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Do you see an unusually high number of rodents, termites, ants, fleas, flies, cockroaches, or any other pest type at your property? Are you searching for superior affordable with quality pest control in Palm Beach to restore the health of your environment?


Welcome to Tom’s Pest Control Gold Coast – the destination for all your pest worries in Australia.

We became one of the primary choices for seamless pest control in all of Australia’s major cities with a few decades of high-quality service. Our local pest control team from Palm Beach can give you quick same/next day pest management to address all your pest concerns.

All our pest management technicians are TAFE and APCA certified, and this ensures highly qualified services based on your expectations.

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    Tailored Solutions For All Your Pest Worries

    We provide tailored pest management solutions after making a thorough pest inspection at your property. It helps us to identify the factors that invited the pest species to your property – allowing us to address the reasons for pest infestation as well. Therefore, our pest management solutions give you long-lasting results.

    Our range of services include:

    • Borer control
    • Possum control
    • Bed bug treatment
    • Fox trapping and control
    • Mite control
    • Beetle control
    • Wasp extermination
    • Flea treatment and control
    • Mosquito control
    • Cockroach control
    • Silverfish treatment
    • Fly control
    • Bird trapping and control
    • Rodent extermination and control
    • Termite control
    • Moth extermination and control
    • Spider control

    You can learn more about each of these pest management procedures by visiting our service pages.

    Some of our pest management solutions are worth to be mentioned in detail considering the damage those pests can make to your environment and property.

    Rodent Extermination And Control

    Whether you see rats or mice, don’t ignore the infestation. Rodents can cause widespread damage to your property, bring down your health, attack your pets, mess up your property’s hygiene, consume and contaminate your food, and more. Rodents have a high survival rate, multiply quickly, and can become a serious concern in a few weeks.

    Our rodent inspection will identify all the rodents’ hiding places, factors that allow the pests to live in your environment, and the extent of the infestation. With traps, baiting, and biological control methods, we will make your property rodent-free in no time. Additionally, we will seal all holes and access points of rodents, advise specific property maintenance tips and give yard care suggestions to minimise future infestation risks.

    Termite Control

    Termite infestation takes away property owners’ peace of mind considering the extent of property damage the pest can make. Termites mainly feed the wooden structures and furniture at your property, and various researches confirm that the total property damage due to termite infestation stands at $5 billion per year. You may encounter either dry-wood termites or subterranean termites in your property, and both are highly destructive.

    Our process begins with a detailed termite inspection at your property. We will assess the level of infestation and the extent of damage to design a tailored termite control. After the pest extermination, we will also create a termite barrier around your property with wood and soil treatments for long-lasting results.

    Bird Trapping And Control

    Pest birds such as Indian mynas, seagulls, doves, pigeons, and house sparrows are notorious for compromising properties’ healthy condition. They introduce various pathogens, mess up the property hygiene, often attack pets, and introduce other pests to your environment.

    As a leading pest management specialist, we offer safe, humane bird control procedures. We use traps and special nests to catch the pest birds and set them free at a distance they won’t return to your property. We will place bird netting, spikes, and wire meshes to repel the birds, repair various holes, and advise specific property hygiene tips to minimise future infestation risks.

    Cockroach Extermination

    People have dislikes for this filthy pest, but you should watch out cockroaches for a different reason. Studies confirm that cockroaches carry a few millions of pathogens can cause several serious health issues. Also, the droppings of cockroaches are one of the primary reasons for asthma in children.

    Cockroaches prefer to stay in damp and dark settings, and our pest inspection will identify all the hiding places of the pest for extermination. We will make your property completely free of cockroaches treatments. We will also complete ongoing control procedures and advise you specific property maintenance tips for long-term pest control results.

    Commercial Pest Control

    Pest issues in a commercial environment can put the reputation and revenue of the business at stake. Therefore, you should seek professional service as soon as you see traces of pest infestation at your commercial space.

    Tom’s Pest Control offers affordable custom commercial pest control in Palm Beach to help businesses make their properties pest-free, healthy and welcoming to their customers.

    General Pest Control

    Do you see multiple pest types at your property and think that you need individual treatment for all? You are not alone; many businesses – especially the food industry – have similar feelings. Restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, and grocery stores often report ants, flies, fleas, cockroaches, and other pests in their environment.

    We offer general pest control to address all the common pests found in commercial spaces. The treatment eliminates the following pests from your environment:

    • Ants
    • Spiders
    • Silverfish
    • Cockroaches
    • Flies
    • Mosquitos
    • Fleas
    • Mites
    • Beetles

    All at the cost of a single treatment, you get the opportunity to make your space pest-free.

    Pest-Specific Services

    You may not find general pest management as the right choice for if you see a rodent, termite, or wasp infestation at your property. For any pest that can’t be covered by general pest management, we offer pest-specific services.

    Our pest-specific services are the following:

    • Termite control
    • Wasp treatment and control
    • Rodent control
    • Possum removal
    • Bird control
    • Fox trapping

    Regardless of the pest management solution you choose, our services give 100 per cent results with zero effects on your environment. We use only Australia-approved and family-friendly products for our pest management services to give our customers a safe extermination experience.

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