. 


At Tom’s Pest Control, we offer affordable pest control management services in Varsity Lakes that study the factors responsible for the pest invasion to provide long-lasting solutionContact us book our pest management service and restore the healthy environment of your property. 

    Comprehensive Range Of Solutions

    We provide pest management solutions for all the major and minor pest issues reported in the Gold Coast and suburbs. Whether you want to make your commercial space, residential environment, or industrial property pest-free, we have the tools and technology to address your concerns in no time.

    Some of the most sought-after pest management solutions of us in the Gold Coast are the following:

    Give a visit to our service page to learn about our pest eradication strategy in detail. You can also call our expert to discuss. Some of the services that are frequently in demand among our customers in varsity Lakes are:  

    Termite Treatment

    Termite infestation needs immediate attention as it can cause structural damage to your building if left untreated for long. The pest feeds wooden structures and makes its foundation fragile and uncertain. It adversely affects the strength of your building and may lead to demolition. 


    Wknow how destructive a termite invasion can be to your home and office property. Hence, we act upon it immediately to save it from further damage. We use the most effective techniques or procedures to irradicate termites permanently from your place. 

    Ant Treatment

    Ants form colonies and infest your property. They invade your property through cracks in the wall, floor, pavement, or basement and multiply quickly to create a nuisance. A single colony may nest thousands of ants.  


    Your DIY ant treatment may give you temporary relief, but you need professional ant control service for complete removal. If you don’t seek professional help on time, you may risk the people’s health and well-being at your property.  


    Tom’s Pest Control is your local pest treatment company that provides instant relief by same-day pest control services. We have a local team of pest exterminators at each Gold Coast location for instant help or emergency pest control solution. We solve the current pest infestation and safeguard your environment against the risk of future infestation. 

    Rodent Control

    Rat infestation means total loss and damage to your property apart from your loved ones’ illness and health risk. It’s a challenge to kill them completely without an expert’s help. Tom’s Pest Control is equipped with the complete know-how to plan extermination with 100% long-term results.   


    We are specialist in controlling rat invasion quickly and completely through our same day rodent control service. Our rodent exterminator can handle the pest infestation issues with complete perfection. We boast our record of the complete elimination of rats from our client’s property each time of our service with no chance of returning post-treatment. 

    Cockroach Treatment

    Cockroaches are the hardest of all the pests to kill completely because of their high resilience power. They can easily survive the most poisonous pesticides. Hence, it requires systematic planning, customised treatment, and smart execution to exterminate them.  


    Tom’s Pest Control has all. We have solved cockroach issues of numerous businesses and families across the Gold Coast with 100% results. They are the root cause of many harmful diseases. You must take professional cockroach pest service on time to protect your family’s health and the hygiene of your environment.  


    We use advanced treatment procedures to kill every single cockroach, including eggs and larvae. It provides you with the complete solution from cockroach infestation with no chance of relapse.  

    Residential Pest Control

    We have complete knowledge and understanding of pest types, nesting preferences, factors that attract them, and their eradication and prevention. It helps us to handle and remove all types of domestic pest issues.   


    All our products are Australian approved and safe for your environment. We fabricate customised pest removal service for the best, long-term results. 

    Commercial Pest Control

    As a licensed pest exterminatorwe know the type of role your staff plays in your business’s growth. A clean, fresh, and tidy office space plays a crucial role in increasing their core job responsibilities. It also creates a positive impression about you on your client, and they often come back for an important business deal. You can appoint us for a cost-friendly, efficient commercial pest control in Varsity Lake.  


    We cater to the needs of all commercial sectors. All our products and techniques are industry-approved, safe, and efficientBased on our experience, we can handle all types of straightforward and complicated pest removal tasks. 


    Walso provide personalised pest treatment to solve your issue in the most effective way. It guarantees 100% safe results. We inspect, fabricate a customised treatment plan, exterminate pests, and provide ongoing tips to minimise the chances of pest relapse.

    Why Rely Tom’s Pest Control?

    Tom’s Pest Control is a reputed name that has achieved immense success because of its seamless pest killing strategy and precise knowledge. All credit goes to our trained technicians and their way of execution.

    We believe in modern techniques and new developments to remove all pest species permanently. All our affordable pest control services in varsity lakes are transparent, and we do not play gimmick or cut corners to mislead you. We follow standard traits that enable us to outshine our competitors. They are:

    • Same day pest treatment service
    • Professional approach
    • Wealth of knowledge and experience
    • Free upfront quotes and competitive pricing
    • TAFE and APCA-certified local exterminators
    • Quick understanding and attention to detail
    • Respect for children, pets, and environment
    • Customised treatment plan with an outstanding result
    • 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee

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