Pre Purchase Pest Inspection In The Gold Coast

Pest infestation at properties often highlights the gaps in hygiene and maintenance standards. It is an opportunity for property owners to bring back the healthy condition of their environment and make it long-lasting.

Do you see signs of pest infestation issues at your property and worried it might affect your health and environment?

Welcome to Tom’s Pest Control – the trusted name for advanced pest control in the Gold Coast.

We offer comprehensive pest management services to address the pest issues at your property and the factors that led to the pest infestation. It helps you make your property proof against future pest infestation.

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Our Range Of Pest Management Solutions

Regardless of the pest type and the extent of infestation issues, we can provide you with comprehensive pest management solutions. At Tom’s Pest Control, we offer the following range of pest management solutions to our Gold Coast customers:
You can learn about each of our services by visiting the service pages. You can also contact us with your questions and concerns, and our pest technicians are happy to provide you with the information, suggestions, tips, and guide to get comprehensive pest management.

A Complete Pest Management

Tom’s Pest Control has four-step pest management to address the infestation at your property. Regardless of the pest issues, the standardised, step-by-step service allows you to make your space optimally free of pests and minimise the future infestation risks.

Pest Inspection

We begin our pest management with a comprehensive pest inspection. Our pest technicians will check every inch of your property to identify the infestation and associated damage. We have advanced systems and access tools to make the inspection simplified, quick, and accurate.

Upon the completion of the pest inspection, you will get a detailed inspection report from us with our findings, details of the damage, photographs of infestation, treatment recommendations, guidelines for property maintenance, and more.

Tailored Treatment Plan

Based on our inspection, we will create a tailored pest management plan for your property. The plan will have the details of treatment procedures, expected outcome from the treatments, timeline of the service, and any specific instructions to the inhabitants of the property.

If your property has extensive pest issue, we may plan a follow-up treatment to make your property optimally free of the infestation. In such cases, the details of the additional treatment will also be included in the treatment plan.

Pest Extermination

Our pest technicians will complete the extermination as described in the treatment plan. Based on the pest type and complexity of infestation, we may use a mix of treatment procedures to get the optimal pest control results.

Irrespective of the type of treatment, we use only safe and family-friendly pest control products and procedures that are approved per Australian standards. At Tom’s Pest Control, our pest management services are designed to create a healthy environment at the properties of our customers.

Ongoing Control

A single treatment can’t safeguard your property from future infestation or give you long-term results. We will provide you with specific techniques and property maintenance tips based on the pest type and our inspection findings.

Regardless of the pest type, good property maintenance can help you minimise the infestation risks in future. The following general maintenance tips can make your property healthy and better protected against various pest invasion:

  • Mop and clean your property at regular intervals. A clean environment can repel most pests from your property.
  • Remove any form of clutter from your property. Silverfish, rodents, and other nocturnal pests will find easy hiding places behind clutter.
  • Keep your cooked and raw food in airtight containers. Clean and sanitise food spill from the kitchen and your dining area after every meal. Also, do not leave the pet food unattended.
  • Dump food residue and other organic waste in garbage containers with tight lids. Clear the garbage containers at regular intervals.
  • Trim shrubs and trees that are touching your property structure and regularly maintain the yard.
  • Check your property at regular intervals for any external damage as holes on walls and cracks around windows and doors can give easy access for pests into the interior. Repair those cracks on time to prevent the pests into your property.

You should also make regular inspections at the property to identify any pest infestation signs. Controlling the pests at early stages can minimise the associated damage and help you restore the healthy condition of your property easily.

Why Tom’s Pest Control?

Tom’s Pest Control became the trusted partner of the homeowners and businesses for pest control in the Gold Coast by giving consistent quality, superior service experience. You will find our services the finest choice with the following characteristics:
  • Same/next day pest control
  • TAFE- and APCA-certified pest control specialists
  • State-of-the-art systems and tools
  • Safe, family-friendly treatment procedures
  • Licensed, insured pest services
  • Upfront quotes, transparent service
  • 100 per cent satisfaction guaranteed
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