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There is no way anyone wants to see a pest crawling across the floor as they enjoy their favourite restaurant meal. Unfortunately, pests are a common problem in the food service industry, known to cause severe damage to property and people’s health if not controlled on time. Tom’s Pest Control has the solution!

We are the experts when it comes to pest control in commercial kitchens like restaurants and cafes on Gold Coast. We strive to make every establishment pest-free irrespective of its size.

Our team understands how important customer satisfaction is. Therefore, we do whatever it takes to ensure your business runs smoothly with no pests interfering.

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Our Restaurant & Cafe Pest Control Services in Gold Coast

We offer treatment and control services for almost every pest type present in the Gold Coast and suburbs. The most common pest control solutions we offer include:
Visit our service pages to learn about these pest treatments and our standard operating procedures. We also welcome you to contact us with your questions and concerns; our pest technicians are happy to guide you with advice, suggestions, and pest control solutions.

Why Choose Us For Cafe & Restaurant Pest Control Treatment In Gold Coast?

With several years of commercial and residential pest control, we know what matters to our customers when it comes to pest management. Regardless of you want pest treatment for your industrial space or café pest control, we will deliver you consistent quality service with the following highlights:

Common pests are spotted in cafes & Restaurant in Gold Coast :

Anyone who’s worked in a cafeteria or restaurant knows how pests can pose a significant problem. Rodents, flies, cockroaches, and ants love to eat the food and garbage in these establishments. In addition, pests can be unsightly, offensive to customers, and spread disease. Many kinds of pests can infest a cafe/restaurant, but the most common are:

Ants: These tiny insects are attracted to sugary foods. Ants often build their nests next to trash cans or other food sources.

Flies: Flies are attracted by garbage and rotting meals, and they will quickly lay eggs in these areas.

Cockroaches: Cockroaches will often be seen in restaurants because they love the same foods as humans. Unfortunately, they can also be hard to control once established in an environment.

Rodents: Mice and rats love restaurants because they have easy food access. These pests can spread diseases and contaminate food, and hence it is vital to keep them out.

Restaurants and cafes can become a problem if they are infested with pests. However, there are some things you can do to keep them away. Pests can be discouraged from moving into your premises by keeping it clean and free from food waste.

Pest Control Compliance

Tom’s Pest Control will help restaurant and cafe owners comply with pest control laws. Our experienced staff is equipped to offer tailored solutions to the unique pest management challenges restaurants face. We provide various pest control services to restaurants in gold coasr, from regular inspections to targeted treatment.

We also work with restaurant operators to develop customized pest management programs to keep their kitchens free from pests. Our team will ensure that your restaurant does its part in protecting public health and safety.

Non-toxic Pest Control Solutions

Tom’s pest control is the solution for your cafe or restaurant pest removal needs. We have experts who know about various pests in commercial kitchens, so you can rest easy knowing they’ll take care of it!

Our pest control solutions can be used against many pests, including cockroaches and ants, as well as rats, mice, and rats. Therefore, we are confident that our pest control solutions will be safe for all food preparation areas.

Affordable Pest Control For Cafes And Restaurants In Gold Coast

You don’t have to worry about pests anymore! Tom’s Pest Control is the leading pest control provider for restaurants and cafes in gold coast area. We provide affordable, effective customized service that will fit your needs perfectly.

Your business is important to you, which means it’s also precious to us. We understand the challenges of managing pests in a commercial environment like yours! Our certified technicians will work with you to provide a practical plan for keeping those pesky critters out while always preserving good hygiene standards.

Call us today to learn more about our pest control services for cafes and restaurants.


What are the most common pests in restaurants?

The most common pests in restaurants are cockroaches, flies, and rodents. These pests can contaminate food with bacteria and viruses, which can cause food poisoning. In addition, they can spread diseases to restaurant employees and customers.

Restaurant owners should take preventative measures to protect their businesses from these pests. This includes employing a pest control service, keeping food storage areas clean and tidy, and using screens on doors and windows. Restaurateurs should also ensure that they have an excellent plan in case of an infestation.

How often should I have pest control done in my restaurant?

It’s essential to have pest control done regularly in a restaurant to avoid any health risks that pests might pose. In addition, it’s also crucial to maintain a good level of hygiene to ensure the safety of your customers.

What is the pest control procedure like in a restaurant?

Restaurants rely on a pest control service to keep their kitchens free of insects and rodents. The procedure typically starts with identifying the pests and assessing the extent of the infestation.

Next, the service provider will recommend a course of treatment, which may include setting traps, using bait, or spraying insecticides. In some cases, fumigation is necessary to eradicate an infestation.

The pest control company should also provide instructions for preventing future infestations, such as keeping food properly stored and sealed, cleaning up spills immediately, and sealing off any cracks or crevices in the kitchen where pests could hide.

Are there any special considerations for pest control in a restaurant?

Yes, a few special considerations for pest control in a restaurant exist. For one, restaurants tend to have more open spaces and less clutter than other businesses, making it easier for pests to move around and find food. Additionally, restaurants often have kitchens with large quantities of food, which can attract pests.

To prevent pests from becoming a problem in your restaurant, you must partner with a qualified pest control company that can develop a custom plan tailored to your unique needs. The professionals at such a company will be able to recommend the best strategies for preventing pests from entering your restaurant and contacting your food supply. They may also suggest measures for reducing the appeal of your restaurant to pests, such as improving hygiene.

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