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Do you notice spider infestation at your property and worried about the health of your family and pets? Are you searching for professional spider control in the Gold Coast to bring back the healthy environment of your property?

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We have qualified and highly experienced teams of pest technicians at every area and suburb of the city to give quick spider treatment services. Irrespective of you have a residential property or commercial space, we have the expertise to provide superior quality spider control treatment in the Gold Coast. Our pest control services will address the current spider issues and help you secure your property from future infestation risks.


Common Pest Spider Species Found In The Gold Coast

Except a few, the vast majority of spiders found in Australia are harmless and do not make any issues to humans. The common pest spider species found in the Gold Coast and suburbs are the following:
  • Black house spider
  • Redback spider
  • Funnel-web spider
  • Daddy-long-legs spider
  • Huntsman spider
  • White-tailed spider
  • Wolf spider
All these pest spider species have specific characteristics and pose different levels of threats to humans.

Risks Associated With Spider Infestation

While some pest spiders are venomous, others can alter the hygienic condition of your property. Spider infestations at your property can result in the following risks:
  • The stings of black house spiders can cause vomiting, nausea, and skin lesions.
  • Redback spider also makes venomous bites, causing chest and abdominal pain, body pain, muscular weakness, sweating, nausea, and vomiting.
  • The stings of funnel-web spiders can result in headache, severe chest and nasal congestion, high heart rate, and sweating. If not treated on time, it can become fatal.
  • Huntsman spiders and daddy-long-legs are not poisonous, but they can make bites that result in localised pain.
  • White-tailed spiders make venomous bites and cause extreme pain, sickness, and scars.
  • Though wolf spider bites are not harmful to humans, they can be deadly to your pets.
The spider webs and infestation at a property is always considered as lack of maintenance, and people may find it discouraged to enter such properties.

If you see spider webs or signs of spider infestation, contact us immediately for comprehensive pest control services. Regardless of you want black house spider control, white tail spider treatment, or extermination for any other spider species, our tailored services can address your pest concerns.


A Comprehensive Spider Control

At Tom’s Pest Control, we treat for the spider issues at your property as well as address the factors that led to infestation to limit the future infestation risks. Our four-stage spider control helps you get long-lasting results.

Spider Inspection

Our pest technicians will come to your property and make a detailed inspection for spider infestation and associated damage. We will document the pest species, the characteristics of the spider, the extent of the infestation, and the factors that led to the infestation.

Our detailed inspection report will have the findings, photographs of infestation, treatment recommendations, and more.

Tailored Treatment plan

Based on the inspection, we will create a tailored spider removal plan for your property. It will have details of treatment procedures, the goal and the expected outcome of the treatment, the duration of the procedure, and any specific instructions to the inhabitants of the property.

If the spider infestation issue at your property is complex, we may perform a follow-up treatment. We will include the details of the follow-up treatment also in the treatment plan.

Spider Extermination

Our pest technicians will complete the spider extermination according to the treatment plan at your property. We will use special tools and multiple spider control procedures to give you the best pest extermination results. Our extermination usually includes a mix of the following treatment options: traps, fogging, heat treatment, web clearing treatments, and repellents.

Regardless of the treatment type, we use only safe, family-friendly procedures and products per Australian standards for the extermination. At Tom’s Pest Control, we are committed to creating a healthy environment around the properties of our customers through our procedures.

Ongoing Control

We will also address the factors that invited spiders to your property and provide you with specific tips and suggestions based on our inspection. It may include sanitation guidelines, property repairs, and habitat modification.

Irrespective of the spider issues at your property, the following general measures can help you to reduce the pest in your environment:

  • Regularly clean your property, including the hidden and cramped spaces, and remove any form of clutter.
  • Never plant trees and plants close to your property; trim the shrubs and trees in your yard and ensure proper yard maintenance on a regular basis.
  • Use weather strips on doors and fly screens on windows to prevent the entry of spiders into your property.
  • Regularly inspect your property to identify spider infestation and associated damage.

What Makes Tom’s Pest Control’s Services Special

At Tom’s Pest Control, we focus on giving our customers a complete, professional service experience by focusing on every aspect of pest control. No matter you get wolf spider, huntsman spider treatment, or any other pest control, you will find our services seamless with the following characteristics:
  • Same/next day spider extermination
  • TAFE- and APCA-certified pest technicians
  • Local pest control teams
  • Upfront quotes, transparent service experience
  • Safe, family-friendly, approved procedures
  • Complete satisfaction guaranteed

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