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Tom’s Pest Control is a leading pest control expert in the Ashmore area – a suburb in the Gold Coast, Queensland. Welcome the opportunity of protecting your home and office property from pest infestation by our qualified and licensed technicians.

We provide complete affordable pest control services for all types of properties throughout Ashmore. You can count on us for removing pests from residential or commercial sites, restaurants, body corporates, etc.

Our precise service covers all types of pest species, including spiders, cockroaches, ants, birds, fleas, bed bugs, wasps, mites, mosquitoes, beetles, and many more.

    How To Determine Heavy Pest Infestation In Ashmore?

    If pest infestation is there in your environment, then there are the chances of seeing their signsas well. You can notice several signs to make sure of pest infestation. Almost all pests leave their trails or droppings, and this serves as an indication of their presence. Some other signs of pest infestation you must look for are:

    • Damage to your property or belongings
    • Shredded ski, food crumbs, excreta, etc. found in corners of your home
    • Any foul smell in your property that may be because of the excreta of some pest species
    • Nests in hidden areas of your home like basements, attics, etc.
    • Spotting pests moving around your property is a sign of heavy pest infestation

    Wide Range Of Pest Removal Treatments We Offer In Ashmore

    Tom’s Pest Control promises to remove unwanted pests from your property to give you a healthy environment to live in. We offer all types of general, affordable pest control treatment services in ashmore, including timber pests. You can rely upon us for a solution for:

    Flea Treatment Ashmore

    Fleas are brown-colour tiny pests that are found on animals and plants. They live below the fur of animals and suck their blood, causing severe infections.

    Tom’s Pest Control provides flea pest control service to remove fleas from your property. Whether the fleas have attacked your home or office, you can trust us to remove them permanently. When you hire us to conduct the flea treatment, we visit your property to inspect it thoroughly. Our licensed and certified technicians carry out pest extermination with advanced equipment and the latest techniques at a competitive price.

    Fly Control Ashmore

    You can see flies buzzing everywhere around your property. They are present in your office, home, street, around the garbage dump, and many other places. They may not attack or bite you or your pet, but they are the major source of transmitting disease and causing a health risk.

    We have helped several homes and businesses with healthy and quality life by removing flies permanently. These pesky creatures lay eggs in the dark, humid corners. We use industry-approved, safe products and methods to remove them with no chance of relapse.

    Fox Trapping Ashmore

    Foxes are a threat to your pets, livestock, and agricultural land in the Gold Coast and suburbs.

    You don’t need to worry if you the population of fox are posing a threat to the safety of your livestock or pets. Contact Tom’s Pest Control if you live anywhere in Ashmore. We are specialist in removing fox from your surrounding for the long term.

    Mite Control Ashmore

    Are you struggling with mite infestation issues and need professional help? Tom’s Pest Control is a specialist in offering comprehensive mite control treatment for all types of properties. Certain mites harm agricultural products, whereas some mites pose risks to human health. Dust mites trigger allergies, whereas black mites bite and cause irritation to the skin.

    Our mite control experts utilise their knowledge and expertise to understand what type of mites are attacking your property. Once the type of mites is identified, we implement customised pest removal solutions to remove them from your property. With the right solutions, it is possible to get rid of mites permanently from your property.

    Our Pest Control Strategy

    You will not have to wait to avail of our service because we offer same-day service to most of our customers. We try to complete our task on the same day of booking. With a good reputation in the industry, we use methods that are safe and serviceable.

    Using the best of techniques and high-quality products, we promise to deliver outstanding results. Our cheap pest control solutions in ashmore are 100% effective, and this is what makes our clients happy. The chances for relapse are rare, thanks to our advanced treatment methods. We apply a four-step systematic approach for effective pest control services.

    Pest Inspection

    The first step to offering pest control service is inspection. When you contact us to discuss the infestation issue at your property, we send our licensed pest eradicator to do a thorough check of your property.

    Inspecting a property gives us insights on the status of the infestation, like the area infested, the extent of damage done, the reason behind the infestation, etc.

    Customised Pest Treatment Plan

    Once we know which areas of your property are affected, we design a customised treatment plan to offer satisfactory results. When pest treatment plans are tailored to the needs of your property, they are sure to work in your favour.

    The plan we create includes information on the treatment procedure we will follow, the estimated time to complete the job, any instruction for you to follow post-treatment and more.

    Pest Extermination

    Once we have designed a customised treatment plan for your property, we begin to implement it. Using safe, industry-approved methods, we aim to remove different pest species, their eggs, and larvae entirely from the site. We recommend keeping a distance from the operation site to prevent any allergies and other medical conditions for your safety.

    Depending on the severity of the issue, we may use chemical, non-chemical, or a combination of both treatments. Through our chemical pest control products are safe, we still prefer to apply a non-chemical method to get rid of the pests. We aim at creating a healthy and safe environment for you and your loved ones to live in.

    Pest Prevention Tips

    It isn’t possible to get rid of the pest issues forever with just one-time treatment. You need to follow some prevention methods to avoid the problem from arising again. Once we carry on the pest control treatment on your property, we offer a list of prevention tips for you to follow regularly. Following our tips will ensure there’s no relapse in future.

    Some of the tips we suggest are:

    • Regular cleaning of your property
    • Vacuuming possible areas
    • Keeping the place well ventilated
    • Sealing holes or cracks to avoid giving access to pests
    • Maintaining your yard regularly
    • Disposal of garbage every day
    • Avoid leaving food containers open
    • Much more

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