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If you are planning to buy a new home or office property in Surfers Paradise, Tom’s Pest Control would highly recommend getting it inspected for pest invasion because the damage caused by the pests are the primary concern for your investment. We are your local pest control company in Surfers Paradise and nearby suburbs of the Gold Coast.


Our licensed pest exterminators will do everything for you starting from professional inspection pest species identification, the study of infestation level to extermination. We will take care that it will not come back to your property for long-time post-treatment. We use the most suitable techniques and tools to give you long-term relief and the complete peace of mind.


Tom’s Pest Control has the exemplary record of helping many businesses and residents getting rid of all types of pest invasion permanently. Our experts are experienced enough to address any pest problem with maximum ease and care.


Whether it’s a simple pest management advice for your ongoing projects or a complicated infestation issue, you can contact us at any stage of pest infestation issues and expect a guaranteed result.

    Bird Control

    Have you started observing increasing bird population creating nuisance near your home or office property? Why not seek our professional bird removal for instant relief. Birds make your place dirty and spread infections through their droppings and feathers.

    It may create an unwelcoming impression for your office and adversely affect your business. Moreover, bird infestation degrades the quality of your life. Our local bird control specialists know how to remove birds from your area with a permanent solution against future infestation.

    Cockroach Control

    Cockroaches are the most irritation pests that make your environment unhygienic and spread many diseases. We are popular for providing an appropriate cockroach removal technique for your Surfers Paradise property to make you enjoy a clean and healthy life.

    We care for the safety of your loved once and follow the strict sanitation policies. It ensures complete killing of cockroaches, their eggs, and larvae without affecting the health of your employees and family.

    Termite Control

    You may risk the future safety of your property by ignoring the professional treatment of termites on time. It a matter of the top-most concern as termite infestation can cause structural damage to your property to a great extent.

    The pest feeds on wooden structures damages its foundation and causes a threat to your building’s strength in the long term. It can be a factor that results in demolition.

    We know how dangerous a termite attack can be to the life of your building. Hence, we execute upon it instantly using the most appropriate techniques and products. Our termite treatment procedures solve the current infestation issue and ensure against the future infestation risk.

    Moth Control

    If you are concerned about the moth infestation issue, why not take our professional moth treatment service. We offer high standard moth treatment at an affordable price. Our trained technicians use modern techniques and industry-approved products for the fast removal of moth from your environment.

    Service Area

    Our comprehensive service covers all commercial and residential pest control areas in Surfers Paradise and other regions of the Gold Coast.

    Commercial Pest Control

    Your business success largely depends on the health and efficiency of your employees. Your employees will perform better in a clean and hygienic environment. Fresh, clean, and well-maintained office space also creates a positive impression of your clients’ organisation skills. It shows your taste, and your client will prefer to have a business deal with you. Hence, a clean environment has great potential to increase your sale.


    At Tom’s Pest Control, we provide personalised pest treatment to meet your requirements. It also suits your budget. Our professionals will visit your business property to inspect the infestation issues and study its extent. Based on the findings, we will create a cheap custom treatment plan and will discuss with you. The service we provide is sure to benefit you in the long term.

    Domestic Pest Control

    We are trained and licensed experts and can address all types of domestic pest issues. Our long years of experience has given us know-how of various residential pests, their traits and behaviour, the extent of the infestation, nesting preferences, and the responsible factors that make them invade your place and the loss they can cause if left untreated.


    We know the type of service you expect from us. We aim to provide you with the most appropriate service that guarantees 100% satisfaction.

    Our Pest Removal Strategy

    We use a four-stage systematic procedure to exterminate all kinds of pest from your place. Our affordable pest control treatment strategy includes:

    • Inspection: Our exterminator will give a visit to the infested site to study the issues thoroughly. It helps identify the type of pest species, the level of infestation and responsible factors that result in pest infestation.
    • Custom Treatment Plan: Based on the inspection report, we will create a treatment plan that best suits the purpose. It will consist of detailed information about the treatment type, the time required to complete the process, instruction for you to follow, and the possible outcome.
    • Extermination: We will treat the pest invasion issue at your home and office with the industry approved products and techniques.
    • Prevention Tips: One-time pest treatment alone cannot protect your environment from pest infestation permanently for the long term. We will assist you with some of our proven tips for more effective results. You will have to follow it religiously to prevent the likelihood of pest invasion.

    Contact Us To Discuss

    Covering all Gold Coast areas, our same-day pest treatment service solves all types of pest issues instantly. Call us on (07) 5655 7627 to discuss your pest invasion issues. You can use our online form for any pest-related enquiry. We will contact you instantly with a free upfront quote.

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