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Do you see an excessive number of pest birds around your property these days and want professional bird removal in Brisbane? Are you worried that the birds around your business can become a nuisance to your customers and cause financial loss to you?


Tom’s Pest Control is an expert in bird protection and prevention in Brisbane with several years of expertise. With tailored treatment plans and qualified bird control specialists in Brisbane, we can make your premises optimally protected from bird invasion.


Our bird removal and control services in Brisbane will also help you to identify the factors at your property that attract pest birds to nestle around it. Furthermore, we will help you to remove or correct those factors to get permanent bird prevention results.


Common Pest Bird Species In Brisbane

The pest birds have one thing in common: the normal activities of these birds make clashes with human activities. Some of them are introduced species to Australia, and they pose threats to native birds and animals as well.

The most common pest bird species in Brisbane are the following:

  • Common mynas
  • Rock pigeons
  • Starlings
  • Blackbirds
  • House sparrows
  • Noisy miners
  • Rock doves
  • Torresian crows
  • Australian White Ibis
Some of these birds are generally beneficial or not harming humans in most cases. However, the birds become pests when they invade to certain environments.

For instance, Australian white ibis is farmers’ friend as the bird eats pest insects in large numbers. However, it becomes a nuisance when the bird enters eating areas and outdoor cafes as it fouls the area by spreading scraps from tables and bins.

Why solar panels need to be protected from birds?

Solar panels can be an expensive addition to the house, used as a long-term invest to reduce your electricity bills. Birds like pigeons, sparrows and starlings can potentially cause significant damage to solar energy systems. These birds can cause damage to the solar panels as well as harming themselves. 

Bird proofing is the only solution to keep your solar panel protected and functioning at their best. Tom’s Pest Control has years of experience with bird proofing solar panels. We have helped residents around Austrlai bird proof their residential and commercial builds. We know the different types of birds that create nuisance and the way they damage the property and above all, we understand how to keep them away from your property. Thus, we can offer you the perfect birds proofing solar panel solutions to protect your solar investment from all birds.

Why we are your best choice for bird proofing solar panels?

When it comes to protecting your solar panels from birds, we follow a systematic approach.

  • Analyse the type of birds– Rather than jumping directly to any bird control solution directly, we’ll first try to analyse the type of birds. There are different types of bird meshes designed for different birds. For instance, for seagulls: 75 mm, for pigeons: 50 mm, for starlings: 28 mm and for saprrows: 19 mm. Thus, we first understand the bird type and then select the right mesh type to get maximum benefit.


  • Clean up before installation– Before installing the bird mesh, we make sure to clean any droppings and nesting material from the panel surface. Our aim is to remove any droppings, nests and other items that may attract future birds.


  • Seal the mesh properly– Once the bird proofing mesh for a solar panel is installed, we make sure to seal off the mesh properly so that no birds can get even small access to get inside the mesh and damage the solar panel. 

Tom’s Pest Control; A leading name in bird control industry

Being the leading bird proofing solar panel providers, we use the most advanced, effective and humane bird control products to give you maximum protection against pesky and annoying birds. We give you quality assurance from start to finish of the bird control process.

We are experts in bird proofing methods, offering high-quality services that will keep birds out of your solar panels for years. We offer customised service plans to suit the varying demands of our customers, so they get what they exactly looking for. As the top solar panel pigeon proofing service provider, we are committed to delivering you excellent quality with 100% satisfaction.

Potential Issues Due To Pest Birds

Though pest birds rarely attack humans, they can endanger your health in addition to a number of issues that can cost you financially. Learn the major issues caused by pest birds and why professional bird control is important:
  • Bird droppings may contain a number of pathogens that can cause various diseases, including psittacosis, cryptococcal meningitis, and histoplasmosis. Some pest bird-borne diseases like bird flu are deadly for humans.
  • Pest birds, with nesting materials and droppings, demand regular cleaning and maintenance for properties to ensure hygiene.
  • Some pest birds prefer to settle around roofs and make nests. They can damage your roof and increase your annual property repair and maintenance costs.
  • The birds can damage metal structures at the property with the droppings. The droppings of birds contain uric acid, and it can corrode metal parts.
  • Mynas and pigeons make creepy noise that can disturb the peaceful life of the inhabitants of the property.
  • Most of the pest birds cause significant crop damage as they eat the fruits, cereals, pulses, and flowers.
  • The pest birds may introduce other types of pests to the property, including beetles, fleas, houseflies, mites, and ticks, through their wings.
Be it bird removal from the home or commercial space around the Brisbane area, you can call us any time for quick bird trapping and control services in Brisbane.

Bird Netting in Brisbane

We offer comprehensive bird removal through a four-stage procedure and help you to create a healthy environment around you.

Bird Prevention Inspection

Our qualified bird removal specialists will come to your property and complete a detailed inspection. It will help us to identify the species of the pest bird, the level of infestation, the nests around the property, the associated damage, and more. We will also identify the factors at your property that led to the bird infestation.

Bird Removal Treatment Plan

Based on the inspection results, we will create a tailored bird control plan for your property. The plan will have the treatment type, the timeline of the service, the expected results, and more. It will give you information about the need for any follow-up treatment as well.

We will communicate the treatment plan to you before beginning the service and ensure that you are getting a transparent service experience from us.

Bird Control Removal Procedure in Brisbane

We use a number of bird control options to give you immediate results, including trapping, bird baiting, shooting, and more. We also use a number of bird exclusion options for giving you permanent results against bird infestation. Some of those include electric shock systems, netting and mesh, spikes, flexible floppy wires, and sprung wires.

We have modern tools and equipment to ensure safe and efficient bird removal from the roof and high-rise buildings in residential and company buildings.

Ongoing Bird Prevention

At Tom’s Pest Control, we give lasting pest control solutions and will advise you proactive measures to control future infestations. Our pest control technicians will give you specific tips to discourage the birds in your space.

Some general tips to control birds are the following:

  • Clean your environment, remove any clutter
  • Never try to feed the pest birds nor keep the trash cans open
  • Trim trees and shrubs around your property to avoid nestling
  • Clean gutters and remove the standing water around the property that encourages pest birds to feed

Why Choose us For Bird Protection & Prevention?

Tom’s Pest Control earned the respect of the businesses and homeowners of Brisbane with its service standards. We give a superior service experience to our customers with the following characteristics:
  • Quick same/next day bird control services
  • TAFE and APCA-certified bird control technicians
  • Safe, family-friendly bird control services
  • Tailored treatments, upfront quotes
  • Friendly, professional service experience
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
Do you require bird removal from roofs or high-rise buildings in the Brisbane area? At Tom’s Pest Control, we have the equipment and know-how to realise many intricate bird pest removal requirements.
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Can Pest Control get rid of birds?

Yes. Pest control companies can take out birds and their nests from your property. Contact a reliable pest control company like Tom’s Pest Control Brisbane, and we will inspect your property to check for areas attacked by birds. We will take appropriate measures to remove all the birds on your property safely. Our bird removal methods are safe for you as well as the birds, so you don’t feel bad about appointing us to take them out of your shelter. We promise to carry out the procedure in a humane manner.

How do you get rid of birds naturally?

You can create a physical barrier using bird netting to keep birds away from your property. The bird netting can be installed in areas like the attic, below patio covers, etc. Also, you may have stainless steel bird spikes installed on areas where the birds perch usually. The spikes will discourage them from sitting on your property and reducing the risk of entering your home or office and building a nest within. You can install sonic devices in various areas of your property that mimic the sounds of predators and keep birds at bay.

Who do you call to get a bird out of your house?

If you spot a bird in your home, you must call an experienced and reliable pest control company to take it out. Only a professional pest control company will be able to take the bird out of your property in a safe and humanely manner. Connect with the experts at Tom’s Pest Control Brisbane to remove a bird out from your home or office as soon as possible. We will use safe techniques and advanced methods for bird removal. No matter in which room or area of your property the bird has been trapped, we will take it out conveniently.

What do you do when a bird is stuck in your house?

If there’s a bird stuck in your home, you need to make efforts to show it the way out. Avoid panicking or yelling as this may create commotion and may get stressful for you and the bird. Please turn off the fan in the room where the bird has been stuck to avoid injuring it. Open windows and doors to allow the bird to find its way out. If all efforts go in vain, you can call a pest control expert to take out the bird from your property in a safe manner.

What is a sign of infestation by birds?

There are many signs to look for to determine if birds have infested your property. First of all, check for bird droppings in your home or office. If you find bird droppings on the floor or furniture, you can be sure birds live on your property. Also, you will hear bird cries clearly and frequently. You may also spot some bird feathers within your property. If you see these signs of infestation, you must contact a pest control company to inspect your property to find areas where birds are hiding. They will then implement safe bird removal treatments to help you get rid of them.

How much does it cost for bird removal?

Bird removal cost in Brisbane can range between $300 – $1000.A pest control expert can determine the cost of bird removal service after a thorough inspection of your property. You may book a property inspection service with Tom’s Pest Control Brisbane, and our experts will visit your property to inspect it and provide the exact cost for the bird removal service. The treatment price will be determined based on the area attacked by birds, the level of infestation, the need to remove a nest, and the time and effort required for the clean-up of the space.

How do I get rid of birds on my roof?

One of the most effective ways to keep birds from settling on your roof is keeping fake predators. You may place fake owls and ravens on your rooftop to prevent pigeons, crows and small birds from landing and settling there. You may also consider netting your roof to prevent birds from settling on top. Netted roofs make it difficult for birds to rest and discourage them from coming back to your property. Also, maintain your roof regularly to cover any holes or gaps in it, as these offer birds the chance to settle and build nests.

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