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Have you recently observed pests inside your home and workplace? Do you want to protect your home from pest infestation but have no idea what and how to do it? Looking for the best and affordable pest control solution in Bulimba? Don’t worry! Tom’s Pest Control players are here to resolve your all pest-related problems.

Our pest control solutions are the perfect blend of advanced technology, highly effective products, and well-experienced team people. Our professionally-trained crew goes one step ahead in providing quick, personalised, and guaranteed pest control services.

We offer all kinds of pest eradication solutions for pesky pests such as termites, rodents, ants, cockroaches, spiders, possums, moths, and many others. Our services prevent the disease from transmitting from these annoying and destructive insects.

    Termite pest control Bulimba

    Buying a new home or business accommodation is one of the most significant investments people make in their lifetime. But, one of the common and major threats to these investments is subterranean termites.

    Termite infestation is not detected until they completely damage your property. So, to protect your home from termites, we offer pre-construction anti-termite treatment. When the building is under construction, our crew members will do termite control treatment with safe and effective products which will form a strong barrier for termites.

    Bird removal services

    Birds are a common problem in almost every home, property, or building. Many birds like doves, Indian myna, pigeons, and house sparrows roost around ledges and also find suitable places in the balcony and windows of your house for nesting. Furthermore, birds carry around parasites and harmful diseases that can put human health at risk.

    It is important to control bird infestation and for this, Tom’s Pest Control uses proven, effective and safe procedures to eliminate the birds from your building. Our procedures are humane and won’t harm them. Our methods put a ban on their entry and make your property bird-free

    Ant pest control

    Ants inside your property can become problematic. They need food and water to survive and if they find it easily inside your home, it will become their home too. Even sometimes, good housekeeping can be unsuccessful in stopping them from entering your home or premises. People often choose over-the-counter insecticides to treat them but, they too provide temporary relief from ant infestation.

    If you want to ensure your safety from ants, you need professional help. Call Tom’s Pest Control. We have multiple options to treat ant infestation. We not only seal all the entry points but also use a spray that will prevent them from entering your building.

    Professional cockroach control treatment

    The presence of cockroaches can be dangerous. They carry pathogens and spoil the water, food, and other edibles. They spread diseases and cause various health problems in residents. This is a type of insect that multiply very fast and therefore, you need to seek immediate professional assistance as soon as you notice them on your property.

    We start the treatment by addressing the factors which are responsible for their infestation and then offer the most advanced and powerful treatment to control cockroaches at your place. With us, you can have complete peace of mind as the results will be long-lasting.

    Rodent (Rat&Mice) control treatment

    Rodents presence means infected stored food items, damaged household articles like wires &cables and but it can transmit deadly diseases such as plague, murine typhus, leptospirosis rat-bite fever & salmonellosis to humans.

    A messy and unhealthy environment may be connected to rodent presence at your home. You can usually find their droppings around bins, on the floors and other areas like the kitchen where food is often present.

    At Tom’s Pest Control, our rodent or mouse control & treatment methods are focused not only on controlling the current population but also on denying them access to your home.

    spider control service in Bulimba

    Spider is a common household insect in Bulimba which scares many people especially those with a phobia for spiders. A cluttered and messy area becomes attractive nesting and shelter for spiders. Regular housekeeping in your property can help you to discourage them from getting access to your home, but it is not a permanent solution to get rid of them.

    Professional spider control by Tom’s pest control company in Bulimba, Brisbane can correctly identify the spider species by inspecting your area. Our experts understand the biology and behaviour of different spider species and offer a targeted spider control treatment.

    Moth control services

    Do moths keep flipping around your property? Do they spread dust all over your objects? Are moths causing health issues, especially allergy in your family members? Are you looking for the solution to control moth infestation at your home but have no idea which pesticides to use? If yes, get our specialised moth control solutions.

    We treat the infestation sites by doing an in-depth survey in your territory and once we find the source and cause for infestation, our technicians will prepare a complete treatment plan and use effective treatment in the form of sprays on every part of your infested zone.

    Commercial pest control services in Bulimba

    Whether you are a business owner or an employee, you will agree that working in a pest-infested zone is very difficult. You need to have a peaceful mind and a healthy body when you are working but this is possible only when you have a pest-free environment around you.

    It becomes the responsibility of a business owner to keep their commercial space completely healthy and safe and for this, we offer commercial pest control service at budget-friendly prices. Our affordable pest control solutions not only keep you and your employees safe but also make your business space welcoming to your customers. All you need is a regular pest treatment done in your commercial area.

    Whether it is a restaurant, café, hotel, office or any other commercial zone, pests will always be waiting to destruct your commercial space with their nasty activities. Many opening points in your premise go unnoticed by you; pests creep inside your commercial space by using these entry points and start making their colonies there without your knowledge. These access points can be remained unnoticed by you but not from us. Once you call us, we find an effective solution that will restrict their entry there permanently.

    How Tom’s Pest Control works?

    • Booking: Just select the date and time you’d like us to turn up.
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    • Relax: You just sit back and relax. Have peace of mind as it will end the pest issue permanently.

    Tom’s Pest Control company is acknowledged for its satisfactory, customer-focussed and reasonably priced pest management solutions. We value our customers and want to build a strong and long-lasting relationship with them; therefore, we never disappoint them in terms of quality and cost. We also offer follow-up services.

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