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Are you thinking of purchasing a residential or commercial property in Arundel? Arundel, a suburb in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, is known for its location. It’s a quiet residential area with many new constructions. If you are looking for an investment in the suburb of the Gold Coast, we recommend a pre-purchase pest inspection before making decisions.

Professional pest inspection, either in the building or as a separate inspection, will improve the quality of your life and save you thousands in dollars in potential pest repairs later down the track.

Tom’s Pest Control as a leading pest control service provider in Arundel, is equipped with all the credentials and expertise required for an affordable pest control solution both for your commercial and residential properties.

We are your local pest control expert that has gained a wealth of experience by helping numerous businesses and properties. There is no work in the industry that our licensed specialist doesn’t know or can’t do.

Whether your property is pest infested or you need an expert’s assistance on pest control needs, you can count on us for same-day pest control services.

We have experience handling all types of simple and complicated pest removal projects with the same efficiency and outstanding results that last for the long term.

We strive to remain updated with the latest developments and techniques to stay the leading pest eradication business across Arundel. Our precise work and extensive knowledge allow us to provide customer service with outstanding results.

    Professional Pest Control Services In Arundel

    Tom’s Pest Control gold coast offers a wide range of affordable pest extermination services that is effective and affordable. Some of our specialist services include:

    Professional Pest Ant Management

    Do you know that a large number of ants reported in the Gold Coast are venomous? Not only just localised pain, but the stings of these ants can also cause swelling, burning sensation, abdominal pain, dizziness, and more. Ants also attack your pets and livestock and cause crop damage. Carpenter ants can damage the furniture and wooden structures of your property.

    Additionally, ant infestation makes any environment unwelcoming for others and demand more frequent property maintenance.

    Our comprehensive ant control begins with a detailed property inspection – both exterior and interior – to identify all the ant colonies and the extent of the infestation. Importantly, a complete killing of the ants in your environment is important to minimise future infestation. Our pest technicians will create a tailored ant management plan and complete the extermination.

    Based on your property condition and its risks for future infestation, we may complete soil treatment and other preventive measures to minimise reinfestation risks.

    Cockroach Extermination And Control

    If you notice signs of cockroach infestation at your property, you must get comprehensive pest management at the earliest. Cockroaches are filthy pests and carry several millions of deadly pathogens. By contaminating food, they spread a number of serious diseases to humans.

    Studies confirm that cockroaches are one of the primary reasons for childhood asthma worldwide. The droppings of cockroaches contain a specific protein that triggers asthma symptoms in people. In any environment, cockroaches are considered scary, filthy pests and cause traumatic experiences for people.

    Our cockroach pest control technicians will identify the reasons for the infestation, the hideouts of the pests, and the extent of the infestation through an inspection. We will then create a targeted, tailored pest control plan and eliminate the pest from your space through safety procedures. In many cases, lack of proper sanitation is the primary reason for cockroach infestation.

    We will give you guidelines on proper sanitation and complete specific property repair and preventive treatments to address future infestation risks.

    Pest Problem In Arundel?

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    Professional Bed Bug Treatment In Arundel

    Many homes in Arundel must have experienced sleepless nights because of bug infestation at one point in time or another. Bed bugs are annoying creatures that make you highly susceptible to health risks.

    Bed bug causes several issues if proper professional treatment is not given in time. The lack of professional help may risk the well-being of your loved ones. Book an appointment Tom’s Pest Control today to protect your family from some of the following issues:

    • Lack of quality sleep or sleepless nights
    • Biting infections like ecthyma, impetigo, and lymphangitis
    • Allergic reactions, like anaphylaxis
    • Mental issues that include high anxiety and systemic reactions to bed bug infestation
    • Bed bugs multiply quickly and cause severe infestation risk

    Our quality bed bug treatment is effective and doesn’t put much pressure on your pocket. We provide safe and effective bed bug control treatment to make your environment healthy and pest-free.

    Beetle Treatment And Control

    If you notice beetles around you, you shouldn’t take the infestation lightly. Though most beetle species don’t bite, there are a few that attack humans and animals. Carpet beetles feed carpets, fabrics, papers, and wood and cause property damage to varying extents. On the other hand, powderpost beetles feed and damage wooden furniture.

    We have an advanced, scientific approach to eliminate the pest from your environment, and treatment always begins with a detailed inspection. Based on the beetle species, the complexity of infestation, and potential hiding spots, we will create a tailored beetle removal plan. We will also help you seal different cracks and crevices at the property and give specific inputs on property maintenance to minimise future infestation.

    A Step-By-Step Pest Management

    We offer customised pest management solutions reflecting the needs of our customers and their property condition in the best way. We make this possible with the use of technology and decades of our expertise.

    No matter the pest infestation issue at your property, we have a four-stage procedure for the spaces of our customers pest-free:

    Pest Inspection

    The pest inspection is the most important part of our service, where we examine every inch of your space with advanced inspection tools. This will help us identify all types of infestation issues in your space, including the pest type, species, extent of the infestation, and more.

    Our pest technicians will take photographs, document each pest issue, confirm reasons for the infestation, and suggest possible treatment options. We will provide a copy of the inspection report to help you understand the exact status of the infestation issue in your space.

    Tailored Pest Management Plan

    Based on the inspection results and your property environment, we will create a tailored pest management plan to address the pest issues in your space. The treatment plan will have details of the extermination procedures, the expected outcome of the treatment, and ongoing control tips.

    We will then provide you with details of the tailored pest control plan and ensure that you are happy with the results.

    Pest Problem in Arundel?

    If you’re looking for professional and reliable pest control in Arundel, contact us today on (07) 5655 7627 or fill out our online form and we’ll get back to you immediately. We are experts in professional pest control.

    Pest Control Extermination

    As described in the pest management plan, we will complete pest control using safe procedures. Our goal is to create a healthy environment around the properties of our customers. Therefore, we use only Australia-approved and safe pest control methods to restore your healthy space.

    When possible, we use natural methods to eliminate the invaders to ensure zero impact on your environment. With modern technology and advanced pest management techniques, our pest management is targeted and guarantees you excellent results.

    Ongoing Control

    Based on the pest type, we may do a number of preventive treatments and property repairs to minimise future infestation risks. A one-time pest treatment alone can’t guarantee you long-lasting results without ongoing control and regular property maintenance.

    For instance, clutter and unsanitary conditions of properties can quickly attract pests like rodents and cockroaches. Based on our property inspection, we will advise you on specific maintenance tips.

    Some regular maintenance tips that can contribute to the healthy environment of your space include the following:

    • Proper ventilation
    • Regular sanitation and removal of any clutter
    • Blocking/sealing various pest access points
    • Regular yard maintenance
    • Secure storage of cooked and raw food
    • Proper and regular disposal of garbage

    Start Creating A Pest-Free Space Today

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