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If you are an inhabitant of Upper Coomera, Gold Coast and bugging with a pest infestation, call Tom’s Pest Control for affordable pest control in Upper Coomera or any other areas. We have a local team of licensed pest control technicians spreading in all Gold Coast parts for instant service.  

Our technicians will reach at your site the moment you call us and conduct a thorough inspection to locate the infestation site. Based on the findings, we will create a personalised treatment plan, execute it, and help you with prevention tips to limit pests’ future invasion. 

We have the exemplary records of helping several homes and businesses with long-lasting pest issue solutions. All our products and methods are based on Australia and are safe for your family and employees.  


Whether it’s a simple pest management tips or a complicated pest extermination project, we have a solution for all your problems. We can solve each and every issue with great care and ease.  

    One-Point Of Contact For All Pest Issues

    As a reliable domestic and commercial pest control expert in your area, we offer many cheap pest removal services to solve all types of pest issues. You must rely on us for unbelievable service experience with extraordinary results. Our service options include: 
    Get in touch with us now or give a visit to our service page to find out the detail. Though we have experience and expertise in handling all services with equal efficiency, still some services are always in demand by the local inhabitants are: 

    Spider Control

    Some of the spider species are venomous and may risk the people’s health safety around your place. Spiders are the aggressive pests and create webs to make your place look dirty and unwelcoming for your guests and business clients. Spider web shows a lack of maintenance, and it degrades the quality of your life.  


    It’s better to seek professional help as soon as possible before the infestation issue gets worse and becomes difficult to manage. We will visit your site for the same-day inspection and treatment. We use products and techniques that follow the Australian standard. It ensures the safety of your loved ones. 

    Moth Control

    Moth infestation requires immediate attention. It breeds in the dark, humid places and causes damage to paper items, foods, clothes, leather items and much more.  


    We offer professional moth treatment that is effective and suits your budget. It solves the moth infestation entirely from your surroundings. We use modern techniques and the latest procedures for quick removal of the moth with long-term success. 

    Bird Control

    The increasing population of birds create nuisance at your home or office property. They make your place unhygienic through their droppings and feathers. They carry many pathogens and spread diseases. Why not seek our professional bird removal service for instant relief.  


    It may create an unwelcoming impression of your personality and adversely affect your business because your clients may find your office space unwelcoming for a business deal. Moreover, bird infestation degrades the quality of your life. Our local bird control specialists know how to remove birds from your area with a permanent solution against future infestation. 

    Cockroach Control

    Cockroach treatment requires expertise, proper planning and execution for the most effective results that last long. After serving thousands of local residents and businesses across the Gold Coast. Tom’s Pest Control has all that is required for the best solution against the cockroach issues.  


    We are renowned for providing an appropriate cockroach removal technique for your property to make you enjoy clean and healthy lifeWe follow the strict sanitation policies for the safety of your pets and family. Our industry-approved techniques kill all cockroaches, their eggs, and larvae for the complete solution with long-term results. 

    Areas Of Our Service

    Our wide service range caters to the need of all areas of commercial and residential pest control solutions. We are your number one choice for the most effective pest removal treatment for all types of commercial and residential properties across the Gold Coast. On appointing us, you can expect: 

    Pest Control For Home In Upper Coomera

    Our affordable pest control team of licensed technicians are expert in controlling all types of residential pests, including, ants, cockroaches, mice, flea, rats, spiders, and many other that infest your home and cause trouble.  


    We know the kind of service you expect from us. Hence, we will assist you with one of the best services possible by using modern technics and procedures. We guarantee 100% satisfaction. Our knowledge and execution allow us to offer you the long-lasting result with no relapse chances in the future. 

    Commercial Pest Control In Upper Coomera

    We work closely with all commercial sectors to provide effective commercial pest treatment across Australia. All our services and products are following the industry standard. Our industry-trained technicians remain updated with recent developments to give you the latest fast and effective service in the most competitive price.  


    Based on our long years of experience, we know how to manage and control pest invasion in cafes, restaurants, barspubs, and other commercial institutions nationwide. The reputation of your brand name is our top-most priority 


    We aim to solve all the pest issues that impact your business standard, as fast as possible. We are your number one brand defender who understands your image’s importance for a successful business in the competitive industry. 

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