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Tom’s pest control Salisbury understands that if you notice pesky insects crawling, flying, or moving over your home or commercial space, it can never be a pleasant experience for you. Annoying pests come with a lot of bad baggage, including the potential harm to your health as well as your property.

Whether the intensity of pest invasion is low or high, you’ll get the best results in controlling the problem by using the services of a professional and specialised pest control exterminator. They know how to handle the situation safely and efficiently.

Tom’s Pest Control handles everything with great efficiency. From inspection and protection to elimination and prevention, no job is too large or small for us. Our qualified and technically skilled professionals are on call 24/7 throughout Salisbury and nearby areas to keep you and your family protected.

    Termite pest control treatment in Salisbury

    Without any question, termites are one of the riskiest and destructive pests we encounter in our homes and properties. They feed on dry wood, drywall, and more. They do it so smartly that no one can notice them till they leave just a shell of the structure.

    If you want to save your Salisbury property from the damage caused by termites, just stop feeding them. You can do so by just giving us a call us. Our advanced and best-quality termite prevention solution will evict these pests from your property and provide you safe and termite-free environment.

    Safe Bird Removal Service

    Bird problems can come in different forms. Roosting & nesting in unwanted areas are not only issues but, they create other difficulties too. Chirping noise, sanitation, and maintenance costs of property becomes the cause of irritation to homeowners. Bird droppings can cause staining or damage and transmit several hazardous diseases to humans.

    Tom’s Pest Control is dedicated to providing modern technology and techniques for our patrons in Salisbury. We focus on humane bird control and to achieve this we first try to understand the cause of the problem. We are experienced in this domain and can tackle any bird issue.

    Ant pest control & treatment

    Most of us have faced the frustration that comes with an ant infestation. You try every possible treatment at home to get them out of your house but, they just keep coming back. Don’t let ants irritate you anymore, just hand it over to our experts at the Salisbury.

    We will put an end to your frustration by addressing ant penetration at your Salisbury place and providing a variety of ant treatments along with ant fumigation services.

    Ants are notoriously tricky insects to control. Being the leader in ant control in Salisbury, Brisbane for many years, we know exactly what it takes to rid your home of ants.

    Cockroach control treatment

    Cockroaches typically are seen crawling and flying in kitchens, sinks, stores, appliances, and just any warm or humid area on your property. If you notice old skins shed by nymphs, droppings that look like coffee grounds, small, leather-like egg cases and dead cockroaches, it means that they are breeding inside your home and it’s time to do something about it.

    Cockroaches are very tough insects and they have the ability to tolerate any DIY treatments. Only spider expert pest control Company like us can tackle them by using products and solutions powerful enough to eliminate all stages of their lifecycle

    Rodent (Mouse/Rat) removal service

    The curiosity of rats and mice for searching food sources and shelter causes harm to property and structures. They spoil the food as well. Their constant chewing can damage wires, cables, doors, pipes, furniture, and clothes.

    They not only cause property damage but are unhygienic and carry diseases. Tom’s Pest Control provides modern and affordable pest control treatments to eradicate rodents from your home or business. Our certified crew can successfully tackle the rodent issue as they have handled many such problems in the past.

    Professional spider pest treatment

    Spiders are one of the scary pests. A spider infestation in your home or business can be terrifying and frustrating for homeowners. Indeed, for people who have spider phobia, even the presence of one spider in their home can be a nightmare.

    If you notice only one or spiders and that too very occasionally in your home, you can simply catch them and putting them outside provided you have no fear from a spider. But if the spider infestation is a serious or recurring problem, book an appointment with Tom’s Pest Control to protect your family from spiders.

    Best moth control in Salisbury

    Moths are risk-free insects however some species are seen as annoying pests due to the damage their larvae cause to the stored food items, textiles etc. They do not pose health risks as they do not transmit diseases but create a nuisance when they are large in numbers.

    If you left unchecked the moth issue, it can swiftly spread to other areas of your property. Thus, to get rid of moths, look no further. Call us for professional help. We use effective sprays and products to eliminate them completely.

    Commercial pest control in Salisbury

    Pests can cause many difficulties for business owners. Whether it’s a few mice, cockroaches, ants, spiders, or birds, their presence can impact your brand reputation. It will discourage your potential customer from entering your premises and ultimately you will lose them. With this in mind, it is vital to eradicate pests from your commercial zone as quickly as possible once they have been detected.

    We work proactively with customers to running their businesses smoothly by preventing them from pest infestations, and stop further contamination and minimise the risk of future pest issues. Our pest management programs are focused on helping commercial clients to protect their reputations.

    We have worked for many industries that have a ‘zero tolerance to pests and now we have become their top choice for a professional pest control provider. Our commercial pest control solutions have benefited several industries which are:

    • Food storage
    • Property Management
    • Industrial buildings
    • Warehouses & factories
    • Restaurants & cafes
    • Banks & cinema halls
    • Hospitals & clinics
    • Shopping complexes
    • Educational facilities
    • Commercial buildings

    We, at Tom’s Pest Control, appreciate the need for safe, ecological, business-friendly yet effective Salisbury commercial pest control solutions in compliance with current legislation. We tackle all types of pests in commercial properties and provide them a safe and healthy environment using innovative pest control ways.

    For business owners, their workplace or commercial spaces are the most important assets, so they must keep that clean and safe from pests. Our team of skilled and experienced professionals makes use of innovative technologies, tools, and advanced products to treat a variety of pests and help you to run your business operations smoothly.

    Your safety is our topmost priority

    It is essential to eliminate pests from your commercial space but, at the same time, it is also important to ensure the methods adopted are harmless for those around. Our crew members are completely aware of the products and techniques they use for different pest treatments. We ensure you that there’s no way the treatments we use in your commercial zone may cause any harm to you, your workers, customers and your loved ones.

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