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If you are struggling with a frequent pest infestation and are looking for professional pest control services in Broadbeach Waters, then Tom’s Pest Control is an ideal destination for you. We are an affordable pest control company in the Gold Coast and nearby Suburbs.

In several cases, properties report pest issues due to the presence of certain factors that generally invite pests to the environment. Pest extermination is often considered as a short-term solution in such cases.

At Tom’s Pest Control, our licensed pest control technicians offer precise pest management services that examine the factors responsible for the pest infestation and provide long-lasting results. Contact us today to book a pest management service at your property and restore a healthy environment.

    What We Do?

    We treat all the major pest species found and the surrounding suburbs. Our experts can help you with the customised pest management solutions based on the type of pest species and the extent of infestation in the area for an effective long-term result.

    Some of the services that are highly in demand among the residences and businesses in Broadbeach Waters are:

    Termite Pest Control Treatment

    Termites cause significant damage to your Broadbeach Waters property in no time. As most destructive pest species, they need quick treatment and extermination. Most of the properties in the Broadbeach Waters suffer from dry wood termites and subterranean termites.

    Our comprehensive termite control services provide long-lasting relief from this pest irrespective of the type of pest termite you are dealing with and the extent of damage they may cause. If you notice traces of termite infestation at your property, contact Tom’s Pest Control as soon as possible.

    Ant Pest Control Services

    An ant infestation can cause serious issues if you ignore professional ant control services. Ant feed your personal things, and they form colonies that can cause property damage in the absence of professional services.

    If you notice ant infestation at your Broadbeach Waters place, contact us to get an instant inspection and a tailored treatment plan to address the issue. We apply a range of treatment and control options that are based on the Australian standard. It helps in addressing current issues and avoids future infestation risks.

    Wasp Control

    Wasps are social pests that live in colonies. Different wasp species form different colony sizes large or small. They can attack several numbers of people at a time, and their sting can cause life risks.

    They show aggressive behaviour, and their bites cause severe pain. If you have started seeing wasps around you, don’t try to go near them because they may get provoked. Call us immediately to get professional wasp control services to protect your family and employees.

    Spider Pest Control in Broadbeach Waters

    Several deadliest spider species are found in Australia. While some of them are poisonous and others impact your hygienic environment badly. Spiders are often aggressive and can make your home and office look dirty and low-maintained with spider webs. It may discourage your guests or clients from entering your property. 

    Our licensed Broadbeach Waters spider control specialist uses advanced procedures and tools to address your pest concerns. If you notice spider webs or any other signs of infestation, call us to solve current issues and prevent future spider infestation risks.

    Rodent Control Treatment

    Rodents spread many diseases and pose severe threats to your health and the environment. They destroy your property and make your place messy and unhygienic. Our rodent removal technician can help you with quick rat and mice control services, irrespective of the type of rat or mouse species you are dealing with. 

    We create a custom treatment plan based on our thorough inspection to provide the best service. We apply the latest rodent control techniques and tools to safeguard your property from rodent infestation and also prevent future infestation.

    Mite Control

    If you are struggling with mite infestation issues and need professional help, you can rely on us for comprehensive mite treatment procedures. We are specialist in providing mite control treatment for your home and office space. Mites damage your agricultural products and cause a health risk. Dust mites trigger the allergy. Furthermore, black mite’s constant bites increase irritation and frustration. 

    Our safe, family-friendly, and industry-approved mite treatment procedures and products focus on creating a healthy, pest-free environment around your property.

    One-Stop Solution For All Pest Issues

    Our Broadbeach Waters commercial pest control services serve all types of pest issues found at your home and business property. You can contact us for any of the following services:

    Why Choose Tom’s Pest Control In Broadbeach Waters?

    We have gained immense popularity in recent years due to our seamless pest extermination process and a keen eye for detail. All credit goes to our licensed team of experts and their precise execution.

    We embrace new techniques and recent developments to kill all types of pests with long-lasting results. We outshine through our quality service and standard business traits that include:

    • Same-day treatment service
    • Transparent services and friendly staff
    • TAFE and APCA-certified pest exterminators
    • Highly operational, local pest control experts
    • Customised treatment plan with an outstanding result
    • The safe and family-friendly treatment process
    • Free upfront quotes
    • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee

    Flexible Service Options With Safe Procedures

    Unlike other service providers, we do not limit you with predetermined hours and services. We provide you with maximum flexibility in terms of our schedule and services. Our professionals will reach your service location in time that is most convenient for you. We operate without disturbing your routine work. We are fully accommodative to your requirements through our customised pest treatment plan. Our local teams quickly respond to your needs by providing-same day inspection service and extermination.

    Pest Control Experts in Broadbeach Waters Is Just A Phone Call Away!

    Covering all areas of the Broadbeach Waters and surrounds, our same-day service will solve all your pest problems instantly. Call our friendly exterminator today on (07) 3184 4223 to discuss your requirement and get an obligation-free upfront quote. It’s the part of our friendly and transparent service

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