Strata Pest Control In Gold Coast

Tom’s Pest Control is familiar with strata and rental properties’ unique pest control challenges. Our team has the expertise to manage both strata and tenant-unit pest control in gold coast. To ensure that the building is pest-free, we tailor our approach to each property.

 Our integrated pest management strategies can eradicate current infestations and prevent future ones by addressing the root cause of the problem. 

Strata Pest Control

Our Strata And Property Pest Control Services in Gold Coast

We offer treatment and control services for almost every pest type present in the Gold Coast and suburbs. The most common pest control solutions we offer include:

Visit our service pages to learn about these pest treatments and our standard operating procedures. We also welcome you to contact us with your questions and concerns; our pest technicians are happy to guide you with advice, suggestions, and pest control solutions.

Tom's Pest Control Strata Pest Inspections

Pest problems in apartment communities can cause havoc for tenants and strata management. Tom’s Pest Control has the solution. We have a team of expert pest control technicians who can perform strata pest inspections to identify all pest issues quickly and implement the right strategy to eliminate them.

We inspect the entire property, including individual units and make recommendations to prevent future infestations. Our pest control in apartment experience allows us to assess the situation and develop a personalised treatment plan.

We provide a 24-hour response time to ensure that your pest problems are addressed promptly.

Pest Control For Condos

Pests can quickly spread from one unit of a complex to another due to their proximity. Tom’s Pest Control provides efficient and effective pest management services for condos.

We understand that pests may invade your space at any given moment. Therefore we offer 24-hour emergency services in case of an unexpected infestation. We also offer regular maintenance programs that can prevent pest problems in the future and help keep your living spaces pest-free throughout all seasons.

Pest Control For Townhouses in Gold Coast

Pest control is a constant challenge if you live within a townhouse. However, pests have plenty of opportunities to move between homes because of tightly packed units, shared walls, and common outdoor spaces.

Tom’s Pest Control specialises in eliminating unwanted guests from townhouse complexes. Our team has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to identify potential entry points and seal them off. Additionally, we can also target pests with specialised treatment plans.

We understand the importance of maintaining a clean, comfortable environment for townhouse residents. Therefore we value discretion and efficiency when providing pest control services.

Experience is vital when it comes to pest control for strata and property. We have been in this business for over 20 years, enabling us to provide best-in-class pest control townhouses, condos, and strata pest control services.

Why Choose Tom's Pest Control For Strata Pest Control?

Our staff is well-trained in the most recent techniques and technologies and is dedicated to offering quality services without compromising on the safety of the clients. We use eco-friendly products whenever possible to minimise potential harm to residents and their pets.

Call us today to discuss your pest control for property needs. 


Are extermination processes harmful to pets or children?

Pest extermination procedures carried out by professionals are designed to be safe for humans and pets. However, it is always best to consult with your exterminator before the process to determine what steps you need to take to protect your loved ones. Many products used in pest extermination are safe if used according to directions. However, certain products may pose a danger if not used properly, making it extremely important to get your property pest controlled by an experienced pest control company.

How often should I invest in regular strata pest control?

You should invest in regular strata pest control every 3 to 4 months. A professional pest control service can help to identify and remove pests before they can cause any damage or spread disease. Additionally, keeping your property free of pests will help to maintain its value and protect your tenants or employees from potential health risks.

Who is responsible for pest control in strata complexes?

The strata corporation is responsible for pest control in strata complexes. This includes both common areas and individual units. The strata corporation may hire a professional pest control company to handle the job or choose to do the work itself. To maintain hygiene and safety, individual unit owners must keep their units clean and free of pests to avoid spreading infestations to other units in the complex.

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